Possets Halloween Retour

Halloween Scent List

The basic idea and making me think of a brass amulet worn round the neck to ward off evil spirits with the magical scent of a very woody vanilla in the background. Resinous, vanilla.

This is almost a black walnut-like fragrance which contains the essence of black cumin seed (a great healing and yet exciting herb), astringent sandalwood and a smoky vetiver. Dark and very exciting.

Two dark sandalwoods, as strong as tears. A bit of iris and a very small amount of lilac. A brisk shot of luan wood and a bit of light brown musk to hold it all down.

Cypress essence with a hint of sweet earth, a distant and indistinct blossom, a smooth creamy underscore of a light creamy almost ozone modifier topped off with Chinese incense.

Thick dark coffee touches a small part of the blend, a good thwack of aged rich patchouli, lashing of fig syrup (not the kind that you eat, the kind that you smell), all mixed up with a lovely incense. Resinous, oriental, dark.

Apep, The Snake God
Elegant and dark clove and thick patchouli are wound around a core of a home made chypre which is a wonderful dry and dusty floor upon which to build the rest of it all. Oriental, dark, resin.

Bitter almond is the perfect top note for fall, heavily strong but very short lasting smelling like a distant electrical storm and of cyanide. Cardamom in abundance and a nice bed of fresh brewed arabica coffee dark and rich, this amid the perfume of clove from Zanzibar, and Vietnamese cinnamon.

The Asp
The amazing fragrance of gardenia with a particularly earthy vetiver and patchouli, and naturally fig, for the little serpent was said to have been smuggled into Cleopatra in a basket of figs.

Deepest pumpkin, brightest suave French lavender, and a thrill of cardamom, light skin musk to hold it all together and keep it going for hours.

Atropos' Slip
A truly special treat of delicious yellow candies dripping in butter, like home-made candy corn, combined with a cookie treat the likes of which you have only tasted once...more candy than cookie. The idea here is toasted and enhanced sweets.

Vivaldi. Carnation and sandalwood, mulling spices, a small amount of black patchouli, a bit of black musk.

Autumnal Equinox
Nuts and spices, the last rose of summer, a bit of Eastern stoicism and a dash of Western naivety. Like the purest day of a summer's end, the most perfect part of the year. Foody/gourmand/floral.

Bad Catholics
Sweet like a bit of chocolate liqueur but only the bitter kind which is wound in with a lot of amber of the sweetest variety, then shot with coconut milk and a candy buttery scent.

A rich melange of red fruits and suave flowers combines with the pungency of peppers from the mysterious East. A bit of dark black musk holds it all down to the ground.

Grain, oatmeal to be precise rich and carby (but gluten free) deep and golden. Covered over with three honeys from various parts of the world (Anatolian, American Sage, and Maltese), a touch of cream and a huge basket of peaches (white Georgia and yellow blush).

A gingerbread-like base filled with molasses and raisins soaked in rum, then a great tumble of chestnuts and a good dollop of maraschino cherry and almond extract, finally a thick crusting of brown sugar, another shot of rum and citron.

The Bastard Child Of The Circus Peanut
Smells like a circus peanut but like you have never ever smelled a circus peanut. Yumm-o!

Bat Fur Cloak
This is a comforting somewhat perfumy blend with delicate fruits and a shot of some sweet and rich treat. Unusual, unisex and really compelling. Foody/gourmand.

Bat In Your Hair
Wacky orange, black licorice, and some scratchy and batty ingredients which will have you snorting with glee. Foody, gourmand.

Black Annis
Star Anise, black anise, fennel, absinthe, smoked licorice, and sweet black dry licorice.

Black Hole
Vetiver and black pepper, lavender and earth, a "black" patchouli, a slight slight slight bit of tarragon.

Cabernet (100% Natural)
A wine-like Vanatu Sandalwood and a light bodied patchouli put together really capture the scent of deep dark red wine! This is a fun imposter fragrance and it is 100% natural.

Candy Corn Polka
Jouncing notes of candy corn jumbled together and so very very very sweet. Brown sugar, a hint of tutti fruit complimented by a very high class almost smokey version of the confection. Dynamite for the foody lover. Yummmmy.

