ūü§©ūüėė Leftover Samples Drop  ūüėėūü§©

ūü§©ūüėė Leftover Samples Drop ūüėėūü§©

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These are leftover SAMPLES NOT PARTIAL BOTTLES.  All samples "As is", "First come, first serve".  Although there are multiples of many.

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Astrid Sample Leftovers

Falling Stars Slonk
Pastoral Slonk
Rosey Blueberry Preserves Slonk
Faun Slonk
Skip to my Lou Slonk
Lift Slonk
Golden Slonk
Bisou Slink
Dollhouse Slink
Creamsicle Slink
Cafe Zazou Slink
Iced Tea Slink
Eating Caramels in a Graveyard x2 Slink
Eiffel Tower Slink
Pearlescent x2 Slink
Starlight, Starbright Slink
Soleil Slink
Ruffles, Bustles, & Corsets Slink
Whinnies Thirty-Six Slink

Black Phoenix Sample Leftovers # - He
A Nocturnal Visitor Slink
A Torch Steeped in Blood Slink
Abolish ICE Slink
Antonino, the Carny Talker Slink
Arachnina, the Spider Girl Slink
Banana Gingerbread 1/2 Slink
Black Julbocken Alchemy Lab Slink
Boozy Lemon Bars Slink
Carver Wooden Bookstore Slink
Dance of the Nymphs Slonk
Dark Chocolate, Coffee Bean, and Labdanum 1/2 Slink
Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Absolute, Black Pepper, and Bulgarian Rose 1/2 Slink
Dead leaves. Paper, and Smoke Slink
Dia de los Muertos '23 Slink
Dubious Ginseng Formula '24 1/2 Slink
Edible G-String '24 1/2 Slink
Edible Panties 1/2 Slink
Encounter with a Female Ghost 1/2 Slink
Entwined with Swarming Snakes Slink
Eshe, the Vision of Life-in-Death Slink
Exclamations Slonk
Faith, the Siamese Twin Slink
Fig Vulva 1/2 Slink
Final Girl Slink
Forgive Us Our Virtues, Forgive Us 1/2 Slink
Frogberry Moon Slonk
Gooped Familiar Slink
Green Maraschino 1/2 Slink
Hallway to Halloween Slink
Hana No Miyakoji 1/2 Slink
Harvest Moon Love Potion Slink
Headless Slink
Heart Beet Slonk

Black Phoenix Sample Leftovers Hi - Te
Hope, the Siamese Twin Slink
I Sit & Sew Slink
Implacable Beautiful Tyrant 1/2 Slink
Isaac, the Living Skeleton Slink
It's Own Sweet Will is Heaven's Will Slonk
Iulia, L'artiste du Diable Slink
Kataniya, the Clockwork Woman Slink
Knucklebones Slink
L'Heure Verte Slink
Like Ghosts the Shadows Rise and Fall Slink
Lips Full of Lust and Laughter 1/2 Slink
Make a Face Slink
Masked Vulva Slink
Meskhenet, the Vulture Maiden Slink
Midnight on the Midway Slink
Nibble Nibble Gnaw Slink
No Longer Can I Resist 1/2 Slink
O Daughter of Death and Priapus 1/2 Slink
October '23 Slink
Old Moon '22 Slink
Penis Penetrating a Vagina in a Pickle Barrel Slonk
Poet's Hearts Break So 1/2 Slink
Pomegranate, Pink Pepper, & Black Apple Slink
Poolside Slink
Poppies 1/2 Slink
Priala, the Human Phoenix Slink
Pulcinella & Teresina Slink
Pumpkin Trash Bag Slink
Quicken the Soul Through the Blood 1/2 Slink
Roses, Pearls, and Amethysts 1/2 Slink
Roses, Pearls, and Emeralds 1/2 Slink
Ruby Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Rose Petals 1/2 Slink
Santa Doesn't Need Your Help Slonk
Sea-Cucumber Ring, Jewel Balls, Small Dildo 1/2 Slink
Secret Donuts Slink
Serving Gill Slink
Shadow Games Slink
Sister Death 1/2 Slink
Smut '24 1/2 Slink
Snow Moon '24 Slink
Solanine, the Flower Girl Slink
Stormclouds Over the Midway Slink
Sugar Skull '23 Slink
Teapot Full of Angst Slink

