Release Statuses

PULP November till Nov 29th

PULP October on October 15th

Nocturne Alchemy Holiday '23 on November 15th

Black Hearted Tart Holidays '23 on November 15th

BPAL November Lunacy on Nov 21st

BPAL November Beard & Hair Oil on Nov 21st

Death and Floral November on Nov 22nd

Hexennacht November on Nov 22nd

Astrid Winter & Holiday and Grove & Orchard on Nov 24th

Possets Yule Retour on Nov 28th
Morari Winter on November 28th

Lucky #9 Wintertide on November 28th

BPAL Yules on November 28th

Nui Cobalt Yuletide & the Nutcracker on November 28th

CocoaPink Fall/Winter by December 6th

BPAL Halloween
by Dec 8th

BPAL Pile of Leaves/New Weenies by Dec 8th

BPAL CD Acts by Dec 8th

Maple Goodies by Dec 8th

BPAL Halloween SPRAYS on Nov 30th

Nocturne Alchemy PCs Goblins on Nov 30th

BPAL October 13th/Batty
on Nov 29

Nocturne Alchemy Thoth's Candied Archive on Nov 29

Nui Cobalt Whole Being & Astrology on Nov 22

PULP Fall pt.1 on Nov 22

Sorcellerie Apothecary Dangerous Creatures and Hauntings on Nov 22

Poesie Witches Halloween on Nov 22

Osmofolia Autumn SNs, Autumn Equinox, & Cozy and Dangerous on November 14th

Hexennacht October on November 13th

Lucky #9 Falloween on November Nov 3rd

The Star & The Butterfly Americana on November 8th

Morari Fall/Winter Vanille on November 6th

Death & Floral October on November 2nd