About Package Protection by Route

What it is
Tracking and insurance.
Resolve any shipping issues with just a few clicks. Zero hassle, instant solves.
Add package protection at checkout and rest assured you’ll be covered in case your order gets lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. Keep your eye out for Package Protection in your checkout options! 

Why use Package Protection?
Besides adding extra protection for your package and making resolution super easy, Route also allows Ajevie to recoup the loss of protected packages!  This is a huge help to small businesses like us!

Route Customer Cost
- Order up to $100 is $1.95
- Order over $100 is up to 3% of order value

A Note on Combined Orders: Route can only cover items that were included in the purchase that Route was selected on.  If Route was only used for some orders in your shipment, only those specific orders are covered.

Package Protection CANNOT be added to an order retroactively.

Package Protection CANNOT be added to C/O orders.

Filing a Claim
Use your Route email link (Or This One) to report the following...
- Damages can be reported as soon as they are delivered and up to 15 days after delivery.  Pictures of the damaged product and packaging will be required.
- Lost Shipments can be reported if they have not moved in 7 - 30 days for domestic, 20 to 30 days for International.
- For Stolen shipments report within 5 to 15 days after delivery.  (You should also contact your delivering Post Office to be sure they cannot recover the package directly.)  Stolen orders over $100 will require a police report (which in most cases can be filed online and Route's customer service can even walk you through it)

You can file before the stated times, but Route will not take any action on the claim until the minimum time has passed.

Route does NOT cover the following and these will still be handled by us directly...
- Fulfillment issues missing items, wrong item, etc.
- Cosmetic Damage
- Packages marked as 'pre-shipment'

Neither Route nor Ajevie are responsible for the following...
- Anything outside the time frames stated above
- Taxes, Duties, Shipping costs