Death and Floral April Leftovers
Death and Floral April Leftovers
Death and Floral April Leftovers
Death and Floral April Leftovers

Death and Floral April Leftovers

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Leftovers!  These scents will not be restocked. :)


Flee From Me, Keepers of The Gloom
Sweet, crunchy fall leaves and warm cedar blended with honeysuckle and soft peonies laid on a bed of warm amber

I Was Born a Bitch, I Was Born a Painter
Sweet basil and violets, blended with Spanish moss, yarrow oil, and blue musk.

It’s All in Your Head
Sun-warmed Texas sunflowers in a bright field, luscious dark amber, vanilla, and freshly baked bread.

Fluffy lamb wool absolute, cedar chips, musky barn accord, crisp morning air

Nobody’s Happy in A Poodle Skirt and Sweater Set
Soft pillowy cotton candy and spring flowers, a field of luscious painted lavender, the scent of a town both pleasant and eerie.

She Plucked Our Hearts Fresh from The Grove and Served Them Up for Supper
Earthy figs and warm sun dried tomatoes, blended with lush honeysuckle.

Vampire Market (Sotm)
Freshly steamed rice, juicy blood orange, open-air night market spices

We Left Flower City Behind Us (SotM)
Metallic seawater accord, fields of distorted and disturbing wildflowers; The smell of leaving a dream city behind

Fresh vanilla, black tea, ginger cookies, darkened amber, cinnamon bark, patchouli, witches herbs

World Famous For 15 Minutes
Sweet tobacco and vanilla, blended with a hint of violet and gin

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