Death and Floral


 Restocks the Second Wednesday of the Month

Samples = .74 ml vials priced at $2.55
(Slonk bottles are $2.75 and only available in pre-orders) 
August 2nd Death & Floral Sample Changes!
Going forward we will not be stocking specific Death and Floral scents indefinitely. Since the release formatting has changed for the brand itself, Ajevie is updating as well. Sadly, we don’t have the room or resources to keep a backstock of 200+ scents.
SO! What’s changing? From now on, we will restock the new general catalog scents for three months after their pre-order month. As example, that means that the final restock of the July scents will be October 13th. After October’s restock July’s releases will be allowed to sellout. Going forward, pre-orders will also include the Scent of the month, too!
I hope this is a good compromise for everyone.  It keeps scents around for a decent amount of time and there should be a good number of samples cruising the secondary market by then, too.


Next Restock: October 13th 3pm est! 

Restock List
Art School Drop Out
Black Cherry Bomb
I Wanna be Your Joey Ramone
I was a Former Gifted and Talented Student
Misspent Youth
Monsters Still Under My Bed
My Heart is Made of Glass
Pieces of October

What's the difference between a Pre-Order and a Restock? (TLDR: Pre-orders are for New Releases) In a pre-order, I'm getting numbers for Exactly how much we need of everything to fill most of the current demand. It means nothing sells out during the order window (usually 48 hours) and you have the whole window to shop stress-free! A restock is a replenishing of the Ready-To-Ship listings. 

What's the bad news? Well, the bad news is the wait. Pre-order items have not yet arrived at my studio, so you need to give the maker time to fill our chonky order and then us time to break everything down into samples and fill orders.  Expect 4 - 6 weeks to be on the safe side!

Why so long to process? Besides it being a time sink as far as labor goes, it will also be getting processed in the workflow with my other updates. It isn't the only pupper in the park, so to speak.