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Poesie Tudor Lace

Addons, Various sizes, Sets, and Unlimited stock is available until 6pm est Sunday, February 17th

Ethereal Lace
White lilac + old books, Vanille, antique lace

Ivory Lace
Three vanillas lashed with amber honey + wrapped in antique lace

Lemon Lace
Sweet-tart lemon combines with sweet Vanille + antique lace

Pink Lace
Juicy strawberries + pink champagne, Vanille, antique lace

Serene Lace
Palo santo incense + a haze of cedar smoke, Vanille, antique lace

Tea-Stained Lace
Rich pipe tobacco + black tea leaves, Vanille, antique lace


Black Phoenix February Updates

Addons, various sizes and unlimited stock available until 6pm est Sunday, February 17th

Snow Moon '19
Snowdrops pushing through a pale white blanket of crystalline musk, pale white frozen apples, white tea leaf, yuzu, and angelica root.

National Emergy (sic)
Bullshit-brown patchouli aflame with red ginger and pimento, sugared with the poisonous false promises of a racist autocrat, soured by hazard-yellow lemon rind. 

Lots of updates over on the Status Page!
The next Leftovers update will be Wednesday, February 21st.

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