Black Phoenix Sample Leftovers The - Z
The Urchins Slink    
Thalassa, the Galapagos Mermaid Slink    
The Best Lies Slink    
The Blockhead Slink    
The Candy Butcher Slink    
The Chapel Slink    
The Desire of Thy Furious Embraces 1/2 Slink    
The Governing Dark's Begun Slink    
The House and the Milk-White Doe Slink    
The Lilies and Languors of Virtue 1/2 Slink    
The Parliament of Monsters Slink    
The Phantom Calliope Slink    
The Shrine Where Sin is a Prayer 1/2 Slink    
The Stormhold Slink    
The Thirst of Unbearable Things 1/2 Slink    
The Worm Shall Revive Thee With Kisses 1/2 Slink    
There Yet Shall be Sorrows 1/2 Slink    
Things are Fine Slink    
Toddler Holster Slink    
Ut Ameris, Amabilis Esto Slonk    
Video Head Cleaner 1/2 Slink
Vintage Frankenstein Blow Mold Slink
Water Tiger Slink
Welcome Unto Thee Slonk
White Chocolate, Orange Blossom, Sugar Crystals, and Champange 1/2 Slink
Witch-Birds Slink
Witches' Currant Cake Slink    
Wrapped in Sable Garments Slonk
You May Have Their Bones but Not Their Souls Slink

Nocturne Alchemy Sample Leftovers
All 2022 unless otherwise marked
Amber Musk Slink
Ammonite IX Slink
Baby Dino Lemon-Lime Sorbet Slink
Banana Flambe Ice Cream Slink
Bastet's Musk Slink
Black Currant Musk Slink
Bourbon Vanille Slink
Cabanilla '23 Slonk
Cinder Vanilla Slink
Crimson/Kashmir Slink
Crimson/Santalum Slonk
Crystalline Slink
Crystalline Slonk
Cuir Musk Slink
Devorzhum Slink
Dragon's Blood Musk Slink
Ember Vanilla Slink
Eternal Anke Plourite Slonk
Eternal Ankh Purpurite '23 Slink
Garnet Slonk
Heliotrope Musk Slink
Honey Musk Slink
Incense Musk Slink
Jasmine Musk Slink
Kobalt Slink
Lilac Musk Slink
Mixican Vanilla Slink
Nag Champa Incense Musk Slink
Neon Vampire '23 Slink
OP Pakhet Slink
Peach Musk Slink
Pink Musk '23 Slink
Pyramid Santalum Slink
Pyramid Vanilla 4 '23 Slink
Rice Milk Musk Slink
Sacred Sage Musk Slink
Smoked Musk Slink
Spook Show '23 Slink
Valentine Sleep Slink
Wood Musk Slink

Poesie Sample Leftovers
Undated are either most recent release or had only one release
A La Reine '22 Slink
Always Time for Tea '22 Slink
Anne of Cleves Slink
Au Vieux Paris Slink
Bijou Slink
Bookish Brew Slink
Cardamom Crush '23 Slink
Cardamom Crush Slink
Cardamon Crush '23 Slonk
Champs Elysees Slink
Christmas Magic '22 Slink
Cleopatra Slink
Coquette 1/2 Slink
Coquette Slink
Country Line Slink
Curandera Slink
Dancing Dolphins Slonk
Demi-monde Slink
French Kiss '22 Slink
Frida Kahlo 1/2 Slink
Golden Hour Slink
Habibi Slink
Habibi Slonk
Invent the Universe 1/2 Slink
Kindness + Mischief Slink
Kitten Chasing Bubbles Slonk
La Vie en Rose Slink
Marche aux Fleurs Slink
Montmartre Slink
Nectar '22 Slink
Nostalgia Slonk
Peach Tiara Slink
Pod Person Slink
Puppy Love Slonk
Rainbow Unicorn Slonk
Resting Witch Face Slink
Rue Saint-Honore Slink
Sandcastle Slink
Solar Witch Slink
Sotnos Slink
Sweet Sleep Slink
The Witch and Her Jinn Slink
We're All Mad Here '22 Slink
Where Most She Satisfies 1/2 Slink
Where Most She Satisfies Slink
White Rabbit '21 Slink
White Rabbit '22 Chonk
White Tiger Slonk
Witches Kiss Slink
Zitkala Sa Slink

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