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When will my order ship??

If you have placed an order for stocked items, your order will ship in 1 - 12 business days on a wednesday or a saturday.

Current RTS Status:
RTS orders shipped to: Order #27982
RTS orders processing to: Order #28189

If you have placed a Pre-Order your order will ship by the Processing Deadline below which is within 14 business days AFTER the collection arrives here to begin processing. Scroll down to the Processing Queue to see which collections are here and which we are currently waiting on.

Please Note: UPS Packages only ship on Saturdays due to them having to be dropped off a few towns over.


 What does it mean?

Ordered: This collection has been ordered from the creator.

Processing Deadline: This collection has arrived and we are working on it. These deadlines are always assinged to one of our two shipping days - wednesday or saturday.

Shipped: This collection has left us and is on the way to you!

TBA: To Be Announced

Want to know more about the Processing Queue?  Check out the FAQ!  Further down this page you can see what a non-business-day is as well as a list of the publicly stated turn around times for our friends and partners.

Our Google Calender is a handy record of all upcoming and past events and deadlines.

Processing Queue

**Black Phoenix Weenies: Processing Deadline January 30th**
**Possets Yule Retour: Processing Deadline January 30th**
**Hexennacht December: Processing Deadline January 30th**
**BP Haute Macabre Pre-Order: Processing Deadline January 30th**
**Black Phoenix 13 & More: Processing Deadline January 30th**
**Black Phoenix November: Processing Deadline January 30th**

**Sixteen92 Friday the 13th: Processing Deadline February 3rd**
**Nui Cobalt Gamers & Geeks: Processing Deadline February 6th**

Sixteen92 Holidays/Black Friday: Deadline February 10th
Hexennacht January New Releases: Deadline February 10th
Black Phoenix Winter: Ordered December 23rd
Death and Floral January New Releases: Ordered January 8th
Possets Valentines Retour: Ordered January 18th
Poesie Sweet Nothings: Ordered January 18th

Pulp Winter Trio: Shipped January 16th
Astrid Wintertime: Shipped January 9th
Nui Cobalt Yule: Shipped January 9th
NA Holidays: Shipped December 19th
Death and Floral November: Shipped December 12th
Death and Floral Goth Tea: Shipped December 12th
Haus of Gloi Stockings & Storms: Shipped December 9th
Poesie Christmas: Shipped December 9th
Death and Floral Bugs & Cake: Shipped December 5th
Nocturne Alchemy The Observatory: Shipped December 5th

Epically Epic Fall: Shipped December 5th


2020 Break Schedule
Winter Break: December 19th - January 3rd

Non-Business Days
Saturdays and Sundays 
January 1st, New Year's Day
January 18th, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 15th, Washington's Birthday
May 31st, Memorial Day
July 5th, Independence Day
September 6th, Labor Day
October 11th, Indigenous Peoples' Day
November 11th, Veterans Day
November 25th, Thanksgiving Day
December 25th, Christmas Day   


Brands' Official TATs & FAQ Links 

Please Note: All TATs may be extended from what is stated here in order to deal with the current pandemic

Astrid Perfume - 7 business days
Black Phoenix - 14-21 business days (Collection End Dates via
Death and Floral - 10-15 business days
eNVie - 5-7 business days
Epically Epic - About 2 weeks
Haus of Gloi - 6-8 days
Hexennacht - 7-14 business days
Nocturne Alchemy - 5-10 business days
Nui Cobalt - 3 business days
Poesie - 10 business days
Possets - 1-2 business days
PULP Fragrance - 10-14 business days
Sixteen92 - Varies (2-6 weeks)
Strange Fire & Fumery - Varies
ZOMG Smells - 10-15 business days