BPAL Lilith's Winter Travelogue pt.2 Leftovers

Black Phoenix

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Mommy’s Little MI6 Agent
White pear, apple pulp, golden musk, and fossilized amber.

Morning at Fuschlsee
Chilled white tea, freesia, and bergamot blanketing skeletal branches. Winter wind brushing across still waters.

Sugared chestnut and powidltascherl.

Où Sont les Jouets S’il Vous Plaît
French vanilla, strawberries, and raspberries.

Overlooking the Garden
Sun-dappled amber, yesterday’s rain, and fresh-cut grass.

Iris root, frankincense, and violet leaf.

Spilled sacramental wine, a splatter of vermillion paint, Bible leather, and a puzzled cherry chypre.

Potsdamer Platz Toboggan
A tube of black rubber sliding wildly down a whoosh of white musk and white oud.

Scheiterhaufen Vom Boskop Apfel
Baked apples in cinnamon cream, with a blueberry and raspberry garnish.

Snow Bear
Pink cotton candy snow, tuberose, plumeria, melon blossom, green tea, lavender, and a shiver of white musk.

Snow of the Gravestones at Petersfriedhof
Benedictine incense drifting on a frost-chilled December breeze.

Snowflake-Shaped Snowflakes
Golden amber, California sage, white tea, and sunny Matilija poppy speckled with snow.

Squelette et Fantôme
White musk, graceful lavender, blackcurrant, teakwood, and cacao.

Swing Carousel
Bright orange peel and osmanthus with polished cedar, rings of burnished amber, sweet incense, and gingerbread.

Thutmose’s Nefertiti
Myrrh steeped with cardamom, cinnamon, and sweet wine, streaked with lines of labdanum kohl, and gilded with crushed ambrette seed, a copper oxide musk, and accords of lime spar and iron oxide.

Travel Buddies
A reinvigorating travel survival oil containing essential oils of frankincense, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary. Leave it to the Virgos to have a practical oil here.

Ubi Bene, Ibi Patria
White musk and lavender, frankincense and amber incense, sugar cookies, rose petals, and Florida Water.

The Umbrella Incident
Leather shoe phones, the gleaming metal of a M-125-3 Fialka cipher machine, a femme fatale’s heady, dark perfume, and a breath of castor bean accord.

Virgo Snowball Fight
A joyful lemon ginger cologne with a touch of bay leaf and white tea.

The scent of brightly frosted lebkuchen, warm mutzenmandeln, and chocolate-drizzled, marzipan filled schneeballen.

Yuletide at Heathrow
Sparks of snow-white musk dotted with shining bulbs of blackcurrant, plum, and lavender.

Zonked in Paris
Coffee, coffee, and more coffee for the grownups, and vanilla ice cream to en’sugar the kiddo out from her stupor.


These are sample sizes.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab & Trading Post have had a well developed decanter culture which I have been a part of for many, many years. While I communicate with them on the regular, they are not an official Ajevie partner and to support the traditions already in place, all Black Phoenix decants are non-profit on my end.