Death and Floral


 Restocks Periodically!


 Restocks Periodically

Samples = .74 ml vials priced at $2.55
(Slonk bottles are $2.75 and only available in pre-orders) 

Next Restock: April 28th 3pm est

Amaretto Cream Musk
Astronaut Makes a PB&J
Astronauts Bakes a Cake
Astronauts Eating Ice Cream
Astronauts Getting Boba Tea
Astronauts Taking a Snooze
Champagne Cotton Candy
Cherry Fizzy
Christmas Soda
Coconut Vanilla Vogue
Cookie Cat
Crunchy Baguette
Damned Nightfall
Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
Dusty Stacks of Vinyl Records on An Antique Store Floor
Fig Newtons Oudh
Filled with The Heat of a Reckless Summer
Fossilized Amber Resin
Ghost Mantis Tea Cake
Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie
Goth Dolly’
Half Hoping to Be Eaten by A Bear
I Could Never Stay Long Enough On The Shore
I Wasn’t Made To Make It To Thirty
If the Sharks Don’t Get to You First, The Sun Will
It’s All in Your Head
Lay Me in The Earth, And from My Fair and Unpolluted Flesh Let Violets Spring
Mad Women and Bad Habits
Mall Soft Pretzel
Milk and Honey
Millipede Coffee Cake
Orchid Mantis Matcha Cherry Blossom Cake
Passionate As Sin
Red String of Fate
Scream Ferociously
Sexy Smore’s
She Poisoned the Strawberries
Shirley Temple
Strawberry Spritzer Pop
Swamp Elixir
That First Morning Moment
The Blues Are All the Same
The Library, Burning Down with Us
The Peach Queen
The Same Way I Am in Love with The Moon
The Secret of Wives and Widows
The Soft Crunch of Bread and Bone
The Sweater We Buried You with Is Hanging in My Closet
The Wolf Only Needs Luck to Find You Once
Two Cups of Tea, A Summer Monsoon, And Me and You
Vanilla Chai Latte
Vanilla Pipe Tobacco
Vanilla Vogue
Vintage Can***is
Vintage Cream Soda
With The Fishes And The Dead

What's the difference between a Pre-Order and a Restock? (TLDR: Pre-orders are for New Releases) In a pre-order, I'm getting numbers for Exactly how much we need of everything to fill most of the current demand. It means nothing sells out during the order window (usually 48 hours) and you have the whole window to shop stress-free! A restock is a replenishing of the Ready-To-Ship listings. 

What's the bad news? Well, the bad news is the wait. Pre-order items have not yet arrived at my studio, so you need to give the maker time to fill our chonky order and then us time to break everything down into samples and fill orders.  Expect 4 - 6 weeks to be on the safe side!

Why so long to process? Besides it being a time sink as far as labor goes, it will also be getting processed in the workflow with my other updates. It isn't the only pupper in the park, so to speak.