International Shipping

UPDATED: Jan 19th 2024

Worldwide shipping is currently available to most countries via USPS & UPS.  Ajevie is not responsible for additional paperwork, taxes, fees, and or VAT applied at customs.  We can ship packages UP TO a value of $800 in one shipment.


First Class (Ground Advantage) Packages are limited to a value up to $400 per shipment.  All shipments over $400 will be shipped Priority rate.  Unfortunately, we do not currently the extra hours and hands to track bundle values for you - it is your responsibility to track the value of the bundle you are building. 


Please keep in mind that we are in the middle of a global shipping slow down and we are occasionally seeing stalling on package anywhere from 4-6 weeks.  We are also experiencing incidences of lost packages for the first time in years. Use Package Protection which is available at checkout!! Additional insurance IS available


UK: Due to UK import laws changing with brexit, there is a minimum purchase requirement of £135 for UK customers.  You may still make purchases; however, this means that packages cannot be shipped until the complete value of your package exceeds the point-of-sale collection limit of £135 at which point we can ship your package! Taxes, fees, and or VAT will be collected from you by your country's customs office at the point of entry.  


Why we Cannot/Will not lie about value on customs forms.
- It's a crime. As a small business (a favorite target!) this opens us up to litigation that would 100% put us out of business.

- It invalidates any insurance or protection on the shipment. (not to mention what it does to our liability/business insurance)

- Customs offices do Not have to return a package they suspect is forged - they can choose to simply destroy it or hold it as evidence for pressing charges.

Further Shipping Questions are answered on the FAQ Page


You can use the "Add This Order To..." item to combine multiple Ajevie orders over time to build your package to the required value.  As an active Ajevie customer, you also qualify to use the Ajevie C/O Service for orders at other US indie shops that can be added to your final shipment!

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