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Lola Montez
Irish grass accord, a deeply green aquatic note, dark and thick laudanum and a tonka infusion with a very small amount of an animalic musk.

Love Amongst The Snow Dunes
Mint and lilac rolling around in snow dust with a shot of citron and an underpinning of smooth deep white musk.

An opening of bitter almond to remind you of cyanide, this slithers down in to deep very dark red fruity midsection which has much in common with a narcotic drought or the leis of port wine, the mixture is topped off with labdanum for character, and a wonderful strong and assertive musk in the background.

Madame duBarry
Rosewood, galbanum, a kick of amber, a small amount of green cardamom, a bit of lemon zest and lime zest.

Mary Queen of Scots
Heather and buttery shortbread and the very air of the Scottish moors.

Mata Hari
A base of dark Indian Patchouli, sticky black vetiver, true Black Musk with a very smoky edge, several threads of fine saffron.

Michelangelo and Tommaso dei Calaliere
The most sweet of sugar, honey, brown sugar, and a touch of fig fresh from the tree at full ripeness.

Miss Chudleigh
Cucumber, mint, and lime.

Mit Schlagöver
100% Natural. Exotic clove with Indian Jasmine blossoms combine with a kiss of golden vanilla and dried flowers.

My Lover's Lips
Three apricots drizzled over with 5 vanillas to make a seminal and delightsome sugar crust on sweet tart fruit with hints of hawthorne, and a bit of moss.

Perpetual Motion Heart
The driest vanilla ever with a distinct brass note! An infusion of luan wood extract, a small amount of copra, dry vanilla liquor, a white agar note, and hellebore.

Pink Corset
Skin musk, vanilla bean liquor, a slight tang of steel, and a mist of pink lily. 

Plantagenet Review
A small amount of cypress, a veiled musk, and a bit of black pepper.

Pneumatic Lover
Precious woods and brass, exotic spice and earthy florals.

Portrait of Christina of Denmark
I have to say that it is the essence of stone, with an extreme mineral facade. There is a beautiful animalic side to Christina which is prettied up by a goodly portion of styrax and grey musk. Stunning, musky, and sexy in a dignified way (if you can imagine that!).

Rhett and Scarlett
'Confederate' jasmine, dark red rose are sweet as sugar, a drop of Northern violet (as a tribute to Mr. Butler), and a bit of spilled sweet tea. Rhett and Scarlett escape being cloying and end up being daring and sexy. Unforgettable!

Riding St. George
A very nice bit of leather bounces off a bouquet of black vanilla, iris, and chypre.

Victorian rose, snow, and greenery. An aquatic floral with a huge whiff of mint.

Romping Skyclad
Fir and patchouli are its main themes, with a great lashing of crystal musk as a base from which to launch. Sassy and lasting, glorious and heady. Resinous.

Roses Are Red
Red roses and blue violets.

Black and African, myrrh, frankincense, cedar, ivory musk, green coffee pulp extract, and a very light light misting of black Mexican vanilla.

Aromatic sage combined with myrtle (Sicilian), Two kinds of cardamom and a subtle swath of golden amber to take the hard edge off the blend. Zesty and creative, the marriage of opposites. What emerges keeps the character of the ingredients but combines to present an almost perfumy blend.

Sassy Candy Heart
The Possets interpretation of THOSE hearts, sugary but piquant, with a smattering of some old fashioned flavoring that you know but you can't name.

Silver Incense
Silver base together with three smokey components.

Silver Leather
Possets' silver base meets up with strong leather and the two live happily ever after.

Silver Pomegranate
Sweet and bitter pomegranate with Possets' silver base.

A spa-like note (something like the next generation of The Vert, with a middle section of rose to keep the whole together) a sweet balsam, an small amount of honey. The perfect balance between volume and intensity

Head clearing peppermint, burled walnut, black walnut leaves, angelica, a tot of grapefruit, and grapefruit zest. This is an almost fruity blend of menthol-like aromatics which have combined to make a blend with a very snappy and sharp edge. Don't let that fool you, Sparks has a stingingly fresh and minty start but simmers down to a clean and snugly aura when dry.

A lovely Indian jasmine combines with a hawthorn/roseate mid note, a surprise of nutmeg, the zest of Sicilian lemon rind, and a shot of yuzu. Surprisingly sharp wet, snuggles down to a highly compelling spice-sweet totally in keeping with the season. Somewhat floral but mainly sweet spice.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis= 5/8dram bottles and hold the same amount of oil as 3 vials. Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume. As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.