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Possets Halloween Retour

The sweetbriar bush she fell into after she hung herself for love. Oh, the ecstasy of the sweetness of love, it's like sugar thick and luscious, and there is the black rose which is more of a velvety fragrance than something from a rose. A tiny amount of heliotrope for the sun she will never again see.

Ghost Fart
Oh good grief! It must be a ghost fart! This annual blend is back to haunt us all again. Ethereal, very unusual, and about as easy to explain as spiritual flatulence. Actually, it's real nice stuff and you really should try it, but don't try to explain it. Foody gourmand.

Blackest tea, deep grey musk, a bed of sandalwood, a drop of galbanum, and a small amount of vetiver (an essence of vetiver which is not as earthy as the usual type). This stunning perfume is bold, oriental, spicy and wild.

Dark cake gingerbread and almond, deep juvenile musk and heady invitations.

The Girls Love Fall Wine
This blend is totally golden, thick, rich, calming and narcotic. There is the merest whiff of smoke to it, but it is not smoke. Very lovely. Very autumnal. Sweet, spicy, foody/gourmand, resinous.

The Girls Love Ginger
Honey and ginger, but not one ginger but two, and a drop of myrtle which has the property of taking ginger from an overly abrasive fragrance to a lovely but zesty thing. There is a small hint of sweetwood in it too, to keep it all from being overly abrasive.

The Glutton's Delight
Artisanal jams, elegant truffles, endless buttered salted toffees, and rivers of cream. Fabulous for the candy lover in you!

The Golden Diadem
Sweet hawthorne, darkest gold honey and molasses, syrup of tamarind, and candied ginger. The composition is beautiful.

Grand Theft Pumpkin
Creamy unforgettable pumpkin and a kiss of spices combine with a buttery background and a flash of golden musk. Gourmandy and very special, this is the time of year for it.

Gratify and Seduce
A dark sweet slightly floral to incense type of a fragrance. Narcotic black Bourbon vanilla liquor opens on top of white creamy tuberose and a lick of linden blossom.

The Great Embracer
A Possets floral with unexpected combinations of a very crystalline musk like passiflora, passion fruit, pink champagne, and black peppercorns with a whiff of vanilla musk.

Grim Reaper (100% Natural)
A highly spiced pink pepper base upon which is laid a blanket of hay, and the entire thing is topped off with rich aged patchouli.

Guilded Cloaks
Here I have mixed the sweetest side of flowers with the sharp and sere side of sandalwood, a sliver of white sharp musk, and an emollient outer note of cocoa wax. A pretty unforgettable and unusual blend.

Incensy, spicy, and manages to capture the width of a dimming blue October sky. This one is beautiful without being cloying and just hits the right notes about Halloween. Resinous, gourmand.

Highway 666
Maltese honey and vanilla, a whiff of fire and a joyful writhe. Precious woods, sweetgrasses and toasted resins round out the main notes in Highway 666. This is a first class tribute to rebellion above or below.

Honey Tongued Devils
The sweetest dark and aged patchouli, clove and the scent of fall leaves rush up against a glorious thick golden musk for a perfect autumn scent which is sure to seduce you, or is that you seducing someone else without a word?

A warm pollen, very fresh floral scent combined with a deceptively juvenile but ultimately sly fragrance element. If the general were alive today I believe he would have bought a few bottles as presents to gain favors. Very nice.

Infernal Bar-B-Que Sauce
It smells just like hellishly good bar-b-que sauce to me, something to sink your teeth into. Succulent, spicy (lil bit), sweet, and gooey good.

A true peach oriental with ingredients they use in the Unite Arab Emirates (UAE). Peaches, dried peaches, patchouli, and tobacco extract, a good wollop of cardamom and big shot of a very dry amber. A foody resinous blend which is just what cooler weather perfects.

A powerful vanilla musk the likes of the one used in Dance With Me (VERY seductive yet subtle and cloud-like), and rich cardamom,and finally the nectar of peaches squeezed in the summer sun and concentrated to make a sugary peach liquor.

Ka The Soul
Uplifting with a bit of light suede, strongly put Red Egyptian Musk smooths off any rough edges, two types of incense and a bit of celery (!) for tang. A light light kiss of lemon zest and one last complimentary drop of white musk to make sure it doesn't get out of hand.

Patchouli, apples, peaches, pumpkin, there is nothing about this blend which doesn't say Autumn. Rich and sharp at first, this one snuggles down to a purr on your skin.

Dragon's blood, white musk, white sage, angelica leaf, ginger, vetiver, and sweet patchouli. This is a resinous perfume.

(Verdi) Salty tears, what else would one think of, the bitterness of loss, the pain of a broken heart. A whiff of smoke, salt, oxygen (a mineral airy scent), and a bit of embalming spice.

Lady Hawke
Woody, smooth, beautiful, black. This is a heavily complex fragrance with luan wood, loblolly pine (the wood only, not the resin), white teak, and a drop of cedar. These things are matched up with a jolt of tobacco essence, dry amber, fallen leaves, Greek saffron, and the scent of a really expensive spa. Breathtaking, rich, well bred, well educated. Totally eligible and totally elusive and totally sexy. Dry, woody

Les Fleures du Mal
Myrrh rose (not like the common tea rose at all) is leaning up against a bit of ripe apricot. There is a whiff of Possets jasmine to it all and a small amount of black petunia fighting the onrushing North wind. A bit of blue musk makes this all deeper, and a drop of galbanum. This is a slightly animalic blend and very sexy indeed.

3 very active musk accords, a drop of hyssop, and something which is posing as floral but it is anything but! This is a very special suede note which can only be described as plush. There is no violet in this blend, but it reminds me somehow of the dark purple Parma violets.

Lumps of Delight
Pellucid blocks of frosted yielding goodness, something which sticks in your teeth and you don't want to get rid of it. Slightly rosy, or is that lemony? It doesn't matter. This candy is like a swoon.

Depression is always the star of the show. It's the teary drama queen of the mental maladies. But, wait...let's focus on something more fun, more in keeping with the season: Mania!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing better than a good wall climbing, head banging, foot stomping, 100% funny all the time dose of MANIA! Sweet, foody/gourmandy.

Lush blooming last roses of summer (pink and antique, classic with a touch of lemon) and dark cedar from the depths of the swamp, essence of cypress "knees", gloomy grey musk, a cob-webby essence I mix up which gives it a dank/lightly aquatic/ clean yet dark slick edge, finally I add a thick black aged Madagascar vanilla (not too much).

The Mistress of Heat
Pink pepper, lashings of oud wood and dark thick sticky vetiver are winding around each other like snakes. It's a very sexy fragrance with nothing animalic and then again, ironically, it's very animal indeed.

The Mistress of Trembling
Licorice, anise, the kiss of black oude--things of the darkness which evoke an idea of fear unto death. One of the guardians of the Thickly musky with an indefinable kick like a kick in the darkness. Really forward and not shy at all.

Monsters From The Superego
Violet and grey musk, ambergris (the simulated sort), patchouli (just the smallest amount).

Mordred's Passion
A volatile concoction featuring a black camphor. Blackseed and black camphor, black musk and sage, and a bit of Posset's famous lavender. This is a head clearing blend but somehow it has a playful side.

The Mouldau
Dark syrupy things, things which get caught in your teeth and make your mouth warm. Dark brown sweets with a hint of deeply toasted and fussed over sugar. Fig and molasses, treacle brittle, raisin liquor, and a bit of dark rum.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.