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A synesthesia perfume inspired by a color. Pearl white with flecks of shining gold: vanilla, linden blossom, clean cotton, white musk, spicy patchouli, and white amber. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: linden blossom
Mid/Heart: white musk ✦ vanilla ✦ clean cotton
Base/Drydown: white amber ✦ spicy patchouli

A synesthesia perfume inspired by a color. Sapphire ocean blue with flashes of turquoise and glistening white: osmanthus, ambergris, sea salt, ocean water, tuberose, and cucumber. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: sea salt ✦ ocean water
Mid/Heart: osmanthus ✦ ambergris
Base/Drydown: tuberose ✦ cucumber

A synesthesia perfume inspired by a color. Rich crimson with swirls of magenta: black cherries, cinnamon red hots, red carnations, rosewood, red musk, benzoin, and softest suede. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: cherry ✦ cinnamon
Mid/Heart: rosewood ✦ almond ✦ carnation
Base/Drydown: benzoin ✦ suede ✦ red musk

A synesthesia perfume inspired by a color. Dark peachy pink with streaks of parakeet green: peaches, magnolias, carnations, sweet basil, tomato leaf, and violet leaf. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: carnation ✦ basil
Mid/Heart: magnolia ✦ peach fuzz ✦ tomato leaf
Base/Drydown: violet leaf ✦ peach juice

A synesthesia perfume inspired by color (or a lack thereof). Shimmering translucent light: soft palo santo, bright citrus, clear water, cetalox, white flowers, hinoki, and crystalline hedione.
Top/Wet: citrus
Mid/Heart: palo santo ✦ white flowers ✦ hedione
Base/Drydown: hinoki ✦ cetalox ✦ water

A synesthesia perfume inspired by a color. Dark medallion gold with shimmers of brown, red, and yellow: honey, heliotrope, chamomile, lemon, mango, and white amber. [nonvegan, vegan version available at OSMOFOLIA]
Top/Wet: chamomile ✦ lemon
Mid/Heart: mango ✦ heliotrope
Base/Drydown: honey ✦ white amber

A synesthesia perfume inspired by a color. Lush jade green with blots of white and speckles of olive: fresh foliage, galbanum, coconut water, green cardamom pods, and jasmine sambac. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: green leaves ✦ cardamom
Mid/Heart: coconut water ✦ jasmine sambac
Base/Drydown: galbanum

Deeper Than Reason
Powdery violets, lifted by lychee and cardamom, blended into a base of rose, vanilla, and patchouli, with a vintage perfume accord. Inspired by e.e. cummings' poem "yes is a pleasant country". [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: lychee ✦ cardamom
Mid/Heart: violets ✦ rose
Base/Drydown: vanilla ✦ patchouli ✦ vintage perfume

Finally A Star
The glitz of cardamom and sparkling grapefruit stars, outer space ozone, dreamy tuberose, and a ham hock for a head. Inspired by Jack Stauber's song The Ballad of Hamantha. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: grapefruit ✦ cardamom
Mid/Heart: tuberose ✦ ozone
Base/Drydown: ham ✦ guaiacwood ✦ white flowers

A playful romantic scent: rose petals, white chocolate, raspberry jam, cracked black pepper, vanilla bean, patchouli, and clean linen. Inspired by e.e. cummings' poem "may i feel said he". [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: Bulgarian rose ✦ coriander seed
Mid/Heart: raspberries ✦ black pepper ✦ white chocolate
Base/Drydown: vanilla bean ✦ patchouli ✦ clean linen ✦ rose petals

A pair of nobodies: Helmut Lang's beloved molecule velvione and a whisper of genuine white rose absolute. Please note that this fragrance is softer than my other offerings; it is meant to be light enough that others around you may question whether this is simply just the smell of you, rather than the smell of your perfume. Inspired by Emily Dickinson's poem "I'm Nobody! Who are you?" [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: velvet
Mid/Heart: white rose
Base/Drydown: white musk

Ode To Aphrodite
Heady ylang ylang and non-indolic jasmine flower, a swirl of fresh cream, flecks of peru balsam, a handful of clary sage, cured vanilla beans, and smooth white marble. Inspired by both the Venus de Milo statue and Sappho's “Ode to Aphrodite”. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: ylang ylang ✦ cream
Mid/Heart: jasmine sambac ✦ clary sage
Base/Drydown: peru balsam ✦ vanilla ✦ marble

That Of You
Rich coconut cream drizzled over sour passionfruit, velvety purple lilacs and gentle white lilacs intertwined, salty skin and milky musk, with intimate hints of sandalwood and blackcurrant buds. Inspired by e.e. cummings' poem "i like my body when it is with your". [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: passionfruit ✦ white lilac
Mid/Heart: purple lilac ✦ milky musk ✦ salty skin
Base/Drydown: coconut cream ✦ sandalwood ✦ blackcurrant bud

Unto Thyself
The scent of night-blooming jasmine carried by a gentle breeze, twinkling white stars, the gentle rush of seawater through tidepools, sticky watermelon juice, and a bed of driftwood on warm beach sand. Inspired by Miracle Musical's song Isle Unto Thyself. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: grapefruit ✦ jasmine
Mid/Heart: watermelon ✦ seawater ✦ summer breeze
Base/Drydown: driftwood ✦ mitti attar ✦ sand

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