All decants are 1ml vials priced at $1.50
(1ml bottles are $1.75)
August R3 Pre-Order: (Closed) August 12th - 6pm est August 16th
August R4 Pre-Order: (Closed) July 31st - August 5th
Round Five: TBA  
ROUND ONE SCENT LIST: Ready-to-Ship, restocked Monthly
ROUND TWO SCENT LIST: Ready-to-Ship, restocked Monthly
ROUND THREE SCENT LIST: CLOSED Pre-Orders August 12th - 6pm est August 16th
ROUND FOUR SCENT LIST: CLOSED pre-order July 31st-August 5th
Scroll down for live listings!
September 1st Restock List

All Souls Night


Bay Harbor Butcher

Black Phillip

Blue Moon

Dropped Lolly


Holy Water

Honey Moon

Hyrule Castle


Le Chat Noir




Morning Star



Papa Legba

Pearanormal Activity


Rosewater Lemonade

Scream Queen

Squeaky Bedsprings


The Exorcist

The Haunted Tea-Cosy

Trashcan Man

More items may be added depending on when boxes arrive, but the above scents will be restocked on the 1st for sure.


I know you veterans know all about how Ajevie pre-orders work, but I'll explain a bit for all our new lovelies. (you can also check out the FAQ and Status Page for important info)

What's the difference between a Pre-Order and a Restock? In a pre-order, I'm getting numbers for Exactly how much we need of everything to fill most of the current demand. It means nothing sells out during the order window (usually 48 hours) and you have the whole window to shop stress-free!  A restock is a replenishing of the Ready-To-Ship listings.  These will happen after pre-orders and will continue periodically until stock is stabilized.

What's the bad news? Well, the bad news is the wait. Pre-order items have not yet arrived at my studio, so you need to give Caroline time to fill our chonky order and then us time to break everything down into decants and fill orders.  Expect 4 - 6 weeks to be on the safe side!

Why so long to process? Besides it being a time sink as far as labor goes, it will also be getting processed in the workflow with my other updates. It isn't the only pupper in the park, so to speak.