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Ajevie Current Turn Around Times 
Pre-Order - 3 to 14 business days after they arrive.
Leftovers and other in stock items - 1 to 7 business days


Hexennacht Restock: July 6th


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2020 Break Schedule
Winter Break: TBA

In order to help an overtaxed workforce at our (amazing) local post office during this health/employment crisis, I will be restricting our shipping days to twice a week.  You may get your shipping notification any day of the week, but the package itself will be dated for that coming Tuesday or Friday. I have also updated deadlines to fall on shipping days. 

~Processing Queue~

Poesie Temple of the Goddess: Deadline July 10th
Astrid Summertime: Deadline July 16th
Black Phoenix June: Ordered June 15th
Sixteen92 Summer 2020: Ordered June 15th
Haus of Gloi Fruit & Flower: Ordered June 30th
BP Dies Patribus & Scalia: Ordered June 30th
Possets Summer Retour: Ordered July 3rd

Black Phoenix Group Order: Shipped June 23rd

Nui Cobalt Fae Folk & Otherworldly Beings: Shipped June 16th
Epically Epic British Baking Part Two: Shipped June 6th
Black Phoenix Walpurgisnacht: Shipped June 6th
Black Phoenix May: 
Shipped June 6th
Sixteen92 Group Order: Shipped May 29th
Astrid Hexennacht/Witch's Apothecary: Shipped May 29th
Nui Cobalt Critters 2020: Shipped May 29th
Hexennacht May Banana Milk: Shipped May 29th
Haus of Gloi Pleasing Pairings: 
Shipped May 29th


The processing queue is based on one thing and one thing only... when the product arrives. Keep in mind, when it comes to BIG updates, I am only physically able (due to time and space) to work one at a time. Some brands get processed super quick because they ship super quick, thus getting an earlier place in the processing queue. Brands with a heavier workload or backorders take longer simply because they take longer to get in line. That's it.   An order that is marked as Holding has arrived, but cannot start processing until the collections before it have cleared.

As soon as a collection starts processing, it gets a deadline. Deadlines are based on the full 10/14 business day TAT and it is the latest possible date that those items will ship out to you. A good 80% of the time collections ship out well before their respective deadlines, but nothing gets a deadline till it gets here and bigger collections usually need the full 10/14 days. A lot of times, brands will send our order in multiple shipments.  Even if some things start processing, the collection won't get a deadline until Everything has arrived.  This is why once in a while you might get a shipping notice for something that doesn't show as processing, yet.  When in doubt, just poke the Contact form. :)

So! I hope that gives you a bit more understanding about how things work, and also why I can never make promises about when things will reach you as that all depends on when it gets here and that varies drastically from brand to brand and even release to release.



The 2020 USPS Postal Holidays

Monday, May 25 (Memorial Day)
Friday, July 3 (Independence Day*)
Monday, September 7 (Labor Day)
Monday, October 12 (Columbus Day)
Wednesday, November 11 (Veterans Day)
Thursday, November 26 (Thanksgiving Day)
Friday, December 25 (Christmas Day)

Brands' Official TATs & FAQ Links
Astrid Perfume - 7 business days
BPAL - 14-21 business days (Collection End Dates via
BPTP - 2-4 weeks (Collection End Dates via
Conjure Oils - 28+ business days
eNVie - 5-7 business days
Epically Epic - About 2 weeks
Haus of Gloi - 6-8 days
Hexennacht - 1-5 days
Nocturne Alchemy - 5-10 business days
Nui Cobalt - 3 business days
Poesie - 10 business days
Possets - 1-2 business days
Sixteen92 - Varies (2-6 weeks)
Strange Fire & Fumery - Varies
ZOMG Smells - 10-15 business days