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A Close Encounter
Moonshine, river reeds, elderberry, and pickle juice.

A Fine Gentleman
Blackberry, licorice, wood shavings, bay rum, and clove.

A Skull Where Her Face Had Been
Old letters, moths nesting in a fur coat, lettuce, brandy, and bitter wind.

Baby Shoes
Upturned dirt, gasoline, powdered skin, smashed apricots, cream, and white musk.⁣

Banshee's Holler
Moonflower, wilted carnations, white musk, birch bark, and decaying leaves.

Big Whiskey
Stone fruit, kelp, ylang-ylang, amber, and black musk.

Blood on the Moon
Pine needles, frozen leaves, frankincense, crystallized honey (vegan), blood, and patchouli.

Bog Tonic
Rosemary, orchid, iris, calla lily, water lily, peat moss, cranberry, neroli, and lemon balm.

Chicory coffee, hot beignets, and pralines.

Carrion Son
Gasoline, blood, honeysuckle vines, swollen cranberries, and tobacco leaf.

Cemetery Tour
Osmanthus, crumbling stone, brick dust, moss, and graveyard dirt.

Hawthorn, moonflower, pomegranate, apple, honey, tonka bean, vetiver, mossy leaves, and tobacco.

Cherry Cordial

Cold Season
Chimney smoke, black ice, holly, pine, and petrichor.

Come Play With Us
Bourbon, waxed wood, stale water, red musk, and blood orange. ⁣

Mugs of spiced cider, tanned suede, prairie grass, rice, rain clouds, and dust kicked up from a heeled boot.

Damn, It’s Dark Down Here
Jasmine, vetiver, clary sage, damp soil, and coffin wood.

Dark Forbodings
Black amber, white tea, peach skin, hyacinth, and rotting leaves.

Death on a Bicycle
Strawberry daiquiris, cotton candy, star jasmine, and the breeze rolling over the Mississippi River.

Warm straw, painted corn, antler velvet, juniper, and musk.

The Emperor of Ice Cream
Limp flowers on a windowsill, strawberry ice cream, tobacco leaves, tonka, and a dribble of young blood.⁣

First Love
A lone rose stands among hay stacks, threads of honeysuckle, cedarwood, oakmoss, and chypre accord.⁣

Bananas foster. Pine torches set alight.

Folded Faces
Vetiver, lime, buddha wood, jasmine, and clary sage.

Gather the Bones
Apple, juniper, linden blossom, heliotrope, amber, teak, cinnamon, cardamom, and myrrh.

A cornfield burning against a night sky.

God of the Lost
Birch, mud, honey (vegan), pelting rain, and the hulking, faceless creature trailing your scent.⁣

Green Eyes, Black Hair
Oud, marshmallow, freesia, and vanilla.

Hairy on the Inside
Cedar, suede, pomegranate, saffron, and tonka bean.

How Bees Laid Waste to the Hearth
Beeswax accord, charred chestnut, fig, orange, oak, brick dust, and soot.

Moonflower, forget-me-nots, a windfall apple, and tufts of hair left on the forest floor.

I’ll See You on the Dark Side
Narcissus, blackcurrant, orchid, moss, and musk.

King Cake
Yeasty cake, cinnamon, nutmeg, almond, lemon zest, and confectioner's sugar.

Longer Than You Think!
Gardenia, walnut, galactic resins, dust, and darkness.⁣

Lost Souls
Tea rose perfume, Chartreuse, and clove cigarettes.

Minimoon ‘20
Huckleberry, bluebonnet, moonlit clover, cornflower, spikenard, and vanilla.

Night of Folly
Exhaust, floral musk, and a Zulu coconut.

Oatmeal Cream Pie

Once is Enough
Fig, sugarplums and black cherries, almond, frankincense, and star anise.

Piece of Calico
Pumpkin, white chocolate, and patchouli flower.

Poor Dove
Silver fir, paper wings, tuberose, sugared lilacs, tonka bean, and amber.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Guts
Shriveled summer gourds, pumpkin flesh, dragon’s blood, and our own blood accord.

Punkin Head
Late-summer peaches, pumpkins, freshly fallen leaves, flannel, and cinnamon hard candy.

Rearrange Me
Grapefruit, plum, static, and cedarwood.

Seeing is Believing
Tea, cream, butterscotch, scones, and teak wood.

The Shell’s Here, But the Nut is Gone
Spilled honey (vegan), brown sugar, and cinnamon over apple skins and peanut dust.

Mint, moss, fennel, orris root, forest fungi, cedarwood, amber, and vanilla.

Sweetest Tongue Has Sharpest Tooth
Grape, honeysuckle, rose, twisty, turny vines, vanilla, and champagne.

Tall Paul
Splintered wood, chipped paint, the melange of sweets and musk from a bewildered crowd, and a memory of smoke.⁣

Thunder in Your Ear
Dragon's blood, red musk, sleet, mandarin, and vanilla.

Upon the Hill
Crushed violets, white chocolate, grass, and cold concrete.

Funnel cakes topped with green apples, pear syrup, and delicate spider webs.

Where Willows Whisper
Oak, saffron, peach blossom, vanilla, and lingering fog.


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