Black Hearted Tart GC Reboot!

Black Hearted Tart GC Reboot!

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50 Ft Queenie
Sheer citrus blossoms mingle in the background of this sensual fragrance of tonka bean, ambrette, and soft powdery musk.

69 Roses
A modern rose scent created with freshly cut long stemmed pink roses. Light touches of peony and violet soften the scent further. A bit of garden greenery adds an herbaceous essence.

Absolutely Cuckoo
Refreshing coconut water poured over fresh peaches and topped with orange zest. A splash of vanilla adds creaminess.

Apricot Sun
A delicate mix of peach blooms, fragrant freesia, and white roses evoke a floaty, blissful feel. Golden apricot, ripe strawberry, and juicy nectarine create a lush heart. Velvety vanilla and earthy orris butter combine for a harmonious base.

Autumn Sweater
An inviting base of warm cedar and sweet vanilla musk envelop you in cozy comfort. Fallen leaves, crunchy acorns, and pine cones create earthy elements. Light touches of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon add a bit of spice!

Bathed in Sunlight
Imagine stepping out of a refreshing outdoor bubble bath and cocooning yourself in a warm, fluffy towel! Notes of creamy musk and effervescent aldehyde create the scent of luxuriously soapy bubbles. Fresh chypre enhanced with bergamot adds a sun-warmed touch to plush clean cotton towels.

Bergamot & Heartbreak
The herbaceous hay like and faintly smoky tobacco essence of immortelle absolute is complimented with the soothing aroma of black tea leaves. Italian bergamot brightens with the addition of lemon zest and bitter orange leaf. All on a blended base of vanilla sandalwood.

Big Time Sensuality
Soft skin accord created with white musk, violet, and a kiss of jasmine. Deep red roses, white carnations, and lily dominate. Made “dirty” with notes of upturned soil and wild reishi mushrooms.

Bite the Apple
Honeycrisp red apples are plunged into a cauldron of creamy caramel and rolled in pieces of toffee and crushed walnut. Bite the Apple is a tempting fall fragrance!

Blackest Lily
Blackberry and blackcurrant combine to create a rich cassis accord. Slightly spicy night blooms of moonflowers and sweetly sugared violets add a full bodied lushness to this dark lily of the valley floral fragrance.

Black Hearted Love
A heart of sensuous black rose and white patchouli musk. Toasted vanilla beans and rich vanilla orchids keep things sweet and silky. A bit of cinnamon leaf and clove add some heat. Smoky embers of sandalwood create the base.

Black Milk
A dark gourmand with a bit of spice. Peppercorn, ginger, and black cardamom simmer in a pot of rich and creamy whole milk. Heart notes of tonka bean and dark musk. Grounded on a base of warm oud.

Boys Wanna Be Her
Uplifting basil and bergamot add freshness. Enhanced with an earthy blend of buddha wood and oak moss. Tonka bean and white patchouli evoke a bohemian vibe.

Brighter Than Sunshine
Opens with the scent of mouth watering lemon bars with enticing notes of gooey lemon curd, buttery shortbread crust, and sprinkles of powdered sugar. Orange blossoms blended with mandarin and wild honey add a soft floral element. Sun brewed sweet tea accord adds a refreshing spritz of herbaceous freshness to this sunshiny blend. Sweet amber and golden vanilla create the base.

The crème de la crème of warm, milky, sweet scents. Smooth butterscotch pudding and rich caramel cream all swirled together in a marshmallow milk dream!

Ripe strawberry flesh, tart and tangy pomegranate seeds, and hints of black cherry create a complex red berry accord. Blackcurrant liqueur deepens the fragrance further. Subtle touches of pipe smoke, leather, and cedar add a sultry sensuality. Grounded on a base of cherry wood and musk.

Champagne Supernova
Fizzy pink champagne is elevated with frozen mangoes and a sweet red berry accord. Freesia petals, baby powder, and cashmere musk add a flirty feel.

Cloud On My Tongue
Cotton candy top notes with a pink peony heart and a base of pink musk. Sugar sprinkles, strawberry and raspberry notes add some extra sweetness.

Come and Play in the Milky Night
A fantasy fragrance inspired by ghosts dancing in the moonlight. Lactonic notes of cold milk and smooth cocoa butter are enhanced with delicate tuberose and white carnations. A soft and sheer skin scent.

Cosmic Dancer
Bright, effervescent, and crisp blood orange with herbaceous lavandin on a bed of mossy lichen. Warmed with a base of golden amber.