Candy Swag
Candy candy and more candy, until you are buzzing like a bee and then some. You will be involuntarily licking your teeth when you put this one on. Scrumptious. Unisex, foody, pure. Sweet, foody, gourmand.

Never was the green fairy so appetizing as when she flits about in all her veridian glory backed up by a hard dark and sweet liquor, and a jolt of rare sweet black musk. This is a strong Absinthe, and it should keep its licorice character long after you are exhausted and have fallen into bed.

Pumpkin and chocolate what a heavenly combination. This one is extra special because you can smell the outdoors still clinging to the orange skin of a pumpkin.

Almond and Anatolian honey, cinnamon, orange flower and the rich earthiness of henna. Very seductive and sets the perfect pitch. Perfumy, earthy floral.

The Cray Dance of the Pumpkin
A sweet caramel-like interpretation of pumpkin starts off, pairs with a smooth exotic spice dust, and starts to vamp with black fig, honey, a whiff of leaf smoke, and the wickedest caramel shell ever.

Quirky dark syrup of milo is rubbed with a small amount of lime and a grain of incense. Really intriguing. Foody.

Damned if you Do
Brown sugar drenched in a crunchy crust of turbinado sugar, a hint of molasses and a very very light dusting of clove and allspice to keep things from going cloying.

Damned if you Don't
Cannabis and sandalwood vie for your attention while a grey musk plays in the background and a good dose of galbanum gives a green and glorious glow to it all.

The Dance of the Heretics
Five ambers, crystal skin musk, a very small amount of white pepper, and incense to lead you down the garden path with great enjoyment.

Dancing With The Sprites In The Fall Rain
A fabulously dry and sophisticated take on fallen leaves, wet days, and overcast autumn skies. The ozone/water of dank, a hint of mushroom musk. Overall, there is a huge resemblance to lavender but it is not lavender. As a huge wood hides its secrets from you, this blend is a morpher for sure. Dry.

Sweetbriar makes an appearance lending it's zest to the whole, while root oils hold the bottom half down, particularly vetiver and ginger. There is a splash of booze and a few autumn plums in the mix to give it an air of being a luxurious rest rather than drippy.

Danse Macabre
Saint-Säens. Strong black tea and leather, a hint of black musk and a top note of lemon zest.

A thick and perfumy blend with a heavy dose of Frankincense to start off, black musk and fig. No greenery with it but a good layer of an almost burnt sugar and an animalic undercurrent which somehow becomes very light and sweet when breathed out.

The Dark Woods
Bitter oak gall and rue combine with dandelion milk, pepper, and sandalwood.

The Dead Garden
Tomatoes which were basking in the intense sun just weeks ago are covered with frost crystals, melons are half eaten by the deer but void of ants, the stems and leaves are browning yellow with just a tinge of green where robust green was.

Dead Man's Curve (100% Natural)
Turmeric and ginger, Pink peppercorn and a big wallop of darkest patchouli and a dot of vetiver. A deadly beauty, unstable but earthy, pleasantly volatile.

Death Apple
A crisp strong apple center, loads of brown sugar crusting throughout, a goodly dollop of Scottish Whiskey poured generously in the center of it all, with fresh pecans dotting the outside, and a small whiff of oatmeal and coriander to tickle your nose.

Lilac, for some reason, finds its way into Depression and is perfectly fit to stay. This one is perfumy and feminine, wise and I will say wistful not entirely sad. Beautiful in a "doomed beauty" sort of a way! Floral.

Doped Pumpkin
Deep in the throes of reefer madness, clinging woozily to the shreds of respectability by burning incense and covering up with resins from Sweet Arabia. This pumpkin isn't fooling anyone. But it sure smells good. Dry, perfumy.

Dracula Rising
Dark, dark, dark. The scent of earth (from Transylvania), combined with the blackest fig, and black aged Patchouli. Then a layer of the most lovely black sandalwood.

Drama Queen
Black fig and a hint of hemp. Dark galbanum and a side of black fern. A small amount of a tarry black musk blend.

