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Possets Halloween Retour

Civet and a very civity musk (black and exceptionally earthy/animal) are blended with a fir like green note and a thick green leaf-like note, then there is a tiny drop of a clean musk in the background. Finally, a civet-like honey note which I have been saving for the right time.

The coldest strongest clear musk and heavy oakmoss for black depth, with a sharp fern, and white oude. Classic, dry, sharp, strong, and attention grabbing. Sexy as, well, hell!

The Scent of Night
Hyssop, violet leaf, spikenard, red cedar, dark brown musk, and fallen leaves. Night night night in a bottle. Beautiful, mystical, glorious, dry, musky, strong, sexy, heady, narcotic, unforgettable.

Dried fields and cassia twine around each other and take advantage of their similarities. This is a very late summer and harvest scent which makes you feel warm in the coldest of days ahead. Very pure, dry, and right for strolls along paths painted with yellow leaves.

Sepulcri Solum (100% Natural)
This is the scent of earth, freshly turned and given up to the air. It is composed of all natural ingredients. Sepulcri Solum means "soil from the grave" in Latin. It is at once obvious and then again miraculous that the odor of the ground can be so well captured using only essential oils. Very fitting for Halloween. Earthy, dry, resinous.

Sex with the Spirits
Very earth-like but yet with a huge shot of vapor, spice and a bit of cake roll around with a perfumy back lash which combines the best part of "must" with the best part of "gotta have". Don't worry about getting caught, what happens on The Other Side stays on The Other Side. Resinous, dry, foody.

She Who Presides Over Gardens
A dark green aroma, compelling but uncompromising. Chlorophyll like fragrance, an accord which smells a lot like the exhalations of leaves in a hot house, distant flowers just the hint of them and not a floral composition at all. A brush of earth and the trance of humidity.

Shock Treatment
Mint and smelling salt ingredients and a whiff of an electrical fire. Strangely nice drydown. Well, that's the idea, isn't it? Minty, spicy, dry.

Silence (100% Natural)
Patchouli, clove, nutmeg, red cedarwood, and black pepper greet the great season of quiet and the delights of heavy spice and heavy sleep.

Silver Pumpkin
I have been wanting to do this one for quite a while. Very simple, all of the sweets a pumpkin can handle and then ladle on the silver base. 5 separate pumpkin mixtures, molasses and a small amount of oat. A kiss of clove, and hint of pear and this is all you need for deep deep Halloween bliss.

Simony, Art Of Buying Holy Office
This perfume of salvation for sale is rich with the tang of sandalwood, the kick of grapefruit and a backdrop of the fine yellow leaf scent of autumn.

The Skeletons' Ball
The skeletons whirled 'round and 'round,
waltzing and clacking with a whistling sound,
as the breeze blew through their bones so dry,
and they danced and they danced till the dawn broke the sky.
Tea and spearmint, a drop of gin,
let this winsome dance begin.
Add some amber, good and smooth,
helps the dry and white bones move.
Must have been the bones of folks
who never wore the peasants' yokes
but finer sorts of dames and gents
embalmed with some outlandish 'nard
whose perfume still flecks the boneyard.

The Sleeping Potion
Syrup of fig and a good shot of narcotic, a slight rind of lime and a deep drag of musk, gray musk like a twilight sleep. Deep and delicious. Reminds me of the papers which used to be burnt as medicine and ended up smelling unearthly good after the smoke cleared.

Snake Dance
Great amounts of apple and coconut milk, a crust of the softest butter crumble combined with a Butterfinger sort of scent,. This will definitely give you the energy you need to go on...with a smile on your face. Gourmandy

So, in memory of those witches I made a potion heavy with sage and floated with sweetgrass but with a magical musk in the background which bears the whole thing up like a night flight. Strong, white-spicy, and having a nice little cache of white peppercorn to it.

Amber and fennel, put together in a thoroughly unexpected way. A real groundbreaking scent. It's such a shape changer that the title "Specter" seems totally appropriate.

Spell 125
Heavy incense belching from the pleading pots surrounding the scene, a great river of black musk and the lighter but top note dank smell of a well used dim place. This perfume is the odor of supplication, fear and hope. It is a bit audacious though.

Spider Juice
Molasses, brown sugar, toasted reductions of cane sugar, the glass-like golden sheet of sugar you get from carefully handled ingredients. It's all there, and the pumpkin, it is definitely there. Add a big shot of peach nectar.

