Poesie Illuminate Fall Leftovers


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Status: LEFTOVERS (MLs in original bottles)

Add a deeper note to any scent or enjoy the rich scent of cut oak wood on its own.

Luxuriate in the scent of soft, sueded leather. Sensuous, animalic, and a little naughty.

Add a layer of complexity to any fragrance or enjoy the smoky scent of burnt firewood on its own.

Our amber layering note adds a cozy glow to any fragrance, its warmth enveloping you like a soft blanket. In perfume terms, amber is an accord of labdanum and vanillin, with many unique variations. This version is soft and sweet with notes of caramel, balsam, and musk. Use it to add a cuddly, inviting element to any fragrance.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with rich maple syrup + a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Like the delicious scent that lingers on your clothes and in your hair after a night spent around a bonfire, Wisp envelops you in a smoky-sweet haze. We love the depth and interest that it adds to virtually any scent. If you love the wood smoke note in our Thornfield fragrance, don’t miss this one!

Full sized bottles are stocked at Poesie Perfumes.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.