Drunkin Punkin'
The best of both worlds, the smooooth and suave pumpkin with his spices and the tangy brown liquor smell. I love this stuff. Unisex, a bit spice like, smooth, dry.

(Underworld) Thick blackest vanilla combines with the scent of earth (not the loamy sort but more flinty), a bit papery and with the fragrance of the last bits of light and incense. Oriental, resin, incense.

Embalming Unguent (100% Natural)
Cassia, cedar oil, myrrh, and palm oil. It's a woody but high keyed very herbal smelling blend, but there is something thick, brown and lingering about it which makes it the perfect sort of autumn to winter blend. **Please note that this might not be kind to ultra sensitive skin, if you want to try this, please do a patch test first. You might want to wear it in a scent locket if you have any skin reaction to it.

Sure you get a whiff of black gunpowder and a leathery part which makes me think of a leather clad figure rushing by you. But there is a strong spicy backbeat to this thanks to the inclusion of black pepper and a very small amount of coriander.

The Feather of Maat
A dark crystal musk (!) oozes up against a more golden musk, white amber, and a kiss of the volatile part of apple peel.

The Female Souls of the Night
This is all soft edged, animalic muskiness, civety veils, floral hallucinations of jasmine, and wet longing night. VERY sexual. ALL woman, NO limits.

Feral 2012
crystalline and Africa, combine with a very unshy dose of copal, and a strong blanket of pumpkin candy-like essence tops it off. A very complex scent, as chaos often is, but at the same time the rawness of it all holds it together without its being a foody fragrance.

Fire of Hell
Brown sugar, cane sugar, and caramel are put together with pepper and a scent of an electrical fire. This cozies down to a very comforting blend which is the essence of foodiness but in a totally non foody and almost liquor like way.

I put honey and hot pepper together for a mind tingling experience and put it together with an opposite element, the bitter and fabulous chypre.

The Flirty She-Corpse
Italian bergamot, Georgia white peach, sambac jasmine, French oakmoss, and American cedar wood marry together in this rich and beautiful surprise combinations.

Frankincense in three forms is the beginning of this blend, VERY strong belt of Frankincense indeed! Oude, thick green musk, a grand spice melange, and a hint of sandalwood. Very strong and very long lasting. Slightly animalic but in the sexiest way.

Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Apples, big, tart, juicy, honeyed apples with a bad chypre and a good chypre in the background and it's a perfume with a way to pinball you between the two moral extremes in the most provocative way.

The Funeral Dirge
(Chopin). Dried leaves, brown musk, molasses liquor, dandelion, tomato leaf, and violet leaf. This is a dignified and poignant blend, yes it is haunting and alluring at the same time.

The Funeral March of a Marionette
Mahogany, cedar, white sandalwood, wet loblolly, a bit of salt, some orange pekoe tea, a wilted rose bouquet, a whiff of brass.

The sweetbriar bush she fell into after she hung herself for love. Oh, the ecstasy of the sweetness of love, it's like sugar thick and luscious, and there is the black rose which is more of a velvety fragrance than something from a rose. A tiny amount of heliotrope for the sun she will never again see.

Ghost Fart
Oh good grief! It must be a ghost fart! This annual blend is back to haunt us all again. Ethereal, very unusual, and about as easy to explain as spiritual flatulence. Actually, it's real nice stuff and you really should try it, but don't try to explain it. Foody gourmand.

Blackest tea, deep grey musk, a bed of sandalwood, a drop of galbanum, and a small amount of vetiver (an essence of vetiver which is not as earthy as the usual type). This stunning perfume is bold, oriental, spicy and wild.

Dark cake gingerbread and almond, deep juvenile musk and heady invitations.

The Girls Love Fall Wine
This blend is totally golden, thick, rich, calming and narcotic. There is the merest whiff of smoke to it, but it is not smoke. Very lovely. Very autumnal. Sweet, spicy, foody/gourmand, resinous.

The Girls Love Ginger
Honey and ginger, but not one ginger but two, and a drop of myrtle which has the property of taking ginger from an overly abrasive fragrance to a lovely but zesty thing. There is a small hint of sweetwood in it too, to keep it all from being overly abrasive.

