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This fragrance is the magical complement to our enchanted candle of the same name. It illuminates your charms and amplifies allure, encouraging self care and the avid appreciation of your finest qualities. An exquisite air of Caribbean teakwood, nectarine, water lilies, Magdagascar vanilla, heirloom roses, tobacco flower, and lavande de Provence over smooth tonka bean. Wear any time you need to be reminded of your innate perfection. Employ in rituals of attraction to awaken your inner radiance.

Higher Mind 2019
Smart is sexy. An assertive and herbaceous scent composed of green tea, sage, three sacred sandalwoods, rosemary, chilled citrus, and tonka. Wear this enchanted fragrance to hone perception, wit, and focus.

Honey Jar 2019
A fresh take on last year's most popular Utility Blend. To sweeten the disposition of anyone you encounter, soften their hearts, and open their arms. Warm golden honey with neroli, a sprig of fresh lemon balm, a sliver of orange zest, and the lightest breath of lavender flowers. Wear as an enchanted perfume to inspire goodwill. You can also anoint light purple or light blue candles to bring peace to strained relationships.

Might of Minerva
This fragrance is the magical complement to our enchanted candle of the same name. A force to be reckoned with, it invokes the Goddess's wisdom, willpower, and strategic acumen. Olive leaf, ambergris, oakwood, basil, rosemary, lime zest, bay laurel, chardonnay grapes and sweet figs. Wear to amplify your natural creativity, charisma, and commanding presence.

A smooth, lovely blend that offers surprisingly staunch protection. Pale amber and white tea are accented by dry coconut, angelica, and cooling rain. Wear to repel any negative energies, low vibrations, and psychic attacks. Anoint your wallet, door frames, computers, and phone to shield them against all malefaction.

A potion for cleansing and clearing. Palo Santo, sage and English lavender, set the stage for bright lemon zest, juicy pomelo, bay leaf, and Himalayan cedarwood infused with home-grown hyssop and lemon verbena. Wear to banish negativity, heavy vibrations, low energies, and malaise. Amplifies the effect of ritual baths and smudging.

Raw Power
An uplifting scent for energy and vitality. Bright ginger gilds sturdy cedarwood, copaiba balsam, mahogany, and lemongrass with rosemary, basil, cardamom, and fresh-cracked pink and white peppercorn. Wear to stave off weariness and fatigue. It can be especially helpful against daunting or intimidating tasks.

A splashy scent to refresh the spirit and revitalize the mind. A champagne sangria of tart cherry, blackberry, elderberry, and tangerine awash in cool effervescence with a spritz of lemon. Put it on when you need to wake up, reset, and get in gear.

A boldly solar blend, created at the Summer Solstice, to empower and illuminate your hidden gifts. Amber resin, santal, coriander, heliotrope, frankincense and myrrh, mahogany, blood orange, bay leaves, ginger root, saffron, and a trace of cassia. Wear when you need courage, confidence, and fortitude. Anoint yellow or golden candles in rituals for health and well-being.
*Please note: Do not apply to skin if sensitive to cassia or cinnamon.

Unabashed refinement and sheer elegance. White santal and sunwashed teak edged with vetiver, silk, and chilled Earl Grey.

Indie Mood
The dynamic harmony of light and shadow. Lapsang souchong tea, sumptuous velvet, labdanum and tonka punctuated by precious Peru balsam.

The fecundity of the untamed forest at twilight. Earthy patchouli, deep incense, wild blackcurrants, and the lingering smoke of a maplewood fire.

Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram. Full sized bottles are stocked at Nui Cobalt.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.