Black Hearted Tart Watercolor Wilderness Samples

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Bite the Apple
Honeycrisp red apples are plunged into a cauldron of creamy caramel and rolled in pieces of toffee and crushed walnut.

Come and Play in the Milky Night
A fantasy fragrance inspired by ghosts dancing in the moonlight. Lactonic notes of cold milk and smooth cocoa butter are enhanced with delicate tuberose and white carnations. A soft and sheer skin scent.

Frou Frou Foxes
Wild geranium and rosewood add botanical floral accords. Verdurous notes of eucalyptus, cypress, and pine are darkened with dashes of black pepper and ground fennel seed. A base of velvety musk and creamy sandalwood ground the earthy elements. The combination of woodsy and green aromatics evoke the feel of a lush nighttime forest.

Hotter Than Hell
Smoked oud and resinous labdanum create the foundation. Charcoal embers and smoldering woods billow throughout the heart. Hints of black pepper are tampered down with very light touches of cocoa. Rustic vanilla bean softens the scent profile, without turning it gourmand.

Number of the Beast
Bright, green, and woodsy. Ylang ylang, neroli, and lemon. Powdery civet musk (synthetic) enhanced with notes of leather. Spiced sandalwood incense and patchouli.

Pagan Poetry
Pagan Poetry is a celebratory scent of an abundant harvest! Ripe, succulent figs with their milky and jammy green aroma are sweetened with the golden goodness of raw honeycomb. A squeeze of bitter orange and a pinch of grated ginger add a bit of brightness. Lammas loaves with oat bran and flax meal layer in a comforting hearth component.

Handfuls of roasted pumpkin pulp, crumbles of sweet and salty peanut brittle, drizzled in a rich, buttery caramel sauce. a collection of gourmand fall flavors that celebrate pumpkin season without the spice.

Sleepy Hollow
Eerie night breezes gallop through a sleepy, secluded glen. Ivy vines creep and coil along the path and up cobbled stone walls. Splotches of lichen and spongy moss fill in the gaps between each stone. Freshly pulverized pumpkin flesh from a once alive jack-o-lantern head is splattered upon the ground in front.

Strawberry Blonde
Straight from the bakery to your picnic basket! Light, flaky croissants smell warm and buttery and "jam packed" with sticky sweet strawberry preserves.

Tiger Mountain Peasant
Warm pumpkin pie served ala mode with coffee bean ice cream and maple syrup drizzle. Aromatic cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove spices were blended with savory pumpkin custard. Bakery notes of butter and vanilla were added for a comforting warmth. Additional notes of espresso, maple syrup, and cream make this fragrance a Pumpkin Spice Latte fan favorite.

We Fell in Love in October
Fluffy, hot off the griddle pancakes topped with butter and smothered in golden maple syrup. Accompanied with a side of spiced baked apples. with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. You will fall in love with this classic autumnal gourmand.

An atmospheric scent for nature loving forest folk! Hyper-realistic notes of damp soil, decaying leaves, and mellow mushrooms. Clusters of wild geranium and clary sage add herbaceous accords. Sprigs of green patchouli and handfuls of pine needles create the base.


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