The Glutton's Delight
Artisanal jams, elegant truffles, endless buttered salted toffees, and rivers of cream. Fabulous for the candy lover in you!

The Golden Diadem
Sweet hawthorne, darkest gold honey and molasses, syrup of tamarind, and candied ginger. The composition is beautiful.

Gratify and Seduce
A dark sweet slightly floral to incense type of a fragrance. Narcotic black Bourbon vanilla liquor opens on top of white creamy tuberose and a lick of linden blossom.

The Great Embracer
A Possets floral with unexpected combinations of a very crystalline musk like passiflora, passion fruit, pink champagne, and black peppercorns with a whiff of vanilla musk.

Grim Reaper (100% Natural)
A highly spiced pink pepper base upon which is laid a blanket of hay, and the entire thing is topped off with rich aged patchouli.

Guilded Cloaks
Here I have mixed the sweetest side of flowers with the sharp and sere side of sandalwood, a sliver of white sharp musk, and an emollient outer note of cocoa wax. A pretty unforgettable and unusual blend.

Incensy, spicy, and manages to capture the width of a dimming blue October sky. This one is beautiful without being cloying and just hits the right notes about Halloween. Resinous, gourmand.

Highway 666
Maltese honey and vanilla, a whiff of fire and a joyful writhe. Precious woods, sweetgrasses and toasted resins round out the main notes in Highway 666. This is a first class tribute to rebellion above or below.

Honey Tongued Devils
The sweetest dark and aged patchouli, clove and the scent of fall leaves rush up against a glorious thick golden musk for a perfect autumn scent which is sure to seduce you, or is that you seducing someone else without a word?

A warm pollen, very fresh floral scent combined with a deceptively juvenile but ultimately sly fragrance element. If the general were alive today I believe he would have bought a few bottles as presents to gain favors. Very nice.

Infernal Bar-B-Que Sauce
It smells just like hellishly good bar-b-que sauce to me, something to sink your teeth into. Succulent, spicy (lil bit), sweet, and gooey good.

A true peach oriental with ingredients they use in the Unite Arab Emirates (UAE). Peaches, dried peaches, patchouli, and tobacco extract, a good wollop of cardamom and big shot of a very dry amber. A foody resinous blend which is just what cooler weather perfects.

A powerful vanilla musk the likes of the one used in Dance With Me (VERY seductive yet subtle and cloud-like), and rich cardamom,and finally the nectar of peaches squeezed in the summer sun and concentrated to make a sugary peach liquor.

Ka - The Soul
Uplifting with a bit of light suede, strongly put Red Egyptian Musk smooths off any rough edges, two types of incense and a bit of celery (!) for tang. A light light kiss of lemon zest and one last complimentary drop of white musk to make sure it doesn't get out of hand.

Patchouli, apples, peaches, pumpkin, there is nothing about this blend which doesn't say Autumn. Rich and sharp at first, this one snuggles down to a purr on your skin.

Dragon's blood, white musk, white sage, angelica leaf, ginger, vetiver, and sweet patchouli. This is a resinous perfume.

(Verdi) Salty tears, what else would one think of, the bitterness of loss, the pain of a broken heart. A whiff of smoke, salt, oxygen (a mineral airy scent), and a bit of embalming spice.

Lady Hawke
Woody, smooth, beautiful, black. This is a heavily complex fragrance with luan wood, loblolly pine (the wood only, not the resin), white teak, and a drop of cedar. These things are matched up with a jolt of tobacco essence, dry amber, fallen leaves, Greek saffron, and the scent of a really expensive spa. Breathtaking, rich, well bred, well educated. Totally eligible and totally elusive and totally sexy. Dry, woody

Les Fleures du Mal
Myrrh rose (not like the common tea rose at all) is leaning up against a bit of ripe apricot. There is a whiff of Possets jasmine to it all and a small amount of black petunia fighting the onrushing North wind. A bit of blue musk makes this all deeper, and a drop of galbanum. This is a slightly animalic blend and very sexy indeed.

