Osmofolia Reboot

Osmofolia Reboot

- Slinks -

And Life and The Fields
A summer field abuzz with the sounds and smells of life: tonka beans and timothy hay drying in the sunlight, warm amber, bees zooming away from the orange blossoms back to their honeycomb hives, juicy apricots ripening in the heat, and dusty fields of of wild oats and wheat waiting to be harvested. [Nonvegan, vegan option available on request.]
Top/Wet: apricot musk ✦ orange blossom
Mid/Heart: honeycomb ✦ wild oats ✦ wheat fields
Base/Drydown: sandalwood ✦ warm amber ✦ tonka bean ✦ timothy hay

An early morning in the cabin, surrounded by Minnesotan evergreens: herbacious lavender, fresh rain, a cup of black coffee with a splash of vanilla extract, towering white cedar trees, red pine bark, and spindly black spruce needles. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: lavender ✦ black spruce
Mid/Heart: red pine ✦ coffee ✦ vanilla
Base/Drydown: white cedar ✦ rain ✦ coffee grounds

Wispy, painterly cirrus clouds that float high in the sky above: a basket of white lilacs and prim heliotrope, handfuls of juicy blueberries, sugary fluffs of fairy floss (cotton candy), papery orris, freezing cold air, and a painter's empty canvas. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: sugar ✦ cold air ✦ blueberries
Mid/Heart: cotton candy ✦ white lilac ✦ heliotrope
Base/Drydown: paper ✦ orris ✦ humidity

The classic subject of childhood drawings and vivid imaginations, the cumulus cloud: fluffy steamed white rice, baimudan white tea, soft white mimosas, sugared musk, crisp fresh air accord, balsamic vanilla orchid, orris root powder, and petrichor. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: white rice ✦ fresh air
Mid/Heart: white tea ✦ white mimosas ✦ sugar
Base/Drydown: orris root ✦ vanilla orchid ✦ petrichor

Dream Bean
Italian coffee beans, decadent cocoa beans, warm vanilla beans, and seductive tonka beans, with patchouli leaves, ribbons of caramel, and wafts of sandalwood incense. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: coffee beans ✦ cocoa bean
Mid/Heart: tonka bean ✦ vanilla bean
Base/Drydown: caramel ✦ patchouli ✦ sandalwood incense

I And Thou
A tree stands before you in the dappled sunlight. Fluttering birch tree leaves, forest green grass, and pine needles provide the greenness of the forest, while pine, iso e super, cedar, and sandalwood depict the weathered wood, and clary sage, clearwood, and vetiver ground the tree roots. Inspired by Martin Buber's philosophical contemplation of I-Thou relations. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: birch tree leaves ✦ pine needles ✦ forest green grass
Mid/Heart: pine wood ✦ clary sage ✦ iso e super ✦ sunshine
Base/Drydown: sandalwood ✦ vetiver ✦ clearwood ✦ cedar ✦ tree roots

Kissing in The Dark
Did we kiss cause it was dark, or did we mean it? Inspired by Cotton Candy by spill tab. Dreamy cotton candy kisses, tart raspberries puckering petal-soft lips, warm breath hanging in the air of a hazy room, a cold metallic gaze, sticky labdanum, black amber, and the bitter taste of words left unsaid.

Lovers Leaving Hell
Woodsmoke from a dying bonfire, a pair of lit cigarettes under a starry sky, two warm bowls of vanilla rice pudding, and sweet, yearning kisses of cardamom. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: woodsmoke ✦ cardamom ✦ custard
Mid/Heart: smoked tobacco ✦ rice pudding
Base/Drydown: vanilla ✦ caramelized sugar

Low-lying dark nimbostratus clouds and a torrential downpour of rain: black tea, rain-drenched soil, dewy violets, inky vetiver, and ominous black clouds. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: black tea ✦ ozone
Mid/Heart: violets ✦ humidity ✦ rainfall
Base/Drydown: vetiver ✦ ambergris ✦ soil ✦ petrichor

