Welcome to Year Six!

April 5th

POSSIBLE DELAYS: Due to contact tracing and possible exposure, our loveliest employee will be quarantined for (at least) the next seven days before they can attempt to test out. This means you're down to just Lucky and I. I will pick up extra (safe) hands where and when I can. Naturally, this is a turn of events well beyond the realms of our control, but I apologize nevertheless!

So long as they are out, I will be adding a warning to new pre-orders reminding everyone that they may take longer than expected, though new collections will really only be impacted if there is a positive test result. RTS orders will be extended to 14 business days (from 12) and pre-orders to 21 from 14.

This also applies to currently processing and incoming collections. I will not be extending any of the already published deadlines just yet, but if we're getting into the danger zone, that could happen.

I know you all will join me in sending them all your best and brightest for speedy testing, negative tests, and calm quarantines!!

Love & Luck, Angi

P.S. REMINDER: Paypal is NOT working for UK customers. That's UK customers ONLY. All other forms of payment are processing normally.