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A body designed in fragments—or perhaps only the idea of one: vanilla daydreams and milk-laden bones atop lavender legs and hazy feet.

Exquisite Corpse #1
Vanilla milk [nonvegan, vegan option available by request ay OSMOFOLIA]
Top/Wet: cream
Mid/Heart: caramel ✦ heliotrope
Base/Drydown: vanilla ✦ milk ✦ musk

Exquisite Corpse #2
Smoked lavender musk [vegan]
Top/Wet: fresh lavender
Mid/Heart: dried lavender ✦ smoke
Base/Drydown: oakmoss ✦ musk

A lifetime of memories, recalled in a moment. A mouthful of buttery lemon madeleines stuffed with raspberry jam, and a borrowed sweater still faintly scented with traces of a lover's cologne.

For Seconds at A Time #1
Madeleines with raspberry jam [vegan]
Top/Wet: lemon ✦ raspberry
Mid/Heart: butter ✦ raspberry jam ✦ cake
Base/Drydown: flour ✦ benzoin ✦ sugar

For Seconds at A Time #2
A cozy borrowed sweater [vegan]
Top/Wet: bergamot ✦ petitgrain
Mid/Heart: tonka ✦ coriander seed ✦ fabric
Base/Drydown: cashmeran ✦ woody musk ✦ amber

Good Morning, Disaster
A gingerbread house eagerly yanked onto the floor, smears of vanilla icing, strewn branches of balsam fir, the satisfied sighs of milky puppy dog breath, and a hefty pot of coffee. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: coffee ✦ almond
Mid/Heart: gingerbread ✦ milk
Base/Drydown: vanilla ✦ balsam fir ✦ tonka bean

The sweet ecstasy of first date butterflies and deliberately sleepless nights. Scalded milk poured into strong espresso, and secretive giggles echoing in a greenhouse lit by flashlights.

Insomniacs On a Date #1
Café con leche
Top/Wet: steel ✦ milk froth ✦ espresso
Mid/Heart: coffee ✦ steamed milk
Base/Drydown: leather ✦ wood ✦ musk

Insomniacs On a Date #2
Ferns and flowers in a tropical greenhouse [vegan]
Top/Wet: ginger ✦ mariposa blanca
Mid/Heart: gardenia ✦ ferns ✦ humid air
Base/Drydown: treemoss ✦ white sandalwood ✦ tonka ✦ soil

A synesthesia perfume inspired by a color. Blue-violet purple with marbled cream: lilacs, lavender, violets, and vanilla marshmallow cream. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: violets ✦ cream
Mid/Heart: lilacs ✦ lavender
Base/Drydown: marshmallow

A short break in a long day: hands cupping a piping hot matcha latte from 7/11, and cold rain slicking the pavement of busy Taipei streets.

On The Corner of Jinhu Road #1
Steamed matcha latte [vegan]
Top/Wet: steam
Mid/Heart: matcha ✦ warm milk
Base/Drydown: green tea ✦ cream

On The Corner of Jinhu Road #2
Cold rain on pavement [vegan]
Top/Wet: cold air
Mid/Heart: humid air ✦ puddles
Base/Drydown: rain ✦ concrete ✦ tar

The remnants of a carefully laid spell: tattered antique books and crumbly pages, dusted with powdered honey and the lingering scent of pollen.

What A Spellcaster Leaves Behind #1
Honey dust [nonvegan]
Top/Wet: pollen
Mid/Heart: hay ✦ honey
Base/Drydown: beeswax ✦ powdered sugar

What A Spellcaster Leaves Behind #2
Antique books [nonvegan]
Top/Wet: paper
Mid/Heart: leather ✦ glue ✦ old books
Base/Drydown: cedar ✦ vanilla ✦ cetalox

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Perfume Oil Chonks = 2.3 ml bottles

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BPAL Misc Products
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