Possets Spring Retour Leftovers A-L

Possets Spring Retour Leftovers A-L


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Spring Retour Collection

A Lady In Her Own Right
Neroli with a light kiss of beeswax, and sandalwood to round out things. A drop of myrtle, and a white musk backdrop.

A Prologue
The lightest of spring flowers, the reticulated iris combined with a green hay like grass.

Alchemical Gold
A base of incense - a lighter Chinese blend rather than a richer Indian sort of incense. Combined with cardamom, hawthorn, tagates and a bit of thyme.

White vanilla, Australian apricot and a layer of honey musk.

Alpha Centari
Neroil, linden blossom, have turned up on an unexpected bed of ylang-ylang.

Clove, the smoothness of an exquisite silvered musk, and a drop of Mysore sandalwood, inculcated with a strong infusion of incense.

Hawthorne and black musk combined with woody coconut (!) and an overlay of oude.

Animal Rampage
Blue musk, very sweet jasmine, a hint of anise recalls a seed mixture, and a bed of black musk keeps it all together.

Ara the Altar
Black tarry musk and fragrant burnt oude smoke.

perfumy Madagascar vanilla, smooth Arabian Amber, a hint of bamboo citrus (a very light but present accord).

Apricot, and smoky Tahitian Vanilla (aged to perfection). A very small amount of black tea, and an edge of mahogany essence.

Ethereal musks are the opposite of earthy patchoulis and vetivers...if the two were to collide, what would happen? The best of both worlds if done in the proper proportions.

Green scent, chlorophyll and outdoorsy leafy accords BUT since the real star is actually red I thought a bit of red fruit would go nicely here to leaven out the greeness and bring it all back into perspective.

Blue Shift
Icy edge of violet and mint, a note of hydrangea and a small small amount of sage makes this a lovely combination.

African Musk, Egyptian Musk, and Red Musk, Black cumin and spikenard.

Chloris the Goddess of Flowers
Lilacs, lily of the valley, rose, violet and several flowers which are part of my hedge at home (viburnum being one of them).

Constable's Clouds
Strong sage tea is smoothed by a peachy addition, a bit of sugar evens out the mix.

The prettiest of all jasmines shines with a candy-like background pushing it forward. Feminine, floral, sweet and irresistible.

Cradle Game
Baby powder, hawthorn, a bit of lemon cake, and a whiff of musk (skin musk) and you will probably find this rollicking vernal blend irresistible.

Creative Juices
Nectarine, grey musk mimics a rainy day, a spark of cardamom, and a tiny bit of lime, a drop of parsley gives everything a delightfully fresh edge. Really like a rainy day in April filled with daffodils and tulips (it is) and you are thinking about dusting off that old painting set and capturing the light on the weeping cherry trees. Ravishing.

100% Natural
Vetiver is subtle here, a play of patchouli (which has been aged for about 3 plus years in my studio) and a host of interesting and enticing natural ingredients which I think you will enjoy smelling. Perfumy, citrus.

Crocus Pocus
Saffron, strong and pretty "grey" musk that I make up as a Possets special is featured as a backup to the saffron, the crocus scent has a good shot of greeness.

Cruel Spring
Citrus and lily of the valley.

Abstract purple lilac essence, grapefruit (pink only) with an extra does of the zest. A drop of Hidecote lavender.

Dandelion Fluff
Essence of dandelion mixes with the remnants of the chill lingering in the vernal air (with a nod to a more minty sort of zestiness), a kiss of lemon, a small amount of ambient floral fragrance.

Crystalline musk, a very sharp musk which has no lyrical name, gray musk, and a very modern sort of edgy musk. Top all of this off with a fragrance which reminds me of stone and water on stone.

A man made ambergris combined with pink grapefruit and a l small amount of white musk and an elegant intrusion of saffron. Musky and resinous. Downright dangerous.

Toffee, butterscotch, cream, butter, and a tidal wave of vanilla.

A very dry and unusual green vanilla, a touch of nectar, and a bit of smoke from a fragrant wood fire blend perfectly with the lovely citrus paradisii oil.

Draco the Dragon
Fine Chinese tea and spicewood, a small amount of key lime zest, a bit of lemon pulp.

Easter Grass
The smell of the inside of the Easter Basket combined with what happens when you open the windows on a beautiful beautiful day. Mmmmm, that scent greets you only once a year.

Chlorophyll combined with menthol, and a bit of eucalyptus, an ivy essence, a tiny amount of lime is put in for good measure.

Fibonacci Curve
A Japanese incense, a small amount of vetiver, a fine veil of violet leaf and rock rose.

Final Snow
A bit of mint and a bit of water as it melts away. This one is still pretty wintery but it's starting to be a warm watery scent rather than an icy cold one. Unisex, semi-sweet, watery, refreshing. Minty, dry, herbal.

Fornax, The Furnace Of Love
A strong and almost electric almond, cinnamon, and a really boozy vanilla, a hard shot of musk finishes it off. Very sexy, great for a date night which stretches into a much longer time frame.

A small amount of the finest leather, a tiny bit of tea, a whiff of a basic chypre note.

Golden Section
3 ambers (one honeyed, one dry, and one very sweet and dripping golden).

100% Natural
Perfumy bergamot is combined with glorious rosa damecina trigintepetala (Damask rose), and a hint of rare Australian sandalwood (which is not endangered) and you have pure magic from pure sources.

The bite and sniff of ginger (the best quality) combines with the cold of flitting winter and a kiss of oncoming spring.

Indy 499
Beautiful big fluffy peony scent is married with the flakiest and most tender of pie smells. It's like you walked into some divine Hoosier kitchen and smelled the scents floating in from an open window. Lovely.

Leap Day
Violet which has been discovered blooming at almost the right time of year in a Southern exposure and brought indoors to stay in a vase. To contrast, the scent of new mown hay insinuates itself into the mix to remind you that 6 months from now you will be admiring the golden bounty of summer. The combination is heady but secret, like the hope for real warmth in the face of ice ice ice.

Lethal Cocktail
Bitter almonds, cucumber and a very woody vanilla go hand and hand with patchouli. Resinous and foody at the same time.

Libra the Balance
The most sophisticated of rose essences and the most animalic of patchoulis. There is a drop of sandalwood and a tiny bit of lemon for zest.

Grapefruit with counterpoints of sage and cedar.

White Amber, white oude, white (sharp) musk, a small small amount of a water accord, a tobacco flower background, a small amount of silk fragrance. It's really a beauty.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=2.3dram bottles and hold the same amount of oil as 3 vials.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.