Possets Summer Retour L-R Leftovers

Possets Summer Retour L-R Leftovers


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Slonks, chonks, and Fulls are not available out of season.

Slinks = .74 ml vials
Slonks = .92 ml bottles
Chonks = 2.3 ml bottles
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Possets Summer Retour


Lapsang Souchong
Smoky gunpowder tea prized by the Chinese for centuries. Deep dark black tea which is smoked to dry and flavor it. This is strong and full throated, dark and passionate almost musky.

Leaves of Grass
(Walt Whitman) This perfume perfectly captures the idea of Leaves of Grass...outdoors in lazy summer, loafing and enjoying the day rather than grinding out work. The essences of glorious chlorophyll is here, plus a bit of ozone and earth. Crush a blade of grass and this is it, but better.

Leda and the Swan
(DaVinci) Red and perfect strawberry juice with a goodly background of the green frill of the berry, a new and green earthy patchouli, a little fig to sweeten the mix, a background of white musk. Foody and fruity, musky and resinous.

Les Fleurs du Mal
(Charles Baudelaire) Sage and a papery essence which tempers the sage and makes it less sharp, a bit of lime, a cast of honey, a fist full of sea salt to represent tears.

Sweet and pure, the hypnotic flower of the lotus floating on the surface of a placid lake. Black lotus and a small amount of aquatic musk, a good flavor of coconut here combines with the backdrop of a very light bamboo. Very peaceful and yet vivid.

Lotus of the Nile
The lotus is the prime fragrance in the bouquet, but it is followed by bits of roseate beauty, a sort of dark incense which has been winnowed through the air, and faint aquatic background scent. This is a wonderful floral, if I may say so, really has more depth and character than most flower based scents, isn't cloying and is fresh.

Luncheon On The Grass
(Manet) Possets celebrates the Luncheon in the Grass with tea, lemon curd, biscuits, a bit of melon and a good whiff of grass and just a very small gust of skin musk. Very modern and very alluring.

Madame X Squared
White ginger hides behind a veil of wheat blossoms. Deep white musk holds down the blend while a float of sunflower pollen binds it all together. Lemony but with no lemon in the blend, it is a great summertime fragrance. The miracle of Madame X Squared is that it is very light but very persistent.

This perfume is an amazing tour de force featuring one of the most beautiful melon fragrances anywhere with a lovely neroli. The requisite lemon and Mediterranean jasmine which only blooms around June. Strong, complex, sexy as hell, slightly sinful (OK, very sinful). This one is redolent with osmanthus, incense, and distant orange groves in full bloom.

Mayan Queen Bloodletting Sacrifice
Incense smoke, copal resin, red fruit rich in iron scent, and the background of cacao and jungle atmosphere of greenery. Resinous, smoky, incense, green, and dry.

To celebrate the loveliness which Medusa lost Possets has come up with a coconut fragrance which is latticed throughout with a kiss of olive blossom, a hint of myrtle, and a very small amount of stone.

Mint Tea
Now you might think that this would result in a straight cup of minty tea however, the heat performs an act of alchemy and all sorts of nuances come curling out of the mint leaves. There is a sort of grapefruit smell in there, a hint of camphor and a tiny bit of a part of honey (not honey but a part of the scent of honey).

Morning Walk
(Gainsborough) The deep greenery of a shady dell, an accord which is the jetty side of chlorophyll, combined with the scent of green tea brewing and a goodly waft of coumarin from a blooming sweet woodruff. There is a musky undertone to all this green and a dry edge to it all which lends a refreshing quality.

Blue musk rides on a cloud of gentian, a small amount of sage and a hint of blueberry. Very refreshing yet stimulating.

A dry amber base with a lilt of grape (a symbol of success) and a drop of skin musk. Somewhat close to the body, long lasting, suave, calming.

Myrtle of Venus
Peach, apricot, myrtle, grey (seafoamy) musk. Lyrical and beautiful, simple, pure and serene.

Cool green tea and pearly pink berries, a touch of lemon zest and a big swath of grey musk. Cool yet sexy and charming. Perfumy, somewhat gourmandy, musk.

A cool almost stone-like fragrance with a kiss of mint in the topnote to start it off with all intention of cooling down your fevered brow. A garland of spikenard and cold water finish it off to perfection. Aquatic, herbal.

(Manet) Three white musks, hawthorne, a sweet-cold musk, and a hint of civet. This is an exceptionally harmonious blend, perfumy, sweetish without being sugary. Innocent with an edge, like a sly little thing. Musky.

Orange Pekoe Tea
The classic zesty tea everyone starts out with and never tires of. You can smell the deep dried tea leaf here. A bit of ambient outdoor air always is a hallmark of good orange pekoe tea for me. Calming and lovely, very uplifting like a true cup.

Pendant Mask
(Iyoba, Nigeria) The deep feminine dignity of tuberose and gardenia combine gracefully with pure frankincense, drop of sandalwood and Green African musk. Oriental, floral.

Pomegranate Sorbet
Pomegranate and ice blasted with the coldest mint and thickest of tutti fruit sweets. Surprisingly astringent but oh so lovely.

Portrait of Jane Small
(Holbein) This is a deep summer peach scent which opens with the awakening properties of the peach pit (it tastes like bitter almond and smells that way because it is full of cyanide so don't eat one). Then the succulent, sweet summery smell of peach comes blooming out of the blend. There are actually three sorts of peach scents in here, and a couple of secret pushing fragrances which will bring the whole into a divine peach feel, as well as a skin musk. Foody and fruity and luscious.

Portrait of Mrs. Abington
(Reynolds) Buttery chocolate cake with white frosting and a filling of the best Bavarian cream. Plain and simple a sweet sweet indulgence.

Punch and Cookies
t's sweet and fruity and sticky and great. Combined with those lacy, perfectly browned, butter kissed cookies and you have something you are going to want to hoard.

Put the ___ in the ____
Lime, coconut, booze, yum. It had to be done because it's summertime. Simple and succulent.

The tangiest and most strawberried and rhubarbed goodness is the perfect counterpoint to a flaky and buttery crust thoroughly crunchy with extra vanilla and such exquisite bits of sugar crystals forming in the tart heart of a perfectly spiced confection.

Red Tea
(Roobios) I have made this a very dry blend with the true fragrance of the dried rooibos leaf. The "redness" is there but manifests itself in a very insidious way throughout the perfume.

Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8dram bottles and hold the same amount of oil as 3 vials.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.