Death and Floral March Leftovers
Death and Floral March Leftovers
Death and Floral March Leftovers
Death and Floral March Leftovers

Death and Floral March Leftovers

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Leftovers!  These scents will not be restocked. :)

Friday night autumn air, sticky caramel candy, small wafts of buttery popcorn, rows and rows of movie choices, and lonely un-bought candy corn sitting at the register.

Decomposing Roses for A Decomposed Romance
Rose, white musk, vanilla, pink peppercorn, honeysuckle.

Goth Dolly
Peru Balsam blended with Spiced Sandalwood and black lipstick accord.

Lavender Sprite (Single Note)
Lavender Sprite

Let’s Have a Sleepover and Conjure the Dead
90’s blue body glitter and incense, blended with the wood from an aging ouija board covered in hall-closet dust

Mountain Cats Will Come to Drag Away Your Bones
Pepper, laurel leaf, wood, musk, tobacco, amber, fresh mountain air.

My Whole Life Is a Delicate Cycle
Bubbly Laundry soap, the metal clink of change in machines, a cotton bra with an unknown owner.

Painted Fires (SotM May 22)
Dry desert rose & dusty ground, sweet summer citrus, leftover bonfire ash, white sage distilled in New Mexico, sun-warmed ghostly glow

Shadow Monsters On Wooden Cabin Walls (SotM March 23)
Pure dark chocolate tincture, jasmine sambac, blood orange, tobacco absolute, light woodsmoke

That First Morning Moment
Cozy blend of lavender and chamomile tea, with notes of white amber and soft cotton.



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