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Sugared Aloe

Sugared Amber

Sugared Apple

Sugared Brioche

Sugared Carnation

Sugared Decay
Sugared Decay. The decay note is very reminiscent to a Graveyard Dirt single note I offered a very long time ago under my previous business, but this single note has added earthiness with hints of soft rotting bark and wild mushrooms.

Sugared Gardenia

Sugared Monoi de Tahiti

Sugared Musk
Sugared Musk. A note on this musk - It is a soft, velvety, dry musk. It is neither light nor heavy, but a lovely middle-of-the- road musk.

Sugared Orange

Sugared Pale Patchouli

Sugared Poblano Pepper
Sugared Poblano Pepper.The Poblano Pepper in this blend is an accord and does not contain any capsaicin.

Sugared Sage

Sugared Tea Rose

Sugared Tobacco

Sugared White Ginger


Sample Vial: 1/5 dram
Sample Bottle: 1/5 dram
Mini: 5/8 dram 

Full sized bottles are stocked at Astrid Perfume.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.