Golden sunlit amber: de Laire's renowned smooth amber 83 base built on accords of sandalwood, oud, and hinoki cedarwood. A pinch of saffron threads for warmth, hints of rose and spice, and a soft ambrette musk oil. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: saffron ✦ hinoki cedarwood
Mid/Heart: rose ✦ oud ✦ ambrette musk
Base/Drydown: amber ✦ sandalwood

Stratus clouds drifting above a misty forest: trodden stems in damp soil, silvery osmanthus petals, stones slick with moisture, a lingering trail of deer musk, and never-ending fog. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: plant stems ✦ mist ✦ stone
Mid/Heart: osmanthus ✦ petrichor ✦ galbanum
Base/Drydown: wet soil ✦ deer musk ✦ fog

A summer day in our small forest town: fresh cut grass, wild blueberries, dandelions, mimosas, patchouli, and distant bonfire smoke. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: grass ✦ wild blueberries
Mid/Heart: mimosa flowers ✦ dandelions
Base/Drydown: violet leaf ✦ patchouli ✦ smoke

Waxing Crescent
A crescent moon that grows larger & brighter in the night sky. Night-blooming tuberose and gardenia flowers opening in cool night air, three varieties of lavender oils in a snuggly white musk, and wafts of warm spices with chilled vanilla bean. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: gardenia ✦ cold night air ✦ mint
Mid/Heart: tuberose ✦ Bulgarian lavender ✦ lavender maillette ✦ lavender absolute
Base/Drydown: white musk ✦ vanilla bean ✦ spice

Cold Brew
The scent of cold brew in the making: ice, coffee beans, and a splash of espresso.
Top/Wet: iced coffee
Mid/Heart: coffee beans
Base/Drydown: espresso

Geosmin, wet aldehydes, and watery cascalone, on a bed of soil and wet earth. Smells like rain, and then slowly becomes earth after rain!
Top/Wet: wet aldehydes ✦ fresh air
Mid/Heart: geosmin ✦ petrichor ✦ fresh water
Base/Drydown: cascalone ✦ soil ✦ earth after rain

Iso E Super
Iso E Super smells woody, velvety, cashmere, and cedar-like, with nuances of dry ambergris and cozy fabrics.
This is a single molecule perfume, so it doesn't have traditional top/middle/base notes. But as the perfume sinks into your skin and blends with your skin chemistry, the smell of the molecule can shift and make a scent that's unique to you!

A sunlit nap on the lawn: a body sinking into cool green turf and fingers tangled with fresh cut grass. Fresh mown lawn single note.
Top/Wet: grass clippings ✦ sunlight
Mid/Heart: green grass ✦ hay
Base/Drydown: wet soil ✦ moss

Wet spring air, morning dew, purple lilacs, white lilacs, and velvet musk.
Top/Wet: morning dew ✦ lilac bushes
Mid/Heart: purple lilac ✦ spring air
Base/Drydown: velvet musk ✦ white lilac

Nutty, seaweedy, grassy, powdery, and green. A non-milky, non-sugared matcha single note.
Top/Wet: grass ✦ hay
Mid/Heart: matcha powder ✦ seaweed
Base/Drydown: usucha ✦ baby vegetables ✦ roasted nuts

Fluffy basmatti rice in a warm bowl.
Top/Wet: toasted rice ✦ dried herbs
Mid/Heart: steamed rice ✦ cedar
Base/Drydown: porcelain musk ✦ vanilla

a pitaya accord of sweet red dragonfruit flesh and fresh white dragonfruit juice, with soft, clean Egyptian musk
Top/Wet: red dragonfruit
Mid/Heart: white dragonfruit
Base/Drydown: Egyptian musk

Creamy East Indian sandalwood (mysore sandalwood) accord and rugged West Indian sandalwood (amyris wood), with a clean ambrette seed musk.
Top/Wet: West Indian sandalwood
Mid/Heart: East Indian sandalwood
Base/Drydown: clean musk ✦ ambrette seed

Vanilla Bean
A rich, multi-faceted vanilla bean single note.

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