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Haus of Gloi

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Pre-order* items have not yet arrived at my studio, but have been listed/ordered.  Once it reaches me processing takes 3 - 14 business days before it's shipped out to you.  To estimate when your order is likely to be heading out, keep an eye on the 'Status' of ordered items.



Caramelized Cozy Sweater (Not included in .5 set as it made a late appearance!!)
Our best selling Cozy Sweater fragrance kissed with caramel accord.


Caramelized Amber
Thick, syrupy amber, caramel accord, and rich vanilla paste.

Caramelized Cake
Fluffy white cake soaked with coconut milk, caramel accord, and sprinkled with toasted almond.

Caramelized Gardenia
Bright gardenia, caramel accord, and a twist of fresh ginger.

Caramelized Incense
Soft nag champa incense, caramel accord, and a touch of dragon's blood.

Caramelized Infusion
Lavender bud infused fresh milk swirled into caramel accord.

Caramelized Resins
Precious frankincense, sweet myrrh, caramel accord, and benzoin.

Caramelized Woods
Warm vanilla oak, benzoin, caramel accord, and amyris.

Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles. Full sized bottles are stocked at Haus of Gloi.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.