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Possets Yule Retour 

Pachebel's Canon
Vanilla, orange, and sandalwood are the three main ingredients in this perfume.

100% Natural Clary sage, bergamot, Italian lemon, orange, and geranium.

A high keyed and thrilling blend which takes all the spine-tingling background of spikenard, and puts in a clip of camphor, loads it over with black amber and then frosts it with just enough sweet copal to make it very nice indeed, despite it's obvious powers tending to frenzy.

Pas des Deux
White amber, frankincense (one with is quite feral and one which is very classic), a very light brown musk, a small amount of hawthorne...and now you have a beautiful classic.

Patas de Aragna
Black pepper for piquancy, lemon for zest and deep musk for the deep feelings the spider engenders.

Peppermint Pig
This one isn't really just peppermint at all! I just liked the name. A dusting of cinnamon and clove, a background of fresh cut greens and their bark. This one makes me smile every time I wear it.

Pink Festivus
Raspberry and red fruit play nicely and the intrusion of a smooth myrrh resin seals the scent for a heavenly waft which will lift your spirits and make you irresistible.

Pizza per Colaziione
Another of the wicked foodies, how about a bit of pizza pie for breakfast? Heh, if you missed out on the limited version of this one from a fast food company, trust me, my homemade version is better. Quite Sicilian and with a bit more spice and spunk than they have (and not alcohol based, either). I think you will be amused.

Plenary Indulgence
Strong and sweet, the ineffable scent of lilacs combined with a whiff of smoke, knit together with a shot of resin.

100% Natural Citrus and spices, a studded orange tied with a very fancy ribbon and hung so all can see and smell the wonderful scent. Fresh from the creation table and zesty as only citrus in winter can be. This one is unexpectedly beautiful and I want you to see what I mean! Every year I make up a new batch and this year I can smell a slight hint of resin dancing in the background. I guess that is a theme. Fruity, spicy, foody, gourmand.

Cinnamon and light cassia start with the tang of cherry and a backdrop of brown musk and a particular hay-amber which is just comforting as well as able to convey the strength of such beings. comes off as being almost floral but almost leathery at the same time.

Primum Mobile
Lavender (Hidecode and Himalayan)strike an adventurous beginning note. White thyme and Tuscan sage make a perfect picture of the world outside our cozy 21st century biosphere.

Pumpkin Pepys
All of the pungent wit of pumpkin combined with the keen gourmandy goodness of huge fuffy marshmallows, vanilla, and just plain old forbidden stickiness.

Pumpkin Pie
It captures the actual flesh of the fruit and lovingly slides it in place with spices which compliment rather than cover up what it is. Not at all sharp but foody, very strong and hypnotic, the soul of autumn in a bottle. I am awfully proud of this fragrance. The crust is a special one, made more like cake than an ordinary pie crust, it is a charming (and clever) accompaniment to the whole.

Putti Riot
So feminine with pink and white musks, so dangerous with hawthorn, so seductive with a thick hard coating of sugar shell.

The sweet smell of freshly baked cookies, a pot of peach marmalade, and the swirl of frankincense just to stick it all together. Just made lovlier by a dusting of Eastern spice powder.

A fragrance which I bring back every year at this time because people do love it. This one reminded me so strongly of an afternoon before Xmas when my mother and I had lunch at Woodward & Lothrop's tea room in downtown Washington, D.C. We had finished our shopping and the tea room smelled so delightfully of all things festive and good. Big hit every year and back again in the very same form. Foody, fruity, gourmand.

Ride of the Valkeries
MUSK! Wild, strong, mad, berserk! Like a quick trip with the girls themselves. Crystalline musk thunders with a musk I blend myself (very strong and heavy sharp stuff, like crystal musk but more aggressive), a faux ambergris (no whales were harmed or even annoyed to make this), and a shot of witch hazel.

Rose Window
The literal interpretation of "rose" and incorporates the most beautiful of the rose accords I have. Also, there is a rich and comforting blanket of tealike resin and spice notes.

The Ruined Reputation
Starts out as a strong part of spice and carnation and then slides into a wonderful almost foggy crystal musk.

The Russian Dance
Gingerbread, cinnamon, coriander, with pink sugar crystals.

Sacred Smoke
A wonderful new sort of incense with sandalwood, fragrant burning oude, a hiss of clove essence, and a bit of burning green bamboo.

Sahelian Kingdom
Coco butter and African Musk combine to form a particularly refreshing combination, a small amount of chocolate liquor (not at all like the chocolate you are used to...it is a volatile and yet emollient blend).

Santa Fart
Santa Fart-Ho ho ho phfffft! Yep, it's back again from last year. Santa Fart takes the "fart base" and adds a buttload of Christmas cheer. It's a funny fragrance, one that you just can't stop feeling like you have got to giggle when you smell it. Back from 2006, and just as pungent as previously. Honest, it smells good! Foody/gourmand, fruity.

Galbanum, myrrh and tansey, a small amount of calendula and a very tiny bit of freesia.

The Sea Of Turning Love
Magnolia and plethora with backdrop of calendula and tuberose confront ambergris and sea spray for a hugely romantic blend perfect for your next grand entrance.

Silver Coconut
Milky coconut and the silver base. (Silver base is a dry, creamy sweet vanilla imo ~Angi)

Silver Gardenias
Gardenia and the silver liquor and a tall flute of the finest champagne. (Silver base is a dry, creamy sweet vanilla imo ~Angi)

Silver Licorice
Blackest licorice and the silver base. (Silver base is a dry, creamy sweet vanilla imo ~Angi)

Silver Orange
The tart kind of orange which benefits from association with the sweetness of the silver base. (Silver base is a dry, creamy sweet vanilla imo ~Angi)

A blast of cherry, a swagger of banana and a huge splat of bubblegum.

If you like licorice, and you like it strong---this is the brew for you. 


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.