BPAL February Lunacy

BPAL February Lunacy

Status: Open till 3pm est Monday, March 11th
The Decadents
Lilac cologne and luscious blackcurrant, blonde tobacco, laburnum petals, and sugared absinthe.

The Demonaic
An infernal prayer: black poppy absolute, dried rose petals, opoponax, black labdanum, kyphi smoke, and honeyed oud.

Falling Star
Incandescent, glittering musks, pearls of sweet Florentine iris, and an indigo sigh of blue cypress, Italian bergamot, pink jasmine, cistus, white amber, mimosa, and black lilies.

Frederic 2024
Victorian whimsy and piratical romance: a reluctant seaman’s chypre sloshed with a mix of bay rum, patchouli, amber musk, dark woods, tea rose, and red currant.

Galanthus Nivalis, Single Snowdrop
The season’s first snowdrop, stark white and spring green against a backdrop of black ink and myrrh resin.

Les Passades
A heady swish of black velvet patchouli, ambre noir, silken musk, and bourbon vanilla.

Snow Moon 2024
Snowdrops pushing through a pale white blanket of crystalline musk, pale white frozen apples, white tea leaf, yuzu, and angelica root.

Snow Moon: Apple Liqueur and Brandy Perfume Oil

Snow Moon: Coconut and Icicles

Snow Moon: Roasted Tea Leaf and Night-Blooming Jasmine

Snow Moon: Winter Apple and Lily of the Valley Hair Gloss

Snow Moon: Yuzu and Blackcurrant
Witches Burn Back
Ancient, fossilized amber resins, ritual incense, witching herbs, and scorched linen enveloped in a darkly glowing halo of cinders and smoke.

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