⛄🎆 Last Call for 2018! 🎆⛄

Posted by Angela Espenschied on

Winter Break!
This is your Last Call before Winter Break! At 5pm est the shop will be closing down until noon New Years Eve! I will be answering emails and messages through till 9pm, but after that, everything will be swapping to auto-response and I'll be finishing up shipping before my break. :D

Any collections that come out while I'm on break we'll pick up when break is over.   Now is the perfect time to get a head start on Lupercalia & Valentines collections by checking leftovers and getting that final order in within the hour!  All non pre-order orders placed before closing will ship tomorrow morning!

I cannot thank you all enough for your love and support over this year.  Ajevie exists because of the faith of all of our amazing partners and customers.  To all of you who reached out when we lost Gelion, to anyone who took the time to write 'Thank You', to every single one of you that placed or filled an order this year, you are my light and you have my heart.

Love & Luck,

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