3 very active musk accords, a drop of hyssop, and something which is posing as floral but it is anything but! This is a very special suede note which can only be described as plush. There is no violet in this blend, but it reminds me somehow of the dark purple Parma violets.

Lumps of Delight
Pellucid blocks of frosted yielding goodness, something which sticks in your teeth and you don't want to get rid of it. Slightly rosy, or is that lemony? It doesn't matter. This candy is like a swoon.

Depression is always the star of the show. It's the teary drama queen of the mental maladies. But, wait...let's focus on something more fun, more in keeping with the season: Mania!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing better than a good wall climbing, head banging, foot stomping, 100% funny all the time dose of MANIA! Sweet, foody/gourmandy.

Lush blooming last roses of summer (pink and antique, classic with a touch of lemon) and dark cedar from the depths of the swamp, essence of cypress "knees", gloomy grey musk, a cob-webby essence I mix up which gives it a dank/lightly aquatic/ clean yet dark slick edge, finally I add a thick black aged Madagascar vanilla (not too much).

The Mistress of Heat
Pink pepper, lashings of oud wood and dark thick sticky vetiver are winding around each other like snakes. It's a very sexy fragrance with nothing animalic and then again, ironically, it's very animal indeed.

The Mistress of Trembling
Licorice, anise, the kiss of black oude--things of the darkness which evoke an idea of fear unto death. One of the guardians of the Thickly musky with an indefinable kick like a kick in the darkness. Really forward and not shy at all.

Monsters From The Superego
Violet and grey musk, ambergris (the simulated sort), patchouli (just the smallest amount).

Mordred's Passion
A volatile concoction featuring a black camphor. Blackseed and black camphor, black musk and sage, and a bit of Posset's famous lavender. This is a head clearing blend but somehow it has a playful side.

The Mouldau
Dark syrupy things, things which get caught in your teeth and make your mouth warm. Dark brown sweets with a hint of deeply toasted and fussed over sugar. Fig and molasses, treacle brittle, raisin liquor, and a bit of dark rum.

Naked Lady (100% Natural)
Saffron represents the crocus side of this lady, and vetiver represents the earthy yet unearthly sweet side of her nature. Very beautiful blend, more on the austere side and perfect for autumn. Dry and beautiful, the art is in the quality and proportion of these excellent ingredients.

Wormwood and sandalwood slither past each other, a bright pinch of lemon zest, a coat of sage to remind us of the desert, salt of lavender completes the picture and the whole blend is strong but subtle, heady, and sexy as hell.

Nessun Dorma
Caramel cooked to a sugary stage and wrapped around a core of old fashioned night-black licorice (the kind which lights up your mouth). An intriguing combination and a must for any licorice lovers among you. This is a totally mellowed out licorice, toothsome but retaining the personality of the black confection.

Night Flight
A walk through a misty woods in October and admired the leaf mold and close dank of the air? Of course you have. Aquatic and slightly playful, another great and unexpected blend from Possets. This one was inspired by the thought of taking a sky ride in your dreams.

Night On Bald Mountain
(Mussorgsky) A swirling strong, heady leathery chypre. Like a brisk spanking. Strong and womanly, the perfect blend when you want to go riding side saddle, taking the jumps and showing the gentlemen how it's done whilst being the perfect seducing amazon.

Nom Nom Nom
Lots of thick dark sugary goodness here. Just a hint of spice, but it's sort of an indefinable spice like a new and exotic clove which you just can't quite put your finger on. Lashings of liquified brown sugar heat it all up and in the end you have a very hawt melange of foody lovers goodness.

November 1st
The pumpkins are gone, the sky is blazing blue and somehow that just makes you sadder. Depressing but in the way you like to savor, bitter but attractively so. Melancholy, sweet in its own way but so terribly sad. Dry and thoughtful like November, resinous, perfumy.

Oiche Shamhna
Purest golden amber, sweet oatmeal, lightly cooked cakes, the enticing scent of butter, and a waft of the sweet part of beer. It's a glorious fragrance which is a pure cross between foody and beauty. The name means "welcome Halloween", and is a folk song that children sing around this time of year.

