Astrid Swamp Witch

Astrid Swamp Witch

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Beignets & Revenge

Beignet accord and a dark whispering of vetiver, myrrh, and patchouli.

Coven of the Scarlet Moth
Warm musk, red wine, sandalwood, myrrh, tobacco, rose, cashmere woods, patchouli, vanilla, and rose.

Cricket Serenade
White clover, patchouli, rock rose, aloe, plum, violet, and sugared amber.

Curses my Meemaw Taught me Over Pie
Strawberry and huckleberry pie.

Daybreak Ritual
Orange blossom, red grapefruit, frankincense, orchid, plum, amber, and warm musk.

The Devil at my Beckon
Honeysuckle, raspberry, jasmine, bay leaf, dry gin accord, citrus zest, and sugar.

White gardenia, vanilla, ginger, mint leaf, and melon.

Emotional Support Armadillo
Candied pecans, cedarwood, dried leaves and branches accord, frankincense, patchouli, dust accord, warm musk, and citrus zest.

Honey Jar
Wisteria, honey, beeswax, vanilla bean, a pair of sandalwoods, double distilled patchouli, flouve, lavender absolute, and pink rose.

Honk if you Love Stevie Nicks
Sweet peach, fig, jasmine, ginger, pineapple, and soft, warm wood notes.

Cypress, ozone, lime, Virginia cedarwood, wet vines and cattails, and brackish water accord.

I Sway Like the Willows and My Fingertips Caress the Wind
Wisteria, oakmoss, pikake, sandalwood, and warm summer air accord.

Jars of Bones & Teeth
Almond cream, vanilla musk, dark musk, Siam wood, black pepper, and sugared patchouli.

Spiced vanilla, orange blossom absolute, blackberry, vetiver, soft musk, rose, dark patchouli, and golden amber.

Moonshine & Moon Water
Champagne, blackberry, red currant, oakmoss, blackberry, violet, spun sugar, green cognac, peach, raspberry, and cloud cream accord.

Pass the Crystals, Spread the Tarot
Rose-tinted musk, nag champa, clove, a pair of vanillas, and pink musk.

Cotton blossom, African geranium, lime, violet, and gardenia.

Sarracenia & Nepenthes
Orchid, rain accord, green tea, key lime, green amber, wet earth, warm summer rain accord, waterlily, magnolia, violet, and cattail accord.

Sending Out Spells on Dragonfly Wings
Watermelon, lemon, lavender absolute, sugar, and Japanese peppermint.

Skyclad at Midnight
Egyptian jasmine, lemon, darkened lilies, sandalwood, shimmering musk, patchouli, juniper, vanilla, pear, and muted rose.

Snake or Vine
Vanilla musk, ivy, jasmine, green mandarin, weeping willow accord, ylang ylang, patchouli, and vanilla CO2.

Swamp Witch
Sweet tea, Spanish moss, jasmine sambac, blue tansy, and wisteria.

To Soothe My Furious Spirit
Golden amber, creeping honeysuckle, lotus, vanilla, rose petal, ivory musk, and blood orange.

When the Overgrowth Blots out the Sun
Oakmoss, velvety musk, black licorice, black currant, apple, pomegranate, and gentle wood notes.

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