Release Statuses

PULP November till Nov 29th

BPAL November Lunacy on Nov 21st

BPAL November Beard & Hair Oil on Nov 21st

Hexennacht November on Nov 22nd

Astrid Winter & Holiday and Grove & Orchard on Nov 24th

Possets Yule Retour on Nov 28th

Morari Winter on November 28th

BPAL Yules on November 28th

Nocturne Alchemy Holiday '23 by Dec 19th

Lucky #9 Wintertide by Dec 19th

PULP October by Dec 21st

Black Hearted Tart Holidays '23 by Dec 22nd

Nui Cobalt Yuletide & the Nutcracker by Dec 22nd

Death and Floral November by Dec 22nd

BPAL Halloween on Dec 8th

BPAL Pile of Leaves/New Weenies on Dec 8th

BPAL CD Acts on Dec 8th

Maple Goodies on Dec 8th

CocoaPink Fall/Winter on Dec 6th (missus some Black Cat in the Pumpkin Patch & Triple Vanilla Dream)

on Nov 30th

Nocturne Alchemy PCs Goblins on Nov 30th

BPAL October 13th/Batty
on Nov 29

Nocturne Alchemy Thoth's Candied Archive on Nov 29

Nui Cobalt Whole Being & Astrology on Nov 22

PULP Fall pt.1 on Nov 22

Sorcellerie Apothecary Dangerous Creatures and Hauntings on Nov 22

Poesie Witches Halloween on Nov 22

Osmofolia Autumn SNs, Autumn Equinox, & Cozy and Dangerous on November 14th

Hexennacht October on November 13th

Lucky #9 Falloween on November Nov 3rd