Orpheus In The Underworld
A brisk note of mint for the coolness of the underworld of the Greeks, a river of sandalwood, a bit of lime to soothe the ghosts in us all. This is a fine fragrance to lure your dead lover to the surface against all odds.

A papery but leathery blend like a palimpsest...warm and comforting but not of the human variety of comfort. A highly sophisticated perfume which you would wear with someone whom you admired and had a desire for. A palimpsest is a parchment which has been scraped clean of its original writing and pictures to be written upon again.

The most comforting and lovely aspects of fall wrapped up in one fragrance is Pauline. She smells of chrysanthemums and coffee, the earth and the out doors with the dried leaves and when the world is wrapping itself up for a long winter's snooze.  As appealing as Pauline's soft gray fur. Foody, gourmand, spicy.

A very light and transparent scent with a subtle amber as a base, Sicilian lemon zest, a drop of cognac, and the tiniest amount of menthol (you really would not notice it if you were not looking).

This is so much the orchard filled with antique tart apples, not a gala or a delicious in the bunch. It is beautiful, foody but true to the famous fall fruit. Foody/gourmand, fruity, spicy.

Pleasure Dance
A very high keyed ozone takes center stage against a bit of rum, pepper, lime zest and a rough but beautiful musk. This one will put you on your mettle. Use it when you feel logy and need some uplift.

Psycho Pumpkin
This is pumpkin, slathered in spice and encrusted with sugar. This is pumpkin in its glory, thick and deep, tumbling in honey and caramel. Foody and wicked.

Pumpkin Face Down In the Gutter
Pumpkin, black pepper, black cinnamon, sandalwood, tomato leaf. yes, he is beyond the help of any programs no matter how well meaning. He is one of The Beautiful and The Damned.

Pumpkin In Rehab
Now you know, the secret is out. The pumpkin is in rehab. He reads enriching books, goes to wholesome talks, meets uplifting people and thinks more of pies now than crack pipes. Or, does he? Does the pumpkin have a secret supplier of contraband? Is the pumpkin just incapable of straightening up and flying right? One thing you have to say about him though, he sure smells good.

Pumpkin On Wall Street
A dried and more grown up pumpkin, he has learned his lesson and the pumpkin here is evident but hiding under a chypre-like potion which is quite hypnotic. Light patchouli keeps the blend going beautifully.

Pumpkin PURP
Pumpkin and their spices, dope, liquor they stole from the liquor store, some kinda perfume for covering up the other odors. They got 5 on the shelf* starin' 'em in the face. BUSTED.

Pumpkin Tied Up And Licked All Over
Pumpkin of the most smooth variety, combined with large lashings of buttercrunch, honey, and crystalized honey. THE gourmandy of gourmandy fragrances.

Re, God of the Sun
Marigolds always remind me of the sun and so they have a place in this upbeat blend, thick golden amber recalls the summer days, finally a pollen like sunflower/zinnia-ish essence rounds out this paean to our bright star worshiped by the Egyptians and a goodly jolt of excellent sharp Egyptian musk to remind us that the sun is not to be trifled with.

Macintosh and perfumed Pink Lady apples, Bartlett pear, cling peach, and Indian sweet patchouli dance about madly in this rendition of the Scottish dwarf who murders people for the fun of it.

The Rents of Office
A high keyed green fig is put together with a very brown and strong Eastern musk and resin classic accord, and crusted over with a pink Western musk. I am very pleased with this one, makes me feel very important!

Red candy like fragrance, flirts with the smooth and sinuous musk lying in Risk but the effect is much different in this case. There is exuberance in a small amount of fern added, a bit of lily which is matched with a jot of orchid. Something like a successful Trick or Treat run.

A "clear musk" is brought together with: cornflower; and then a rare and uncharacteristic accord of apple, laudanum, a bit of citrus, a benzoin and myrrh mix with a small amount of eucalyptus for a balanced top note. Finally it is finished with an undercurrent of stone. A beautiful, dry, highly blended, perfumy scent.

Candy corn, coriander, toasted sugar, and sweet musk.

Civet and a very civity musk (black and exceptionally earthy/animal) are blended with a fir like green note and a thick green leaf-like note, then there is a tiny drop of a clean musk in the background. Finally, a civet-like honey note which I have been saving for the right time.

