Supplier Delays!

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Supplier Delays

==TLDR: SKS is f’n up right now - so rather than waiting an undisclosed amount of time, a number of our 1oz Weenies sprays will be in clear bottles. (Clear was selected because the blue and green ones have caused discoloration to the Post products in the past.) And there will be a delay in Post Weenies processing.==

As many of you know, we have used SKS for years for our plastics needs. They have been reliable and consistent for us… until recently. I ordered our 1oz bottles almost a month ago expecting the usual 5-7 business day TAT as no delays were indicated. Last week, we got three of our seven bags. As we’ve gone through those, I went to see what the heck was up with the rest of them. They’re still showing as in stock on the site, so I was surprised to find my order marked as ‘back ordered’.

Needless to say, I jumped on Customer service right away to find they STILL weren’t ready. The CS agent I talked to was helpful in that she was able to swap the ribbed caps for smooth ones in 2 of our bags which is perfectly fine. Unfortunately, the only other 1oz bottles actually in stock (despite what their site says) that we can use is the clear ones. They’ve shipped us the rest of the order via USP today.

I have been assured that this is not going to be a normal thing and that they are working hard to get their stock levels up. I thanked her for her help, but informed them that it never should have gotten this far to begin with and that their website should reflect actual availability and they should INFORM customers about bloody delays (particularly spectacularly long ones).

Apparently, I got lucky. The flood of negative reviews popping up this month are saying people aren’t getting their orders at all and attempts to contact CS are being ignored.

All of this has been attributed to them changing warehouses, while that explains the delays, it does not excuse the horrible customer service in the utter lack of communication. *huff*


ETA: It goes without saying that we will not be idle while we wait for this delivery. We'll be switching processing to the Lab Weenies, the last of which was delivered today!

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