WARNING (sort of?)

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I was cheeky enough to give myself the morning off (the first in over eight weeks) so no advanced DD order was placed. For my own sanity and health I really, really need to get back into the habit of letting myself have some time off over the weekends. That means I will not always be available to catch things the moment they come out, or when they sell out.

That said, the way Lavander Lace has been 'premiered' by the lab, and the fact that DD bothered to put the notes up even as it was selling out all suggest to me that this was just an initial wave and it will be stocked again shortly, just like they did with Emerald Lace.

If it is STILL out of stock Monday afternoon then I will issue EVERYONE refunds. If you would rather take your chances to score one of your own, or go with another decanter, send an email to Angi@ajevie.com and I will cancel/refund where requested though I may not get to them till MONDAY depending on this weekend's work load.

"*As is always the case, particularly with Dark Delicacies, if an item is out of stock at the order deadline (april 23rd) refunds will be issues.

Status: Ordering on April 23rd

Lavender Lace*
A cascading bouquet of French lavender, smoke-touched, with bourbon vanilla and caramelized tobacco, pricked by tiny daggers of white cognac."

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