Death and Floral March/February

Death and Floral March/February

Status: Closed

A Ceiling Made of Stars
Pink Saffron blended with blackberries & spiced black amber (Scent of the Month: February '23)

The Blues Are All the Same
Smooth vanilla cognac, aged barrel wood, and sticky honey.

Dawn Of the Dragonsblood
Dragonsblood and fiery lava accord blended with myrrh-covered roses

Deer Deer Deer
Warm milk and salted earth, early spring morning air, fresh violets, soft and rich silk  (Scent of the Month: March 2022)

Flowers Growing Through Concrete
Green clovers and fresh grass, cucumbers, spring hyacinths.  (Scent of the Month: March '24)

If We Make It Through December
Black coffee oudh, creamed honey, myrrh, chilly winter air, ginger spice

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like [REDACTED]
Glidingly smooth fresh pen ink, warm vetiver and red leaves

Last Days of Wonder
Lemon chiffon cake batter, yellow icing flowers, sweet pollen and light honey nectar

Macarons & Roses
Sugar’d rose macarons with a light raspberry & strawberry cream filling (Scent of the Month: February 2021)

May Forever Nap
A freshly laundered cotton pillow blended with soft lavender, iris, and marshmallow

Mr. Dark’s Spinning Carousel
Spun silk and velvety rich amber blended with shiny tarnished cane wood, ode to the perils of time and aging.

Pop Cherry
Maraschino cherries, whipped cream, saffron, and black amber (Scent of the Month: March 2021)

Red String of Fate
Red musk and black, burnt amber blended with golden honey and black molasses

Santa Baby, So Pay My Student Loans Off Tonight
Freshly fallen snow, peppermint hot cocoa, crushed red velvet

Shadow Monsters On Wooden Cabin Walls
Pure dark chocolate tincture, jasmine sambac, blood orange, tobacco absolute, light woodsmoke (Scent of the Month: March 2023)

Time Marches On
Fluffy blend of blue and pink cotton candy, early morning English ivy, and light spring rain

Vampire Market
Freshly steamed rice, juicy blood orange, open-air night market spices (Scent of the Month: February 2022)

Vanilla Cola Pop
Cola with a hint of vanilla beans

We Left Flower City Behind Us
Metallic seawater accord, fields of distorted and disturbed wildflowers; the smell of leaving a dream city behind (Scent of the Month: February 2023)

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