Cotton Candy Skies
Sweet and innocent, airy cotton candy single note.

Crown of Love
Red rose accord is softened with cherry blossoms, tulips, geranium, and freesia. Champagne brut and cashmere musk add a light powdery freshness. Raspberry sorbet, candied apple slices, and grape jelly make for a jammy rose blend.

Cups and Cakes
Freshly brewed herbal tea. Soft florals and green stems. Delicious crumbs of pistachio, raspberry, and coconut macaroons add sweetness.

Dance on the Moon
Creamy magnolia flowers with a spritz of lemon, and a sprinkle of jasmine petals. Notes of shea and cocoa butter blended with coconut cream and pistachio milk. Cashmere, sandalwood, cedar, and tonka bean create a soft, comforting base.

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Nostalgic aroma of an extinguished campfire comprised of charred wood, a hint of ash, and one lone scorched marshmallow. Notes of soft dirt and fallen leaves create an atmospheric forest floor. Sweetness of daybreak is represented by ozonic elements of dew drops and fresh air.

Delicious Demon
Deliciously sweet notes of burnt sugar and roasted marshmallows dance with the smoky embers of a bonfire. Santal and oak add a woodsy warmth. Notes of spicy black pepper and white patchouli are tempered with herbaceous notes of rustic fig and crisp eucalyptus.

Violet leaf absolute, along with subtle notes of clove and white musk create a Parma Violet candy accord. Lactonic notes of sweetened condensed milk and whole milk powder are blended with vanilla bean and rice paper to create a White Rabbit candy accord. Light touches of ylang ylang and cedar tamp down the sweetness. These two candy inspired scents combine to create a demure fragrance that evokes nostalgia and comfort.

Electric Feel
Sparkling lime top notes are effervescent and electric! Lychee fruit with subtle nuances of rose, melon, and grape cut through the tartness. Citrus glazed bundt cake fresh from the oven adds a delicious, buttery warmth. The fragrance is rounded out with a base of golden amber and sweet musk.

Emerald Eyes
Freshly steeped green tea leaves with notes of green grapes make for a sweet, herbaceous blend. Lychee flowers and honeydew melon add a tropical punch. Royal orchid and white rose petals create a soft, powdery white musk.

Fade Into You
Spiced citrus notes of bergamot, orange, lime, and lemon. Sheer floral essence of white and chocolate orchids hovers in the background. All laid upon a sultry base of cocoa butter, sandalwood, and ambergris.

Falling Slowly
Pink peonies and bright red poppies are the forefront of this swoon worthy, woodsy floral. Sheer iris, rose, and jasmine act as supporting notes in this heady floral bouquet. Cassis, blackberries, rhubarb, and mandarin are mouth watering and intoxicating. Kisses of deep mahogany, white suede, sensual patchouli, and soothing sandalwood make this an irresistibly sexy scent.

First Love/Late Spring
Sakura blooms are enhanced with a springtime bouquet of white rose, peony, and pink magnolia. Subtly sweet matcha mochi with notes of green tea and mochiko rice flour. Pink peppercorn awakens the earthiness of the white musk and vetiver base. This fresh floral feels both ethereal and clean.

Flowers of Neptune
An out of this world floral gourmand fragrance! Comprised of creamy notes of steamed milk, white chocolate swirls, warm honey, and a kiss of buttery maple syrup. The creaminess subsides to sweetness with almond macaroons, cherry blossoms, and magnolia. A prominent note of white poppies stays on skin with a supporting foundation of sandalwood and black vanilla.

Single note marshmallow fragrance. No roasty-toasty, caramel, or floral additions. Smells exactly like a fresh from the bag marshmallow!

Fool for Ube
Buko coconut milk shake made with fresh green coconut, ice cold milk, and simple syrup. Served with a slice of nutty and sweet ube halaya cake. Coral hibiscus oil adds a lightly floral element to this tropical gourmand fragrance.

Frou Frou Foxes
Wild geranium and rosewood add botanical floral accords. Verdurous notes of eucalyptus, cypress, and pine are darkened with dashes of black pepper and ground fennel seed. A base of velvety musk and creamy sandalwood ground the earthy elements. The combination of woodsy and green aromatics evoke the feel of a lush nighttime forest.

Gadda Da Vida
Heady gardenia and lush ylang ylang dominate with teases of apple blossom and wild orchid. An ethereal floral blend laid upon a base of sweet white amber musk.

