PULP March

PULP March

 If you would like one of the still available scents in a slink, slonk, or chonk, you can reach out to the email (angi@ajevie.com) and we will make that happen for you if at all possible!
Status: Ordered March 20th
Peru balsam, smoked vanilla, chili peppers, petunia, damask rose, amyris, & earthy patchouli.

Frankincense, pink pepper, tea rose, sandalwood, white patchouli, garden soil, & musk.

Honeyed osmanthus, long-stem red roses, oud, pine bark, & sandalwood musk.

Black cherry, juniper berry, orris root, pink roses, caramel, spiced wine, & patchouli.

Golden yellow apples, spiced amber, tonka flower, sandalwood, cocoa, & vetiver.

Honeysuckle, tomato vines, rosewater, geranium, vetiver & green musk.

Clary sage, narcotic jasmine, ambergris, artemisia, palo santo smoke, & a hint of cannabis.

Gunpowder, raspberries, black peony, saffron, opopanax, & redwood musk.

Vaniglia Adagio
Gentle spices, cardamom, and French vanilla.

Vaniglia Allegro
Gourmand notes & golden vanilla.

Vaniglia Grave
Liturgical incense & smoked vanilla.

Vaniglia Lento
Earthy patchouli, woods, & balsamic vanilla.

Vaniglia Presto
Early morning spring greenery & sweet vanilla bean.

Vaniglia Vivace
Lively tropical fruits & vanilla orchid.

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