Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: MARCH

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: MARCH

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The Acrobats
Ignorance isn’t always bliss: dried apricot, russet amber, blackened tea leaf, wild fig, and rum oud.

Cynocephalic Fool with Bladder Stick Giving Jesus a Hard Time
D is for Dog-Face: a Medieval marzipan suffused with frankincense smoke and splashed by sacramental wine.

Dreamer of Dreams
Lavender absolute, indigo champaca, Hojari frankincense, cananga flower, agarwood, soft mosses, labdanum absolute, twilight sandalwood, Bengali oud, lime rind, and a drop of cacao absolute.

Euer Narren lache ich allen, denn nur ihre Kolben tun gefallen
The scent of denial, of looking the other way, of tolerating the intolerable: white peppercorn peering slyly through green tangerine, mandarin, mimosa, and red lotus root.

The Extraction of the Stone of Madness
Not a cell phone in sight. Just people living in the moment. A strangely serene scent: French lavender bud, woodmoss, cypress, amyris, white cedar, labdanum, and bergamot.

Feast of Fools
Control your own fate? You can’t even control your fête! A rollicking scent that upturns hierarchies and flies in the face of conventions: cacophonous red poppy, sweet almond cream, wildflower honey, molasses, gingerbread, scarlet jasmine, red amber, lemon peel, Spanish moss, and black musk.

Fest der Bogenschützen
A meeting of the mindless: trampled grass, crushed apples, and a flash of red currant motley.

Hamlet et les Fossoyeurs
Enter two Clowns, with spades, &c: dried rose petals scattered among funeral cypresses, a splash of sly tonka fougere, tobacco absolute, and charred white sandalwood skulls.

In unserm Brunnen ist ein Nix
River reeds, fen violets, water lilies, starfruit, wild berries, lily of the valley, and climbing roses.

Masala Chai Beard Oil
Assam and Darjeeling tea, milk, and jaggery with a blend of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, pepper, and fennel seed.  (Slinks & Chonks ONLY)

Medieval Fool Breaking the Fourth Wall
Addressing you directly, dear reader, with this important message: NYAHHHH!! Cheeky blackcurrant against a backdrop of scorched goat’s milk, festooned with ribbons of scarlet musk, dried plum, and sweet rose-infused amber.

Mondeken Toe
Harpocrates would never. Peru balsam, dusty leather accord, jingling brazen amber, oakmoss, crushed mint, teakwood, and a coxcomb curl of red musk.

Nyx, Night Goddess
Goddess of phantoms and of shadowy play, whose drowsy pow’r divides the nat’ral day: ink-black opoponax absolute, glittering amber, caramelized oud, black styrax, and Oman frankincense.

Single-Barrel Bourbon, Tobacco, and Clove Beard Oil
With a hint of patchouli root. (Slinks & Chonks ONLY)

An icon of Poland’s history and culture, Stańczyk was King Sigismund I the Old’s court jester at the height of the Rebirth and his wit, intelligence, and eloquence is venerated to this day. His fame and influence – and the mysteries surrounding his life – are such that some consider him a myth. Jan Matejko’s depiction of Stańczyk is lush and shadowed, rife with despair and ill-omen, and so is our perfume: scarlet silk, spiced rose petals, well-worn red leather, Oman frankincense, labdanum, dried cherries, and blackberry wine.

The Storm
Rain-dappled moss, golden silk, and sheer, gossamer vanilla.

Sugared Cardamom Tea Beard Oil
Black tea and roasted cardamom with cream and a dollop of sugar. (Slinks & Chonks ONLY)
Taro Bubble Tea Beard Oil
Taro root, condensed milk, coconut milk, and tapioca pearls. (Slinks & Chonks ONLY)

Touchstone, the Jester
The more pity, that fools may not speak wisely what wise men do foolishly: fig milk, white cedar, white pear, vanilla cream, bourbon sandalwood, clove, honey cake, and sweet musk.

A mermaid’s delight: pearlescent orris butter, polished coral, lilac-blushed choya nakh, ambergris foam, osmanthus petals, salt-crusted driftwood, honey dust, white grapefruit peel, cerulean musk, golden flecks of sea-speckled amber, and bittersweet mimosa.

Wild Fig and Amber Beard Oil
Alluring, sensuous, earthy.  (Slinks & Chonks ONLY)

Worm Moon 2023
A squiggle of red sandalwood and orris chomping into wild chestnuts, oak bark, and fig.

Worm Moon: Bourbon Vanilla and Teakwood

Worm Moon: Chestnut and Rum

Worm Moon: Clove and Pink Pepper

Worm Moon: Purple Fig and Violets Hair Gloss  (Slinks & Chonks ONLY)

Worm Moon: White Sandalwood and Honey Cream

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