Geranium Kisser/Kisser
Orange blossoms and geraniums float in a pool of cucumber spa water with a kiss of spearmint.

Girlfriend in a Coma
Herbaceous blend of lavender leaves and flowers. Calming touch of vanilla musk. Warmed with tonka bean, cedar, and sandalwood.

Glory Box
Deep purple violets enhanced with brown sugar and juicy plum. Fresh ozone, lily, and heliotrope add a crisp cleanliness. Deepened with dark musk and threads of saffron. Bottom notes of tonka bean and amber create the base.

A whisper of jasmine absolute is blended with Egyptian musk and clean white amber. Tonka bean, warm sandalwood, and a hint of vanilla combine for a silky, sensual base. A second-skin scent will ensnare anyone that comes near.

Head Over Heels
Fresh apple, apricots, plum, and a splash of citrus open the fragrance. Complemented with blossoms of pink magnolia, heliotrope, and vanilla orchid. Bottom notes of honeyed amber and marzipan add sweetness, while creamy sandalwood adds depth.

Heart of Gold
Fresh honeysuckle blended with crisp daffodil and its sweet green nuances. Caramelized sugar heightens the natural vanillic aspects of the floral notes creating a buttery floral gourmand.

Heart-Shaped Box
The addictive aroma of chocolate truffles made with cocoa powder, sweet cream, and a hint of vanilla bean.

Hips Like Cinderella
Swishes of chiffon are illustrated with freesia, gardenia, and mimosa flowers. An ambrosia of mandarin, apricot, and orange zest add a delectable juiciness. Fresh cut grass, clover, and wisteria evoke a springtime feel. Golden amber and soft sandalwood create the base.

Hotter Than Hell
Smoked oud and resinous labdanum create the foundation. Charcoal embers and smoldering woods billow throughout the heart. Hints of black pepper are tampered down with very light touches of cocoa. Rustic vanilla bean softens the scent profile, without turning it gourmand. A wearable bonfire scent that is sexy and smoking hot!

A warm, woodsy fragrance with a nutty sweetness. Creamy cashew milk, roast coffee beans, and brown sugar create coziness. Earthy cedarwood and resinous benzoin are rounded out with light touches of camphor and moss.

Imagine Dragonfruits
Sweet dragonfruit enhanced with mandarin slices and zesty lime. Fragrant frangipani flowers add a soft, floral musk.

Imagining Sunsets
Queen Pineapple smoothie is punched up with peach and orange bursting boba. Asian pear and grated ginger add a fresh crispness. Plumeria flowers add a breezy sweet white floral accord.

Just Like Heaven
Long walks through fragrant orchards are represented with an aromatic blend of apple, pear, and orange blossoms. A picnic basket full of fresh fruit is laid out for all to enjoy. Sweet nectarines, crisp green apples, and delicious quince are in abundance. Fresh baked pears are drizzled in wild honey. Aromatic notes of wild lily and elderflowers float in the warm spring air. This heavenly bounty of scents is complimented with white amber and green musk.

La Dolly Vita
Delicate damask rose petals float in warm marshmallow milk with swirls of rich dulce de leche.

Lay All Your Love On Me
Sinful red velvet cake with subtle notes of cocoa powder, warm spices, and cream cheese frosting. Sticky frutti rossi preserves comprised of sweet and tart red fruits - pomegranate, strawberry, and red currant. Luscious black amber with notes of labdanum, patchouli, and benzoin.

Let Me Sleep
Lavender intertwined with sprigs of rosemary and stems of sage. Balsamic amyris oil. Lilac and geranium florals. Leather bound books on teakwood shelves. A dark musk base of cedar and sandalwood.

Levitate Me
An uplifting scent that will have you floating on air! Aromatic lavender macarons filled with sunshiny lemon curd. Fluffy mounds of toasted meringue. Lotus and apple blossoms add an airy floral element. Cotton candy clouds made with pink strawberries and pink spun sugar.

Taro milk tea made with taro powder, coconut milk, black tea, and tapioca pearls is topped with marshmallow fluff and drizzled with sweet violet and jasmine syrups. This fragrance smells soft and romantic, while still appealing to gourmand scent lovers.

Lemon notes shine the brightest in this citrus forward scent supported by notes of zingy bergamot and effervescent lime. Marshmallow meringue tampers down the tartness and helps mellow out the sweet vanilla musk base.