The coldest strongest clear musk and heavy oakmoss for black depth, with a sharp fern, and white oude. Classic, dry, sharp, strong, and attention grabbing. Sexy as, well, hell!

The Scent of Night
Hyssop, violet leaf, spikenard, red cedar, dark brown musk, and fallen leaves. Night night night in a bottle. Beautiful, mystical, glorious, dry, musky, strong, sexy, heady, narcotic, unforgettable.

Dried fields and cassia twine around each other and take advantage of their similarities. This is a very late summer and harvest scent which makes you feel warm in the coldest of days ahead. Very pure, dry, and right for strolls along paths painted with yellow leaves.

Sepulcri Solum (100% Natural)
This is the scent of earth, freshly turned and given up to the air. It is composed of all natural ingredients. Sepulcri Solum means "soil from the grave" in Latin. It is at once obvious and then again miraculous that the odor of the ground can be so well captured using only essential oils. Very fitting for Halloween. Earthy, dry, resinous.

Sex with the Spirits
Very earth-like but yet with a huge shot of vapor, spice and a bit of cake roll around with a perfumy back lash which combines the best part of "must" with the best part of "gotta have". Don't worry about getting caught, what happens on The Other Side stays on The Other Side. Resinous, dry, foody.

She Who Presides Over Gardens
A dark green aroma, compelling but uncompromising. Chlorophyll like fragrance, an accord which smells a lot like the exhalations of leaves in a hot house, distant flowers just the hint of them and not a floral composition at all. A brush of earth and the trance of humidity.

Shock Treatment
Mint and smelling salt ingredients and a whiff of an electrical fire. Strangely nice drydown. Well, that's the idea, isn't it? Minty, spicy, dry.

Silence (100% Natural)
Patchouli, clove, nutmeg, red cedarwood, and black pepper greet the great season of quiet and the delights of heavy spice and heavy sleep.

Silver Pumpkin
I have been wanting to do this one for quite a while. Very simple, all of the sweets a pumpkin can handle and then ladle on the silver base. 5 separate pumpkin mixtures, molasses and a small amount of oat. A kiss of clove, and hint of pear and this is all you need for deep deep Halloween bliss.

Simony, Art Of Buying Holy Office
This perfume of salvation for sale is rich with the tang of sandalwood, the kick of grapefruit and a backdrop of the fine yellow leaf scent of autumn.

The Skeletons' Ball
The skeletons whirled 'round and 'round,
waltzing and clacking with a whistling sound,
as the breeze blew through their bones so dry,
and they danced and they danced till the dawn broke the sky.
Tea and spearmint, a drop of gin,
let this winsome dance begin.
Add some amber, good and smooth,
helps the dry and white bones move.
Must have been the bones of folks
who never wore the peasants' yokes
but finer sorts of dames and gents
embalmed with some outlandish 'nard
whose perfume still flecks the boneyard.

The Sleeping Potion
Syrup of fig and a good shot of narcotic, a slight rind of lime and a deep drag of musk, gray musk like a twilight sleep. Deep and delicious. Reminds me of the papers which used to be burnt as medicine and ended up smelling unearthly good after the smoke cleared.

Snake Dance
Great amounts of apple and coconut milk, a crust of the softest butter crumble combined with a Butterfinger sort of scent,. This will definitely give you the energy you need to go on...with a smile on your face. Gourmandy

Amber and fennel, put together in a thoroughly unexpected way. A real groundbreaking scent. It's such a shape changer that the title "Specter" seems totally appropriate.

Spell 125
Heavy incense belching from the pleading pots surrounding the scene, a great river of black musk and the lighter but top note dank smell of a well used dim place. This perfume is the odor of supplication, fear and hope. It is a bit audacious though.

Spider Juice
Molasses, brown sugar, toasted reductions of cane sugar, the glass-like golden sheet of sugar you get from carefully handled ingredients. It's all there, and the pumpkin, it is definitely there. Add a big shot of peach nectar.

Tart and airy, sweet and unrelentingly foody. Spook does linger in the nicest possible way. Unabashed indulgence and so worth it.

