Astrid La Plume Noire

Astrid La Plume Noire

Status: Ordered

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Jasmine sambac, honeysuckle, and strawberry jam.

Vanilla musk, amber, pumpkin muffin, candied cherry, and rose geranium.

Shimmering orange sugar, fir balsam absolute, spearmint, Japanese peppermint, and shea.

Crow's Eye
Neroli, orange essence, cucumber, Oman frankincense, aloe, teak wood, and fern leaf.

El Grajo
Desert sage, prickly pear, cedar, rose, sandalwood, cinnamon, and palm sugar.

Ever So Clever
Pink lilac, double distilled patchouli, beeswax, willow, and bright ginger.

Funeral for a Crow
Soft and secretive rose petals, mourning violets, tonka, myrrh, and golden tobacco.

Gifts Left
Cherry pie, patchouli, amyris, and sandalwood.

A blend of oranges, green clover, lime, and aloe.

Rosewood, mourning violets, shadowy musk, dark patchouli, African geranium, and lemon tea tree.

Huginn & Muninn
Lush Nordic woods, fossilized amber, craggy oakmoss, juniper, dry lavender,  and coastal winds.

La Plume Noire
Black currant, shadowy musk, star anise, black pepper, green mandarin, and jasmine sambac.

Clean bath linens, blueberry jam, and blueberry muffins.
If you are interested in the story behind this perfume, please see the website.

Mischief Maker
Honeydew melon, pink grapefruit, patchouli, apple, lily of the valley, pear, and white musk.

The Morrigan
Golden armored musk, myrrh, amber, vanilla bean, jasmine absolute, benzoin, lemon, gardenia, clove, rose, and patchouli.

Mourning violets, black currant, vanilla, oakmoss, and chamber door accord.

Noir Irisé
Turquoise musk, clover, aloe, blueberry, green cognac, cucumber, peony, white musk, and ivy.

The Ravens & The Tower
Smoked oud, golden amber, lemon, Australian sandalwood, petitgrain sur fleurs, tonka, and rising sun accord.

Early morning mist, pinion pine, pink grapefruit, juniper berry CO2, and tulsi.

Shiny Things
Shimmering ginger, orange blossom absolute, sweet peach, warm teakwood, wild herbs, and glowing mahogany musk.

A cool fougere, lilac, cloud accord, sunshine beaming off feathers, and wind accord.

Trickster Bird
Peach, tobacco, amber, and tonka bean.

Tobacco, vanilla, patchouli, cashmere musk, black tea, clove, amber, and vetiver.

White Raven
Sea spray, white tea, fougere, gardenia, and Egyptian jasmine.

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