OSMOFOLIA General Catalog Samples
OSMOFOLIA General Catalog Samples
OSMOFOLIA General Catalog Samples
OSMOFOLIA General Catalog Samples

OSMOFOLIA General Catalog Samples

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And Life and The Fields
A summer field abuzz with the sounds and smells of life: tonka beans and timothy hay drying in the sunlight, warm amber, bees zooming away from the orange blossoms back to their honeycomb hives, juicy apricots ripening in the heat, and dusty fields of of wild oats and wheat waiting to be harvested. [Nonvegan, vegan option available on request.]
Top/Wet: apricot musk ✦ orange blossom
Mid/Heart: honeycomb ✦ wild oats ✦ wheat fields
Base/Drydown: sandalwood ✦ warm amber ✦ tonka bean ✦ timothy hay

April Showers
Swirls of pink magnolia blossoms and red champaca petals in the breeze, tart pink grapefruit, a drizzle of rain, clear spring water, and patches of oakmoss peeking through wet branches. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: red champaca ✦ pink grapefruit
Mid/Heart: pink magnolias ✦ spring water
Base/Drydown: rain ✦ oakmoss ✦ wet branches

Dream Bean
Italian coffee beans, decadent cocoa beans, warm vanilla beans, and seductive tonka beans, with patchouli leaves, ribbons of caramel, and wafts of sandalwood incense. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: coffee beans ✦ cocoa bean
Mid/Heart: tonka bean ✦ vanilla bean
Base/Drydown: caramel ✦ patchouli ✦ sandalwood incense

Good Morning, Disaster
A gingerbread house eagerly yanked onto the floor, smears of vanilla icing, strewn branches of balsam fir, the satisfied sighs of milky puppy dog breath, and a hefty pot of coffee. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: coffee ✦ almond
Mid/Heart: gingerbread ✦ milk
Base/Drydown: vanilla ✦ balsam fir ✦ tonka bean

Smoky Indonesian vetiver, resinous white oud, agarwood chips, white grapefruit peel, and hints of deer musk accord. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: white grapefruit
Mid/Heart: agarwood chips ✦ deer musk accord
Base/Drydown: oud ✦ vetiver ✦ smoke

I And Thou
A tree stands before you in the dappled sunlight. Fluttering birch tree leaves, forest green grass, and pine needles provide the greenness of the forest, while pine, iso e super, cedar, and sandalwood depict the weathered wood, and clary sage, clearwood, and vetiver ground the tree roots. Inspired by Martin Buber's philosophical contemplation of I-Thou relations. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: birch tree leaves ✦ pine needles ✦ forest green grass
Mid/Heart: pine wood ✦ clary sage ✦ iso e super ✦ sunshine
Base/Drydown: sandalwood ✦ vetiver ✦ clearwood ✦ cedar ✦ tree roots

Media Naranja
Twelve green grapes for twelve sweet wishes, blackberry stained fingers counting the minutes, electric kisses peppered on glowing cheeks, the intimate musk of a body so near, and two halves of one whole orange. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: green grape ✦ black pepper
Mid/Heart: sweet orange ✦ blackberry ✦ neroli
Base/Drydown: sandalwood ✦ skin musk ✦ ambergris

The Philosopher's Garden
A verdant, peaceful garden, lovingly tended and rich with life: dewy lily of the valley, sweet and herbal lavenders, English cucumbers, clusters of dainty sweet peas, winding vines of ivy, damp oakmoss, and freshest white musk. [Vegan.]
Top: Bulgarian lavender ✦ lily of the valley
Mid: sweet pea ✦ lavender absolute ✦ cucumber
Base: oakmoss ✦ white musk ✦ ivy

A pair of selenicereus cactus vines, one in bloom and one with fruit. Wafts of red dragonfruit and white dragonfruit, large white blossoms of cactus moonflower, humidity in the air, and sturdy cactus and fig leaves. [Vegan.]
TOP/WET: red dragonfruit ✦ cactus leaves
Mid/Heart: white dragonfruit ✦ moonflower ✦ humidity
Base/Drydown: fig leaves ✦ cactus vines ✦ rose

Golden sunlit amber: de Laire's renowned smooth amber 83 base built on accords of sandalwood, oud, and hinoki cedarwood. A pinch of saffron threads for warmth, hints of rose and spice, and a soft ambrette musk oil. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: saffron ✦ hinoki cedarwood
Mid/Heart: rose ✦ oud ✦ ambrette musk
Base/Drydown: amber ✦ sandalwood

Summer Sigh
A breath of June air: sweet honeysuckle, bright yuzu, Turkish roses, vanilla bean, beeswax, and a slight drizzle of summer honey. [Nonvegan, vegan option available on request at OSMOFOLIA.]
Top/Wet: yuzu ✦ honeysuckle ✦ summer breeze
Mid/Heart: honey ✦ sunshine
Base/Drydown: vanilla bean ✦ beeswax ✦ Turkish roses

A summer day in our small forest town: fresh cut grass, wild blueberries, dandelions, mimosas, patchouli, and distant bonfire smoke. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: grass ✦ wild blueberries
Mid/Heart: mimosa flowers ✦ dandelions
Base/Drydown: violet leaf ✦ patchouli ✦ smoke

Waxing Crescent
A crescent moon that grows larger & brighter in the night sky. Night-blooming tuberose and gardenia flowers opening in cool night air, three varieties of lavender oils in a snuggly white musk, and wafts of warm spices with chilled vanilla bean. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: gardenia ✦ cold night air ✦ mint
Mid/Heart: tuberose ✦ Bulgarian lavender ✦ lavender maillette ✦ lavender absolute
Base/Drydown: white musk ✦ vanilla bean ✦ spice

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