Tart and airy, sweet and unrelentingly foody. Spook does linger in the nicest possible way. Unabashed indulgence and so worth it.

St. Expedite
Sweet sweet candy corn, the kind that you get in places like William Sonoma as well as the kind you get in the grocery store. Add a tiny amount of coconut, and a grain of coriander. Foody perfume at its best. The nicest thing in the candy bag from trick or treat.

A light dusting of cedar powder and an underlayer of sweet myrrh, white pepper, Italian lemon zest, and myrtle. Hawthorn takes off the edge of uneasy unbridled manliness and has the whole settle into a comforting yet masterful mix. An edge of soft brown leather completes the composition. Strong, musky, more masculine than feminine but very strong feminine at the same time. This is almost a chypre but not quite.

A cake dense with sugar crystals which hold up a base of candied ginger slices, a liberal dose of liquor and laid along a vein of candied pink sweet flowers carefully gathered last summer and preserved in the valuable sugar crystals. You cannot resist sweetmeats.

The Thieving Magpie
(Mozart) Pink wintergreen, fruit, spearmint, Bourbon vanilla, and a crystal-white musk. Candy-like but refreshing, not cloying. There is a winsome whiff of clean, cold outdoor air to this which sets it apart. I used the idea of frolicking during Trick or Treat as my inspiration! Gourmandy.

Thoth-The Scribe God
Ibis headed Thoth smells of paper, ink and paint in the most charming way. Barded over with darkest fig and fig paste with a light soupcon of nutmeg and a coat of tarry burnt sugar. Very nice, just slightly foody but very very rich and sumptuously sexy.

Tin Foil Beanie
What does it smell like? Try grape and patchouli wrapped up in a strange and minty wrapper. That is odd and it is oddly appealing. No kidding! It has a bracing unearthly metallic tang to it. Unisex and not your everyday fragrance. Metallic, foody.

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
(Bach). Deep Arabian Black Musk, sadist's leather thongs, a faint incense, a goodly perfume which is subordinated to the whole,. No holds barred sexy stuff in a way which sends out warnings.

By all things sweet and gooey, by everything which is good and sticky, by every item you put in your mouth and it glues your teeth together with warm and lovely stuff. This is your once a year hedonistic TREAT! Delectable. Sweet, foody/gourmand.

Sugar musk and hawthorne, a very small amount of rose, a very powdery amber, and a sort of a sugar haze accord that I make in house. This is for full on seduction and is about 10000% feminine.

Vide Cor Meum
This is something of an experimental fragrance, with a faintly green accord, a very classy sandalwood, osmanthus, and a small amount of ginger. It's edgy and sophisticated, a bit daring, sharp on the top notes but cozies down to a very calming blend when it settles down on the skin.

Void Moon (100% Natural)
A beautiful anise-like perfume with loads of very appropriate items dancing away in the background. Named after the times when the moon is betwixt and between being in zodiac signs, when mischief is supposed to be afoot. Things are forgotten, the wrong people are kissed, surprises happen and not all that is a bad thing! So dare to explore this slightly cockeyed world, it is beautiful. Herbal, resinous, dry.

The Whirlwind of Lust
Black, sticky, ripe fig, cocoa nib liquor, blackest musk, strong almost choking smokey incense, a float of tears of frankincense and a jigger of bourbon.

Very deep, very dark, verging on bitter but with a sweetness which almost makes your tongue tingle from the contrast. Myrtle, a hint of menthol, grey musk, chrysanthemum, and artemisia. Very fall, strangely comforting, a little sad but a nostalgic sort of sadness which goes together perfectly with autumn.

Xuong Cuong
(Vietnamese Tree Spirit). A cold green leaf bats against a ghost wood, a lash of green chlorophyll and crystal musk, a bit of luan wood, and a soft ambient earth scent (but a lightweight earth not a heavy wet soil). Finished off with a great portion of sandalwood and yuzu, the latter adds an air of almost black walnut and nutwood-like nuance to the whole. Cold, green, woody, calming with a good shot of citrus.

The 7 Gates of the House of Osiris
A beautiful amber infused blend with a good spell of labdenum, a subtle incense, and a caramel-like resinous amber which is unlike any that I have ever used before. This is a special blend which is simple but elegant and deep with a sweetish overcast.

A dry masculine and memorable scent featuring a smooth yellow amber, bay, bay wood, a drop of tobacco flower, a very tiny amount of lavender. Dry, very dry, grown up, unisex, prosperous, and business like.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.