Lucky #9 Soap

Lucky #9

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Lucky #9 Soaps are handmade cold process soaps made right here in our little studio in Vermont by our resident mad scientist! 

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We are in the process of swapping to our new 100% palm-free recipe!


A Naughty Haiku * †
Vanilla and Lace,
Kiss me with that Leather Whip.
Happy Valentines!

Baker's 13
(Fresh Baked Bread)
This has to be my best smelling soap ever, so I'll make you a deal; If this sells really well, I'll make a Beer (scented) Soap, I totally promise!!!

Candy Apple Pie *
What's that? Did I make a pie out of candy apples? Of course not, don't be silly, doing something like that would be utterly ridiculous. I took an apple pie and dipped it in candy coating. #'Murica.

Cheers, Sam! *
An Orange and Vanilla Crème smoothie for Sam, a long time friend who's always been there and has disgusting amounts of talent that leave me furious with appreciation. He also drew the Lucky #9 Cat! Cheers, Sam!

Choco Vanilla Strawberries *
Personally I think you're kinda weird if you look at fruits covered in drippy goo and start having naughty thoughts. What's so sexy about extra sugary fruit? Now, if it was a pizza covered in ketchup, I'd be ready to give that waterbed a workout.

Dr. Odd's Calming Brew for Nutjobs *
Just going to sit here, with my coffee, and have a nice relaxing day with nature… Definitely not thinking of taking over the world with an army of Robot Lobsters…
Mwahahahahahaha… hahaha… haaaaa…

Endless Orange *
I stared into the orange abyss... and the orange stared back at me... for a couple minutes anyway, then it seemed to get bored and went to go stare at Nature Documentaries. That's right, Nature Documentaries, ORANGE you glad I didn't say Reality TV? Eh? Does that joke fly? Nobody gets me.

Goblin Fruit from Queen Titania's Garden Party *
Spending a weekend in the Faerie Realm is a really bad idea, but it's probably alright to swing by for a spot of tea and maybe some snacks. Just try not to stare when a Goblin Fruit the size of a hippo walks up to you and offers to let you cut off a piece. Some people say it smells like Strawberries.

Grandma's Buttercream Caramels *
Every year I ask my Grandma for the recipe for
these candies, and every year she says to me,
""I'm not your Grandma, I'm a homeless man named
Dave and you're eating my boots."" Haha, okay
Grandma, maybe next year, maybe next year...

Happy Golden Anniversary!
(Lemon Vanilla Cake)
While Lucky#9 has only been around a couple years, Lucky's Parents have been around forever and a day and are celebrating their big 50th. That's right, half a century of Love, Support, Respect, and resisting the urge to strangle each other, so here's a lovely bit of cake soap to celebrate their extra special day! Don't eat it, it tastes gross, found that out the hard way.

London Zombie *
A misty, lemon-fresh scent is upon the air, that can only mean one thing; UNDEAD BLAGAURDS are afoot!
Pardon me whilst I adjourn to the larder, as circumstances have dictated that I must unseal a tin of her Royal Majesty's
Thrashed-Buttock to visit upon these shambling oafs!

Nicole's Sasquatch Campfire
(Marshmallows and Musk)
As the scent of Musk and Marshmallows fills the air, we can see a family of Sassies enjoying a campfire together. Perhaps soon they will begin to enjoy a sing-a-long, and then- oh crap, they saw us, run, RUN!!! RUN I SAID!!! FORGET THE CAMERA WE CAN BUY ANOTHER ONE!!!!

Oberon's Assassin *
A Lemon Lime Pixie tried to shank me in my sleep, but unfortunately for her my cat Ms. Rose wasn't having any of that nonsense. Pixie dun got ATE! But now my cat flies around the living room getting glitter on everything -_-;

Ol' Mama Shub
(Honey, Amber Musk, and Snickerdoodles)
It's not easy being a Great Old One, Deity of cosmic madness and worshipped as a perverse fertility Goddess with a thousand young, but even the Black Goat of the Woods still finds time to make cookies for her kids. Insane cookies of Madness that is! Iä! Iä!

Phoenix Sorbet
(a sweet citrus mix)
From the ashes of deliciousness comes the- hang on, why am I mixing a fire bird with a chilled dessert? That don't make no sense no how... I must be getting tired. Sorry everyone, I dropped the ball this time.

Red Apple Splatters *
<Ajevie> …
<Lucky> What?
<Ajevie> Do you know what 'Apple-Splatters' actually means?
<Lucky> Yes, apples and that have yuzu grenades hidden in them by Chipmunk rebels.
<Ajevie> Where do you come up with this nonsense?
<Lucky> I DON'T SLEEP!!!

Red-Grape Champagne for Kelly & Paul *
A bottle of bubbly for my two best customers!
...or if they don't want their names to be on the label, a bottle of bubbly for two total strangers
who just happen to have the same names as my two best customers.
Let's see you try to sue me now!

Royal Jelly from the Alien Bee Queen *
Distilled in outer space by Hippie Astronauts who have no idea how they got there or why they thought milking a giant space bee was a good idea, but here's the soap to prove it exists. Honey? No that's from normal bees, this one smells like Kumquats.

Scary Movie Night *
What goes with a good scary movie? That's right, a house with all the doors and windows locked, a fully loaded
pair of shotguns, and a charged cellphone with 9 and 1 already dialed.
Or Popcorn I suppose… yeah, probably popcorn.

Swamp Apples *
Not all witches live in the woods, some live in fetid swamps with mist and moldy trees… and molasses apples, because you need fruit in your diet. Don't try to run from a Swamp Witch, they avoid empty carbs and can sprint like Dobermans.
Your best bet is to talk to them about the lack of swamp WiFi, then sneak away while they're rambling.

Sweet Sunshine
(A high-energy fruity blend)
Winter recedes and warmth slowly creeps across the land to awaken life once more. And as the springtime sun rises, all the vampire clowns burst into flames.

The Badger Mistress *
When your Panda comes home from a hard day's work, greet him at the door wearing nothing more than a saccharine smile, a spiked harness, and a polished pine paddle. Now get medieval on him before he can run away!

The Springtime Witch * †
Michelle's Spellbook Some witches ride brooms, but others have to ride mowers because Robert will call the HOA on any lawn that doesn't meet his standards. Get a life, Robert, sorry it's not 1963 anymore.

Three Sisters Of Summer
Daffodil has a green thumb for tending the gardens.
Tangerine has a sweet tooth for baking pies.
Hyacinth has a pig mask for robbing stores to pay off her gambling debts.

Victoria Sponge
I thought long and hard about how I could possibly make a funny story for what is essential just a Strawberry Cake, but I think I came up with a really good one so I hope you appreciate the effort. Once there was- crap I ran out of room.

You're Invited To The Wedding Of King Philip & Fwumples *
Love takes all forms, even in the odd case of a fantasy land monarch who from certain angles might resemble a hand-puppet, and his blushing bride who may or may not look like a purple pig made out of Styrofoam and construction paper. Anyway, here's oranges and vanilla.


Made from Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Olive oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sodium Lactate, Manufactured Micas, Fragrance
Made in Vermont Approximate Weight 5oz

*Contains organic & sustainable palm oil

Contains Glycerin Soap - Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerine (Kosher, of Vegetable Origin), Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide (Saponifying Agent), Sodium Stearate, Sodium Myristate, Sorbitol, Sorbitan Oleate (Emulsifier), Oat Protein