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Conjure Oils Poisson d’Avril Leftovers

$ 4.50

Poisson d’Avril
A day of mayhem and mischief! Is that a fish on your back? I didn't do it! Wasn't me. Wait. It probably was! Here is a fragrance that inspires fun and playfulness and pranks!
Blissful bergamot, tangy pink grapefruit, joyful geranium, frabjous frankincense and a drop of boisterous ylang ylang

Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=3ml bottles. Full sized bottles are stocked at Poesie Perfumes.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.

Quantities available for this product:
  • Decant / Poisson d’Avril : 4

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