The Star and The Butterfly Americana

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American Collection inspired by American history and literature. Presented in order of publication date and / or time period.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Glowing jack-o-lanterns, bundled corn husks, crushed conifer needle, chimney smoke, pine resin, golden patchouli, warm pumpkin pie with vanilla cream and the gallop of a ghostly horse and rider

The Minister's Black Veil
Warm mulled cider, stone fruit tarts, aromatic conifer branches, stacked firewood, wild patchouli leaves, black vanilla bean, and a sharpness that can only be explained by the carrying of secret sin

Annabel Lee
Thick dark myrrh, cinnamon-sugared strawberries, black clove butter, tonka bean, crushed walnut shells, cardamom pods, black beeswax candles, decaying fabric, overturned soil, and two ornate glasses holding amaretto liquor

The Raven
Fine incense stored in tiny silver and brass containers— a woodsy sandalwood, spicy dragon’s blood, dry myrrh, delicate ghostly flowers, distant musk, and sweet powdered aromatic bark

Amy March
Warm vanilla, golden patchouli, marshmallow cream, black cardamom, Parisian orange blossom perfume, a hint of distant smoke from bundled cherry wood, tonka bean, cinnamon honey, sugared ginger, and pink peppercorn

Beth March
Golden August peaches, plum nectar, ripe orchard apples, pears dusted in vanilla sugar, brown Oak leaves, white apricots, and a rustle of dried yellow leaves

Jo March
Dark, fourteen-year-old vintage patchouli, orchard apples dipped in smoked caramel, wooden bookshelves holding old anthologies, cinnamon apple cider, beeswax tapers dripping wax on parchment, antique ink pens, a trail of dried forest moss, autumn leaves, and flowers tracked into the home, up the stairs, and into the attic to be used for inspiration

Meg March
Warm amber, dark plums, vanilla sugar, black cherry preserves, citrus peel, skin musk, and pink blooms

October 1862 in Concord
Orchard apples dipped in warm caramel and rolled in crushed cinnamon candy, golden peaches, apricot nectar jelly, and twilight lantern light casting shadows on twisting cedar trees, forest moss, and towering dark pine

The Haunted Bookshop
Blond woods, suede briefcase, dusty antique maps, collections of old books with worn leather bindings, wispy incense smoke, and golden musk

The Dunwich Horror
Sooty vanilla marshmallow creme, dark woods dried by cold autumn wind, worn leather books, and glowing firewood embers casting midnight shadows onto the walls

Wilbur Whateley
Glowing bergamot blossoms, sweet lemon peel, green meadow grasses, crushed and trampled spring blossoms, neon green musk, and rare books composed of antique paper threaded into dusty leather bindings housed in the Miskatonic library

The Picture in the House
Pumpkin and sweet potato pie with spiced cream, dark antique leather, twisting and bone-dry white cedar wood, thick and neglected conifer branches, rusty metal, and an eerie presence

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
A haze of ritual incense smoke comprised of: aged cedar wood, dry Arabian sandalwood, and silver lavender flowers, unfold around Luna moths preserved in golden amber, patchouli flower, yellow rose dust, sterile surgical tools, mossy tree roots, stone labyrinth steps, camphor smoke, dark overgrown vines, and dried bitter herbs

The Halloween Tree
Caramel apples dusted in cinnamon-coated pecans, orange rind, dried cedar wood, pumpkin seeds, red berries, butterscotch candies, chimney flumes carrying the scent of spiced fruit pies baking, marigold petals, and a flurry of colored autumn leaves among the carved pumpkins

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