Ship This Order With...

Ship This Order With...


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Did you forget something?  Want to save a bit on shipping and don't mind a little wait?

"Ship This Order With..." allows you to combine this order with a previous order to save on shipping costs.  Simply write the name of the Collection or the Order Number that you would like your new order combined with in the text field above.

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THIS ITEM BLANK – you would not believe how much that adds to our workload.  If you leave this item BLANK your orders will be combined at OUR convenience and may not ship when you expect them to!!! 

You CANNOT add to future orders as they do not exist to be added to. Any requests in this vein will be treated as blank and will be combined at our convenience.

There is a small handling fee of $.40 associated with this service.

You can add to any unshipped order whenever you like simply by adding this item to your cart.  

BE AWARE: The discounted shipping option will NOT appear in your checkout options UNLESS you have this item in your cart!! Additional shipping may be due if your package is heavy enough that it has to be bumped to the next weigh bracket or shipped priority rather than first class.

We cannot retroactively add the discounted shipping to orders that have already paid full shipping, but any time collections end up shipping on the same shipping label, a shipping refund will be issued. :)