Astrid a Study of Lilac

Astrid a Study of Lilac

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Lilac Study #1
Lilac, white tea, pink grapefruit myrrh, Atlas cedar, benzoin, and tonka bean.

Lilac Study #2
Lilac, nag champa incense, spun sugar, and frankincense.

Lilac Study #3
Lilac, honey accord, black pepper, vanilla absolute, and bergamot.

Lilac Study #4
Lilac, brioche, lime zest, and raspberry preserves.

Lilac Study #5
Lilac, pear and pear blossom, lemon poundcake, and Japanese mint.

Lilac Study #6
Lilac, cranberry juice, rose absolute, rhubarb, and cassia CO2.

Lilac Study #7
Lilac, iron distilled patchouli, violet leaf absolute, vanilla absolute, rice flower, jasmine sambac, velvet musk, and benzoin.

Lilac Study #8
Lilac, butter CO2, vanilla, and cream. Not vegan.

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