Possets Summer Retour E-K Leftovers

Possets Summer Retour E-K Leftovers


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Possets Summer Retour


Earth Touch
Of course, the scent of earth should be in there but I wanted to combine it with the beauty of sandalwood to make it into a symphony of volatile but calming fragrances. There are three different sandalwoods which twine together in this blend. This is a perfume for cool and dark earth lovers.

Envious Pink
It is pink, but with a sharp undertone of the sour, just like the real thing. Pink sugar and a good sharp shot of lime combine with a surprising sting of nettle that settles down to an almost marshmallowy dry down. There is enough interest here to play with for hours, though. Not just another foody fragrance which outstays its welcome, but a changing and evolving thrill which brings out the insatiable in you.

Strong and aromatic, Etna is a powerful blend of grey and crystal musk, a musk I put together which I call 992 and packs a real punch. It's hard to say whether this one is super hot or super cold, like a burn can confuse your sense of touch. To be sure it is alluring as hell and I named it after the famous volcano for a reason.

Evil Eye
Pungent cleansing ginger, smoke from the sacrificial fire laden with tears of frankincense and copal, all this as a propitiation of the gods against the Evil Eye.

Named after the turquoise blue ceramic that the Egyptians were famous for, Faience rings with cool blue notes which warm up to a through sexy on your skin. Again a light and almost Chinese incense is a high feature of the blend. Spicy and resinous.

Fiorie di Profumo
Acacia with its honey scent, neroli, the whiff of lime and the artful addition of a bit of linden blossom to hold the whole together. A bouquet perfume held together with the lime juice. It is a tremendously classy and elegant perfume, perfectly pitched for summer yet with that honey note which will carry it through to the first chilly days of fall. A real beauty and the flower of perfume.

Heavy with a remarkable musk called musk nitro, part of the components of this blend are relatives to TNT! No kidding. This is a totally non-explosive blend of perfumes, it only has a punch in the way you smell. Dark and sultry, very subtle and long lasting. It's a night time fragrance which packs a very sexy punch.

Flying Horse
(Chinese Bronze) Bamboo (green cool and delightful) combined with grated ginger. A background of green tea and luan wood. This is a very oriental blend of high keyed ingredients tending to the green side of the scent spectrum rather than the golden earthier side. Buried deep in the mix is a white floral note which is necessary to keep the mix from becoming too bracing.

A dash of pomegranate, lemon, and a strange mead made from the extravagant honey of Malta. Utterly captivating and is said to have been the cause of a great many babies born in the Mediterranean. No claims for its aphrodisiac properties. But...

Fig layered with creamy fig, a shot of astringent fig, with a captivating fig musk, set against a backdrop of deepest fig - fruity, sensuous, suave, unisex, foody.

Garcia Lorca
Lime (a sublime lime, too...zest and juice) and smooth amber, laced with bamboo sap; finished off with green tea, a grassy white amber, and Mysore sandalwood. Sharp at first but beautiful, carrying the promise of a mellow drydown. The grass element asserts itself and has a great many similarities to lime. Though there is not black pepper in this, it has an aspect which reminds me strongly of black pepper.

Gelato: Blood Orange
When the wonderful Sicilian Blood Oranges give up their essence to become gelato, the world swoons.

Gelato: Pistachio
A ubiquitous flavor of gelato, and not at all like the pistachio ice creams in America this one has the suave character of roasted nuts, a dusting of great spices, and a rich thick bed of cream upon which to lounge.

Gelato: Profound Lavender Chocolate
Lavender and chocolate are fully explored in one gelato store which I will remember forever. Not sweet just glorious.

Gelato: Riso des Anges
For sugar and carb nuts, this famous Italian flavor celebrates rice and sugar in ways too sinful to recount. Just the utter bliss of cream and that indescribable feel of carby goodness.

Gelato: Stracciatella
A wonderful creamy vanilla gelato is drizzled with a dark bitter dark chocolate and left for just a few seconds.

Gelato: Strawberry from Syracusa
You have not lived until you taste the strawberries in Sicily. Crush them and add them to gelato and the scent and taste is so glorious, your mortal body can scarcely contain the pleasure. Very fresh and not cloying at all.

Ginger lime Granita
Three kinds of ginger mix and marry with sprightly lime and icy cold fragrance. This is a fairly tart scent, one that will make you feel cosseted. It is simple yet elegant, long lasting and just right in strength.

Girl With A Watering Can
(Renior) This one smells like a French tarte which is based on a shortbread crust and filled with a custard and topped with Bavarian creme. A handful of coconut has been tossed on top of that. Honestly, it's a foody gourmandy delight.

A simple confection of pink rose petals, simple syrup saturated with a sophisticated but delicious vanilla, and a wisp of musk to keep it going on your skin.

Hay Wain
(Constable) Grapefruit meets lily of the valley, skin musk, white wood vanilla (not at all cupcake vanilla), and crystal musk. I think this one is a glorious thing which is dignified, sophisticated, and amazingly sexy all at once.

Rich, golden, flowery, almost too much but then just right. I was thinking about Maltese honey when I made this one, the finest honey I have ever tasted and smelled. Yum! Yum!

(Bosschaert the Elder) Fabulous linden blossoms, smooth neroli (both huge favorites amongst Possets fans and for good reason). Frangipani and plumeria and finally, an essence which is well loved in Ohio, fringe tree. A great infusion of soft yet persistent white/skin musk and a kiss of the greenery which knits it all together. This is a melody of white flowers which are in abundance in June and dreamt of for the rest of the year.

In Gallarus
(Seamus Heaney) A path of buzzing blooming fuchsias alive with bee traffic, to read the tiny praying house. Gallarus Oratory is what it is like to be there. A cold yet cozy perfume with a waft of a turf fire in the distance, the sea lapping at the shore below, and the fragrance of stone. Remarkable in its chill, but also somehow familiar. Sophisticated, dry, unisex.

Jardin di Principio
Olive blossoms, cupped old roses, waxy white magnolia, and a hint of clove streaming out of the kitchen or was that a flower which was a clovelike blossom. Mixed with the scent of earth and the scent of water on limestone with moss. Cooling and refreshing floral!

Black fig, oakmoss, copal incense, black amber. Sultry and hot skinlike. Spicy and resinous.

My interpretation includes fig (black and pungent), sweet flag (iris) , ground spices, a small amount of fennel Caution: possible irritant for those with tremendously sensitive skin. Spicy, fruity, resinous. 


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8dram bottles and hold the same amount of oil as 3 vials.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.