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Possets Valentines Retour T-#
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Jasmine, patchouli, red musk, oude, and a very playful drop of lemon zest.

Tea With Mr. Rosedale
The most lovely jasmine tea, cream, and a sandalwood tray.

The Arrow of Love
Sandalwood, sweet oude, golden amber, a touch of mint leaves.

The Creative Draught
100% Natural. Clary sage, bergamot and other citrus essences with a bit of rose geranium, thyme and the merest smear of myrtle. 

The Fruits of Heaven
With the fragrances of distilled fruit mixed with the base of crystalline musk. Muak and lime pulp. A drop of yuzu and a kiss of a second peppery musk.

The Hairy Star
Sparkling sharp musk nips along with a hint of lavender and a dollop of grapefruit zest.

The High Born Damsel
There isn't anything more refreshing and tingling good than a dark chocolate mint.

The Jester
Chocolate covered cherries with marzipan.

The Kiss
The sweetest tuberose, honeysuckle, and a drop of gardenia then all brought together with a delightful infusion of sandalwood and a tiny amount of cedar.

The Knot Ring
Musk and lime, a small amount of salt and a drop of clary sage for a safe and serene sleep.

The Queen Of Love And Beauty
Indian and Australian Sandalwood, clear pomegranate musk, sweet amber and such a light amount of lavender that you won't know it's there.

The Romance of the Bees
Based on Fabian’s favorite candy, Honeycomb Crisps. When questioned about this scent, Fabienne provided a link to the candies that prompted this.

The Trobiaritz
Grey musk starts off as a base, with clementine as the top note and artemesia in the middle (actually it's an infusion of artemesia so it won't be too strong and just provide a bit of unsweet background. I add a bit of perfumy fig (not a brown fig accord, this one is very perfumy) and voila, you have a beautiful strong and lovely blend which is somehow dignified and sexy at the same time.

The Velvet Riding Habit
A simple and alluring blend of the most beautiful of rose and the most sexy of leather.

The Virgin
The slightest kiss of clove mingles with honeyed cakes.

The Wickedest Idea of All
Wintergreen and butter, most bitter chocolate enrobed in vanilla bark with the smallest whiff of gum in there.

The 13th Love Note
Red musk, patchouli, a classic blend of several resins (known as a shamama), a bit of African Musk.

(Trim) Frilly Garters
A very mellow apricot and a spicy buttery oil followed by just the tiniest dot of 'green' smell, and a very small amount of cocoa 'liquor'.

Tussy Mussy
Violets, winter blooming witch hazel, a hyacinth, primrose, and a sprig of thyme taken from the kitchen windowsill.

Valentine Surprise
Chocolate, bacon, and roses. If there is more to Valentines, it doesn't count. I made this as a jest, but it really smells good! Silly, gourmandy pleasure.

Venus and Mars
Imagine a post coital repose of woody black pepper paired with cheeky pink peppercorns, and gloss of green musk, a shot of hot sticky jasmine, and the barding over of thick golden amber.

Venus of Willendorf
100% Natural. Palmarosa and clementine with a hint of champagne!

Victoria and Albert
The rose of England, the resins of India, with the woods of Germany to equal a sexy and yet happily conventional perfume which magically has the power to set your heart racing in the properest and least controversial of ways!

Viking Queen
Cloudberries, a hint of her leathern firkin, a bit of fig, hawthorn, and a light but anchoring musk.

(Virginia Oldoini) Countess of Castiglione
A fabulous Blue Lilac accord with a touch of white hawthorne, and three white musks.

Well Bred
The straight essence of a rich uncomplicated but highly refined tea combined with the ineffable splendor of a simple green and refreshing heartnote.

A shot of the same divine osmanthus I used for Temptation BUT there is a clever use of nicotiana flower (a popular staple in perfumery and not toxic at all) and a very small note which smells like wet stone which I find unexpected and captivating. Perfumy.

William and Matilde
Chypre, essence of pollen, sage. 

1000 Roses
High centered blood red hybrid teas, tiny baby pink polyanthas, stately grandifloras (yellow), English roses with quatrefoil cups and subtle apricot color.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis= 5/8dram bottles and hold the same amount of oil as 3 vials. Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume. As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.