St. Expedite
Sweet sweet candy corn, the kind that you get in places like William Sonoma as well as the kind you get in the grocery store. Add a tiny amount of coconut, and a grain of coriander. Foody perfume at its best. The nicest thing in the candy bag from trick or treat.

A light dusting of cedar powder and an underlayer of sweet myrrh, white pepper, Italian lemon zest, and myrtle. Hawthorn takes off the edge of uneasy unbridled manliness and has the whole settle into a comforting yet masterful mix. An edge of soft brown leather completes the composition. Strong, musky, more masculine than feminine but very strong feminine at the same time. This is almost a chypre but not quite.

A cake dense with sugar crystals which hold up a base of candied ginger slices, a liberal dose of liquor and laid along a vein of candied pink sweet flowers carefully gathered last summer and preserved in the valuable sugar crystals. You cannot resist sweetmeats.

The Thieving Magpie
(Mozart) Pink wintergreen, fruit, spearmint, Bourbon vanilla, and a crystal-white musk. Candy-like but refreshing, not cloying. There is a winsome whiff of clean, cold outdoor air to this which sets it apart. I used the idea of frolicking during Trick or Treat as my inspiration! Gourmandy.

Tin Foil Beanie
What does it smell like? Try grape and patchouli wrapped up in a strange and minty wrapper. That is odd and it is oddly appealing. No kidding! It has a bracing unearthly metallic tang to it. Unisex and not your everyday fragrance. Metallic, foody.

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
(Bach). Deep Arabian Black Musk, sadist's leather thongs, a faint incense, a goodly perfume which is subordinated to the whole,. No holds barred sexy stuff in a way which sends out warnings.

By all things sweet and gooey, by everything which is good and sticky, by every item you put in your mouth and it glues your teeth together with warm and lovely stuff. This is your once a year hedonistic TREAT! Delectable. Sweet, foody/gourmand.

Sugar musk and hawthorne, a very small amount of rose, a very powdery amber, and a sort of a sugar haze accord that I make in house. This is for full on seduction and is about 10000% feminine.

Vide Cor Meum
This is something of an experimental fragrance, with a faintly green accord, a very classy sandalwood, osmanthus, and a small amount of ginger. It's edgy and sophisticated, a bit daring, sharp on the top notes but cozies down to a very calming blend when it settles down on the skin.

Void Moon (100% Natural)
A beautiful anise-like perfume with loads of very appropriate items dancing away in the background. Named after the times when the moon is betwixt and between being in zodiac signs, when mischief is supposed to be afoot. Things are forgotten, the wrong people are kissed, surprises happen and not all that is a bad thing! So dare to explore this slightly cockeyed world, it is beautiful. Herbal, resinous, dry.

The Whirlwind of Lust
Black, sticky, ripe fig, cocoa nib liquor, blackest musk, strong almost choking smokey incense, a float of tears of frankincense and a jigger of bourbon.

Very deep, very dark, verging on bitter but with a sweetness which almost makes your tongue tingle from the contrast. Myrtle, a hint of menthol, grey musk, chrysanthemum, and artemisia. Very fall, strangely comforting, a little sad but a nostalgic sort of sadness which goes together perfectly with autumn.

Xuong Cuong
(Vietnamese Tree Spirit). A cold green leaf bats against a ghost wood, a lash of green chlorophyll and crystal musk, a bit of luan wood, and a soft ambient earth scent (but a lightweight earth not a heavy wet soil). Finished off with a great portion of sandalwood and yuzu, the latter adds an air of almost black walnut and nutwood-like nuance to the whole. Cold, green, woody, calming with a good shot of citrus.

The 7 Gates of the House of Osiris
A beautiful amber infused blend with a good spell of labdenum, a subtle incense, and a caramel-like resinous amber which is unlike any that I have ever used before. This is a special blend which is simple but elegant and deep with a sweetish overcast.

A dry masculine and memorable scent featuring a smooth yellow amber, bay, bay wood, a drop of tobacco flower, a very tiny amount of lavender. Dry, very dry, grown up, unisex, prosperous, and business like.