A creamy, steamy cup of matcha latte! Created with notes of earthy matcha tea powder, frothy milk foam, and a swirl of sweet sugar syrup. A dollop of melting marshmallow fluff on top adds notes of warm vanilla goodness.

We swirled the crisp crème de menthe accord of our Wonderful Christmastime seasonal scent with our house favorite marshmallow accord, Fluff! We then added our new peppermint bark accord made with layers of white and milk chocolate topped with crushed candy canes to make the scent that much cooler!

My Bloody Orange Valentine
Succulent, ripe and tart blood orange note.

My Darling Lamb
White poppies and pink jasmine commingle in delicate softness. Brown sugar boba with notes of cold milk, caramelized sugar syrup, and seeped black tea create the heart. Black amber and toasted vanilla bean cuddle up to create a comforting base.

My Velouria
Intoxicating velveteen petals of red rose, peony, and violet. Sensual amber and white musk lingering on soft linen sheets. Luxurious base of sultry sandalwood and woodsy cedar.

Only Happy When It Rains
Ozonic air and rain water are enhanced with prickly cactus pears for a strong aquatic blend. Ghost flowers add a touch of white floral freshness. Desert sands mingle with warm amber to create an earthy base.

Only in Dreams
White gardenia and calla lily petals are scattered upon a bed of fluffy marshmallow clouds with a base of vanilla orchid musk.

Pagan Poetry
A celebratory scent of an abundant harvest! Ripe, succulent figs with their milky and jammy green aroma are sweetened with the golden goodness of raw honeycomb. A squeeze of bitter orange and a pinch of grated ginger add a bit of brightness. Lammas loaves with oat bran and flax meal layer in a comforting hearth component.

Paris is Burning
Crème brûlée accord comprised of creamy vanilla bean custard with a caramelized sugar top. A sweet, milky, vanilla musk fragrance.

Piece of My Heart
inspired by the intoxicating aroma southern Magnolia trees release into the hot humid summer air. Magnolia tree accord made with lemony floral magnolia blossoms and waxy green tree leaves. Sugar cane adds sweetness, while cardamom and pink pepper add spice. The vanilla bean base is complemented with sandalwood and a dash of bitter almond.

Soft and squishy marshmallows rolled in pink sugar crystals. Strawberry buttercream frosting spread upon layers of spongey white cake. Vanilla wafers dunked in strawberry milk. This berry delicious blend is the PINK of perfection!

Pinkies Up
English breakfast tea with two lumps of sugar and a slice of lemon. Vanilla cupcakes piled high with Chantilly cream frosting. Accompanied by nutty scones and buttery madeleines. Rose geranium essential oil adds a subtle green herbaceous note with the richness of rose.

Pink Moon
Sun ripened raspberries still on the vine. Honeysuckles dripping with nectar. Sweet and succulent pulps of juicy oranges, farm fresh peaches, and sugared pink grapefruit.

Bulgarian white rose water, lily of the valley, and cucumber create a delicate bouquet. Soft jasmine petals, along with a silky white musk, evoke a clean powder essence. Osmanthus blossoms with hints of apricot and tropical butterfly orchids enhance the overall creamy lushness.

Yummy white cupcake with creamy vanilla frosting on a base of sweet amber and sensual white musk.

Punk Love
Warm golden amber blended with sandalwood and light musk. A splash of vanilla sweetens the prominent tonka bean base.

Sleeps with Butterflies
A deliciously scented gourmand fragrance with prominent honey and vanilla notes. A light touch of lily of the valley, orange blossoms, and sweet violet create a sheer background of soft florals. Yummy yellow cake is soaked in coconut cream, drenched in warm honey, and sprinkled with candied lavender. A comforting blend that evokes the feeling of napping in the sun with a full belly of decadent spring treats.

Fluffy marshmallow pillows with notes of vanilla cream and white musk are sprinkled with soft petals of French lilac. Essential oils of soothing chamomile and relaxing lavender are rounded out with woody amyris. Our dreamy blend will blanket you in sweet serenity.

Slow Like Honey
A warm and woodsy gourmand fragrance. Raw honey aged in bourbon soaked barrels. Wafts of tobacco pipe smoke. Resinous oud and spiced sandalwood. The tiniest bit of bergamot and lemon. Golden amber and sweet vanilla tonka bean base.

Sophomore Sweetheart
Fruity notes of pink lady apples and crushed raspberries inspire a playful sweetness. Rose milk tea lends creamy, floral aromatics. Pink lotus absolute rounds out the warm honeyed essence of sticky Medjool dates. All elements combine creating a rich gourmand with a petal soft drydown.

