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Shimmering summer rain evaporating off of hot, sticky asphalt. Wet asphalt single note. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: dried herbs ✦ steam
Mid/Heart: rain ✦ stone
Base/Drydown: asphalt ✦ tar

Cold Brew
The scent of cold brew in the making: ice, coffee beans, and a splash of espresso. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: iced coffee
Mid/Heart: coffee beans
Base/Drydown: espresso

Petrichor, or the scent of earth after a fresh, clean rain. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: wet aldehydes ✦ ozone
Mid/Heart: geosmin ✦ fresh water
Base/Drydown: petrichor ✦ soil

Iso E Super
Iso E Super smells woody, velvety, cashmere, and cedar-like, with nuances of dry ambergris and cozy fabrics. This is a single molecule perfume, so it doesn't have traditional top/middle/base notes. But as the perfume sinks into your skin and blends with your skin chemistry, the smell of the molecule can shift and make a scent that's unique to you! [Vegan.]

A sunlit nap on the lawn: a body sinking into cool green turf and fingers tangled with fresh cut grass. Fresh mown lawn single note. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: grass clippings ✦ sunlight
Mid/Heart: green grass ✦ hay
Base/Drydown: wet soil ✦ moss

Lazy River
Towels soaked with pool water, and wet, glistening skin drying in the heat. Pool towel single note. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: pool water
Mid/Heart: sunscreen ✦ water
Base/Drydown: pool towels ✦ skin

Wet spring dew, purple lilacs, and velvet musk. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: dew
Mid/Heart: purple lilac
Base/Drydown: velvet musk

Fluffy puffy marshmallows, fresh and soft, reminiscent of sugar cubes, vanilla bean, orris root powder, heliotrope, and fluffy, powdery musks. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: sugar cubes
Mid/Heart: powdery musk ✦ bakery air
Base/Drydown: vanilla bean ✦ heliotrope ✦ orris root powder

Nutty, seaweedy, grassy, powdery, and green. A non-milky, non-sugared matcha single note. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: grass ✦ hay
Mid/Heart: matcha powder ✦ seaweed
Base/Drydown: usucha ✦ baby vegetables ✦ roasted nuts

Fluffy basmatti rice in a warm bowl. Rice single note. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: toasted rice ✦ dried herbs
Mid/Heart: steamed rice ✦ cedar
Base/Drydown: porcelain musk ✦ vanilla

A pitaya accord of sweet red dragonfruit flesh and fresh white dragonfruit juice, with soft, clean Egyptian musk. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: red dragonfruit
Mid/Heart: white dragonfruit
Base/Drydown: Egyptian musk

Creamy East Indian sandalwood (mysore sandalwood) accord and rugged West Indian sandalwood (amyris wood), with a soft clean musk. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: West Indian sandalwood
Mid/Heart: East Indian sandalwood
Base/Drydown: clean musk

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