Home Again!

Posted by Angela Espenschied on

I am home and officially plugged back in! I had a perfect break and I'm all set to jump back in.

Firstly, I am going to check in all the packages that arrived while I was away. It looks to me like almost all of the pending collections have arrived and as they're all relatively small, they will be going out well before their deadlines. Speaking of, I will update the Status Page with the new deadlines after I get these boxes checked. Then I'll be hopping over the email and messages.

I did buy us a set of the Sixteen92 Summer perfumes before I left and those are here, too. They'll be going up tomorrow as limited stock in decants only.

I did not keep up on collection news while I was out, so feel free to comment below with any collections from the usual suspects that we missed that we have time to do this week (That is, they'll be live until at least Friday)!


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