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Possets Summer Retour


A plate full of fruits which are being offered to some towering god amidst a swirl of incense. Watermelon and incense are the primary pieces of this perfume. Fruity and spicy.

I put in several different sorts of figs in this fragrance in order to capture the right balance of sweet, dark, and elixir. There is a small amount of lychee here to save it from being too heavy.

Sea Of Ice
(Fredrick) Another aquatic base is frozen into a sculpture by way of mint, lime, birch, and green tea ice cubes. Put this on and be refreshed, it's like a sharp spray of 31 deg water.

Serqet The Scorpion Goddess
A golden musk, somewhat similar to the lead musk in 301, is put playfully together with a zest of Meyer Lemon, a sharp drop of crystal musk and a distant hint of pink pepper corn. A hint of green tea rounds out the presentation of Serqet. Spicy and resinous.

Ship of Fools
I have started off with the tang of the sea and added a bit of refined leather to get things started, a roll of key lime zest and a goodly portion of faux ambergris. This is a very nice aquatic with an edge of leather and fruit which somehow combine to make a jolly, boisterous blend which is just perfect for summer!"

100% natural. Ginger of the very best kind is combined with Yuzu, and it all starts out with a goodly shot of sparkling Meyer Lemon.

Sicilian Bride
Candied cherries of the most aromatic variety, a drop of banana for the thrill of its volatility.

Sicilian lemon mingles with oakmoss which vamps to galbanum, which flirts with yuzu. Strangely refreshing for such a passionate blend.

This is granulated sugar just as you remember it as a kid. It is so real it almost crunches. Heady, pretty, and realistic.

(Wateau) 100% Natural Bergamot from Sicily, and with Sicilian Blood Orange and American Clementine. Sicilian lemons and finally American Spearmint.

(Van Gogh) A thick honey base, drawn over with the fragrance of the green stem and a whiff of pollen, a background of saffron, and the distant perfume of a hidden woodland white flower. Very sexy.

Exceptionally cool with a light kiss of olive leaf, a blend of three blue musks (from light to dark and a mid tone one), a bit of cork extract, a small amount of osmanthus. Very dry and pretty and perfect for summer.

The Crown of the Serpent
Rich, spice filled yet deeply resinous this blend is riddled with copal, thick labdenum and a smooth Dragon's Blood which makes it a perfectly exotic deep and alluring serpentine fragrance. Spicy and resinous.

The Crown of the Vulture
Tears of frankincense and tears of myrrh, lovely ambers made from several different recipes, exotic patchouli (just a kiss of it to keep all the other components together), a bit of copal and spikenard for backbone. As dark and velvety as an Egyptian night. Spicy and resinous.

The Dutchess of Alba
(Goya) Cardamom brought from half way around the world on the superb Spanish trading ships, black pepper once so desired and dear of price, and ginger with the fierce hot crackle. You can imagine the passion of the Duchess in the face which Goya loved. A touch of grape, a pinch of saffron and turmeric. Spicy, foody, musky.

The Eye of Horus
Starting out with tears of incense combined with a black labdenum and finished with a strong portion of black amber (which I consider a golden sort of black amber). Very beautiful and simple yet exceptionally attractive. Spicy and resinous.

The Flower
(Alexander Pushkin) 5 white musks form the foundation. Very romantic with the sophistication of modern musks combined with the earthy antique scents of old Russia. White sage, Russian lavender, stachys, and artemisia.

The God of Olives
A lovely rendition of olive blossom (osmanthus) combined with pure bergamot, smoothed over with a beautiful sweet musk of some intensity.

The Great Clod
Fig, earth, Pomegranate, greenery all dance together in happy harmony, a hymn to fertility and loveliness The Great Clod is one of the most graceful of summer creations. A lovely perfume. Fruity, earthy, foody.

The Inferno
(Dante Alighieri) Bitter almond (the scent of cyanide) is the top note, darkest sticky black musk is the deepest basenote. Spices like: nutmeg and cinnamon and clove are caught in the middle, while there is a jolt of capsicum (part of the nighshade family) from the depths licking up. Black oude lurks in the background.

The Magnificent Red Rose
The best rose fragrance I have come up with yet. I have been playing with this one for a number of years and am well pleased with this version and so the name. It's far more than a single note, and with a good deal more depth and character than any other rose fragrance I have smelled.

The Panties of Ptah
The sweetest mangoes, peaches and melons combined with 'nard and amber. Gourmandy, fruity.

The Persian Melon ("The P--- Melon" as paypal flags 'Persian'.)
It took some doing but I managed to tease cucumber into becoming a fruit of the Earth sort of a smell, and the melon is the kind of melon my dad used to grow on the farm, it's a cross between the All American cantaloup and the ancient and breathtakingly beautiful Persian variety. Of course, there are other Possety things in there as well to keep it from becoming dull. A beautiful lilting clean scent perfect for summer. Characteristics: fruity, bold, melon, summery, cooling.

The Rubaiyat
(Omar Khayyam) The rich resins of the Levant mingle here in sweet desire. High keyed resins which represent the modern Eastern tastes in perfumery. Bakhoor smoke and gentle carnation mix with white oude and a very black musk. A drop of majmua. Sexy, resiny.

The Swing
(Fragonard) The pinkest of pink creations. Raspberry and frothed vanilla milk, add a blush of peach and you are the toast of the court. Foody, frilly, sweet, and fabulous."

The Water Burns
(Beowulf) Essence of earth and high greenery--a hint of smoke but smelled from far away, boxwood, galbanum, and a light hint of Mysore sandalwood. Green, dry, herbal, smokey.

The Windmill at Wijk bij Duurstede
(Ruisdael) Marine vanilla (yes, I actually constructed this and it's beautiful), with an oakwood accord, silk accord, and two golden ambers. Dry and sophisticated and somehow resinous despite its aquatic parent.

A fruity blend combining the fun of strawberry munching with a bit of melons (which turtles do love as well). grapes, Watermelon, and a hint of tomato leaf. It's a pretty, zesty, summery, uplifting blend which should stay with you.

A complex blend of several ambers with a bit of arbor vitae and a hint of a green musk which is one of the least volatile and most soothing musks I have ever encountered. In addition there is a bit of rose leaf (not the blossom) which I have added to Tranquility to make it an exceptionally appealing blend, very "friendly" and positive.

Tres Riches Heures
(The Limbourg Brothers) The indulgence of sweetmeats and buttery crusts and the finest zesty fruits (in this case the most perfumed apricots). The lightest dusting of spice to give it depth. Rich, foody and oh so delicious.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8dram bottles and hold the same amount of oil as 3 vials.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.