Southern Belles in London Sing
We combined two very different atmospheres for this fresh and fruity medley! Southern Belles are represented with ripe blackberries heavy on the vine and magnolia trees bursting with blooms. London is represented with a rainfall accord we created using a blend of crisp mint, cedar, eucalyptus, fern, dew, and fresh cut grass.

Starry Eyes
Golden vanilla and light woods create a luxurious cashmere throw accord. Sweet lavender wafts softly from a candle on the night stand. A hot mug of steamed milk with a dash of nutmeg finish the soothing scent profile.

Steal My Sunshine
A bright yuzu forward fragrance with supporting citrus notes of sugared lime slices, lemon drop candies, and orange creamsicles. Verbena, and lily add a sheer floral breeze. Laid on a foundation of vanilla and golden amber.

Strange Apparition
A dark ethereal fragrance of blue hyacinth, white roses, lilacs, and wisteria. Merlot grapes and elderberries add richness and depth. Star anise lends a bit of aromatic spice. Parma violet candies and white musk soften the scent profile.

Strawberry Blonde
Straight from the bakery to your picnic basket! Light, flaky croissants smell warm and buttery and "jam packed" with sticky sweet strawberry preserves.

Strawberry Cream Puff
Juicy, ripe, summer strawberries are drizzled with simple syrup and topped with dollops of sweet cream atop a vanilla puff pastry.

A refreshing blend of beachside Japanese treats! Mango Purin jelly dessert made with mango purée and milk. Melon cream soda with notes of sweet honeydew and vanilla ice cream. Kakigori shaved ice topped with musk melon sugar syrup and sweetened condensed milk.

Sweet Avenue
Pink sugar and cherry blossoms create a cotton candy floss accord. Fizzy strawberry and blue raspberry smell like red pop rocks candy. Bubbly citrus notes of tangerine and mandarin evoke orange soda nostalgia. Candy conversation hearts of tart apple and sugar crystals, along with vanilla musk create the base.

Teaches of Peaches
Opens with the aroma of plush road side peaches warmed by the sun. Followed by the creamy scent of flan, a sweet egg custard drenched in caramel sauce. Tarragon and tobacco leaves add an herbaceous and smoky earthiness. A warm base of vanilla with a bit of patchouli help round out the fragrance.

A ménage à trois of decadence! Chocolate with notes of both milk and dark varieties. Caramel with honeyed nuances. Toffee with rich, buttery goodness.

White tea with light touches of lemongrass and ginger root tamp down the sweetness of this peach forward, spa inspired scent. Lotus flowers and bamboo stalks create a green floral aromatic and aquatic undertones.

Mild earthy undertones of fallen redwood trees are softened with the velvety notes of dark chocolate. Rich vanilla cashmere creates a heart of cozy comfort. Black amber lingers for a sweet, deep base.

Violently Happy
Ozonic notes of petrichor. Skin washed clean by rainfall. Sheer citrus notes and vanilla bean inspire thoughts of sunshine. Jasmine tea and tonka bean add a comforting vibe.

Warm patchouli is sweetened with sugary notes of caramel, honey, and vanilla. Essential oils of orange and vetiver brighten. Tobacco leaves add an earthy herbal element.

Waves of Galveston
A medley of fruit scents with a touch of driftwood creates a “drinks on the pier” accord. Ocean breezes carry wafts of seaweed and aloe. Sunny notes of clementines and tropical tuberose inspire an island feel.

Werewolves of London
Steamed milk, Earl Grey tea, and vanilla syrup are blended together in a creamy London fog latte. Served with a slice of pistachio almond cake made with creamy pistachio pudding and amaretto liquor. Smells so good it will have you howling for more!

Wild Honey
Rich honey and fragrant pollen combine with subtle notes of fresh hay and beeswax absolute. Delicate floral notes of mimosa and jasmine add a slight powdery freshness. Bergamot brightens the golden amber musk base.

An atmospheric scent for nature loving forest folk! Hyper-realistic notes of damp soil, decaying leaves, and mellow mushrooms. Clusters of wild geranium and clary sage add herbaceous accords. Sprigs of green patchouli and handfuls of pine needles create the base.

Iced Thai tea with notes of black tea, star anise, and cardamom is muddled with fresh summer peaches and garnished with mint. Osmanthus absolute’s apricot note enhances the peach notes, while its slightly indolic note accents the white musk base.

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